Q&A: Invitation Wording: Include All Parents' Names on Invites?

by The Knot

My fiance's dad and my dad are both paying for our wedding, and we don't know how to do our invitations. His parents are both remarried, while neither of mine are. I think that even though our mothers aren't contributing financially, their names should appear on our invites (although I'm not sure if both fathers will be as generous -- but we'll deal with that next time).


Contrary to popular belief, the parents whose names are on the invites are not necessarily paying for the wedding -- they are "hosting" it, which can be a completely honorary duty. For example, a couple who are paying for their own wedding may still want to list both sets of parents on the invitation and give them places of honor at the reception. The invite is the perfect place to honor your moms, even if they are not contributing financially.

You can put both of your parents on separate lines on the invitation (since they are no longer married) with your fiance's parents and their spouses on separate lines as couples, like this:

Mrs. Your Mom


Mr. Your Dad

request the honor of your presence

at the wedding of their daughter

Your Name


Your Fiance

son of

Mr. and Mrs. Fiance's Mom


Mr. and Mrs. Fiance's Dad

at 4 o'clock in the afternoon


Yes, it may get long, but it's more important to honor your parents than to save space. If you're feeling squeamish, though, another option may be to say something like "together with their parents" instead of naming names -- just make sure everyone involved is okay with that first.

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