Wedding Vendors: Do We Have to Feed Wedding Vendors at the Wedding Reception?


My wedding photographer told me that she and her assistant expect meals during the wedding reception. I'm paying them a lot for their services. Am I supposed to pay for their wedding meals, and meals for other wedding vendors, like the wedding band I hired?


Yes! You should plan to feed any wedding professional who will be there with you at the reception. This includes your photographer, videographer, DJ and band. The best way to broach the topic with your pros is to put it in the contract. Unless your vendor prefers otherwise, plan to give them a meal off the same menu as your guests. Once that's settled, you are responsible for letting your caterer know how many extra meals they need to prepare for your vendors.

As for pricing, ask your caterer -- everyone has different policies. Some won't charge extra while others will charge you around 50 percent of the guest meal cost. Still, others will have you pay full price. Just remember, your vendors are going to be working five to eight hours -- you don't want a woozy DJ on your hands, do you?

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