Wedding Processional: How to Have a Double Wedding?


The most amazing thing has happened! My sister and I got engaged just a week apart from each other. We've decided to go ahead and have a double wedding. We just have a few questions, like, who walks down the aisle first and with whom, and which groom gets to kiss his bride first?


Well aren't you the Doublemint twins! And you are about to double your fun. Have dad stand between the two of you and walk together down the aisle. If you would prefer to walk alone with him, he may escort the eldest daughter first down the aisle, then turn around to walk the younger sister. When through, dear old Dad can stand behind his eldest daughter until he gives her away. Then move over to his other daughter to do the same. When the officiant says "You may now kiss the brides", you both turn to your beloved and smooch simultaneously.

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