20 Prettiest Wedding Invitations

Need a little paper inspiration? Take a look at our favorite (totally gorgeous) wedding invitations.
  1. Blushing Beauty

    Cheree Berry Paper blue floral wedding invitation suite

    Let your wedding colors inspire your paper suite. Gold foil detailing, blush envelopes and a painted rose envelope liner make for sophisticated and sweet correspondence.

    Invitation by: Cheree Berry Paper


  2. Laser-Cut Chic

    Atelier Isabey laser-cut monogram wedding stationery

    Nothing says "fancy" like a laser-cut presentation folder. Highlight a monogram or your wedding motif through the cutout, or use it to showcase a contrasting color. This striking presentation sets the tone for a polished black-tie celebration.

    Invitation by: Atelier Isabey

  3. Deep Hues

    Wedding Paper Divas plum painterly wedding invitation

    We have a soft spot for dramatic wedding invitations, and this plum one is no exception. Go bold with colors like navy, emerald and even black for a surprising-yet-elegant look. Add some lightness with a soft accent color that can be used for other pieces in your suite (reply card, directions).   

    Invitation by: Wedding Paper Divas 

  4. Handwritten Note

    Minted whimsical handwriting wedding invitation suite

    A simple, handwriting-inspired invitation feels extra-personal. The script has a whimsical feel (especially with a heart dotting the "i"), making it an excellent choice for a casual or semiformal garden party.  

    Invitation by: Minted

  5. Sea Breeze

    Ceci New York beach-inspired wedding paper

    Pay tribute to your wedding locale with a beach-inspired paper suite. A custom monogram, coral edging and gold details indicate this is not your typical shore party. We especially love the octopus motif—a nice alternative to the expected seashells. 

    Invitation by: Ceci New York  

  6. Watercolor Dreams

    Smock watercolor and poems wedding invitation suite

    Put your engagement photos to good use! A dreamy save-the-date sets the tone for a subtle watercolor design, while two lines from an E. E. Cummings poem effortlessly tie in a gold foil heart icon.

    Invitation by: Smock 

  7. City Celebration

    Spark City laser-cut wedding invitations

    Opening the invitation is part of the fun! This laser-cut trifold makes for exquisite presentation. Incorporating motifs into your design, like the city skyline or clinking glasses (how apropos!), is a playful touch that balances the decorative details, giving the whole suite a dignified look.

    Invitation by: Spark

  8. Pattern Play

    Cheree Berry Paper lemon and floral trifold wedding invitation

    Don't be afraid of patterns—a contrasting lemon liner and floral trifold invitation work together thanks to a shared color palette. If you're trying to save on postage, consider sending a reply post card (no envelope required!).

    Invitation by: Cheree Berry Paper

  9. Tropical Affair

    Ceci New York tropical wedding stationery

    Let your location inspire your wedding paper—pink flamingos, tropical green leaves and a gorgeous map build excitement for a destination wedding. Carry out location-specific motifs in your day-of paper (programs, menus, favor tags) too!

    Invitation by: Ceci New York

  10. Modern Renderings

    Katie Fischer Design Modern Wedding Invitation

    You can't get more personal than this! Have your stationer use your silhouettes in your wedding invitation. Modern fonts and an abstract watercolor design keep the square invitation feeling fresh. 

    Invitation by: Katie Fischer Design

  11. Chic Crest

    Atelier Isabey custom crest wedding invitation design

    Will and Kate have one -- why can't you? This intricate custom crest includes the couple's monograms, names and wedding date. Use it for your wedding stationery, then remove the date and use it for years to come.

    Invitation by: Atelier Isabey

  12. Initial Invites

    Spark initials and heart-shaped wedding invites

    Rethink the shape of your invitations. A heart invites guests to the celebration, while bold letters tell the love story of the couple—how cute is that? Graphic fonts give this unique suite a totally clean and modern feel.

    Invitation by: Spark

  13. Elegant Edging

    Regas hand-painted edging wedding invitations

    Give your invitations some edge—a hand-painted one. We love the look of poppy red against the simple ecru design. A dotted envelope liner in the same hues ties the whole suite together.

    Invitation by: Regas

  14. Leaf Love

    Lettered Olive leaf motif wedding stationery

    Make a statement from the moment your guests open the envelope with a patterned liner. This leaf-inspired print is carried throughout the suite, in a laser-cut bellyband, a custom stamp and even in day-of programs and menus.

    Invitation by: Lettered Olive 

  15. Airmail Motif

    Cheree Berry Paper airmail wedding invitation design

    This letter-loving couple carried out an airmail design in a subtle and delightful way—proof you can have fun and elegant wedding invitations. The wedding invite is simple, while a speckled liner and striped detailing on the reply card add a bit of merriment.

    Invitation by: Cheree Berry Paper

  16. Pretty Calligraphy

    Bernard Maisner calligraphy wedding invitation suite

    We love the unique approach of this tree-inspired wedding invitation. Hand-lettered with elegant flourishes and delicate flowers, this design is one of a kind and totally awe-inspiring.

    Invitation by: Bernard Maisner

  17. Copper Foil

    Bella Figura copper foil wedding invitation suite

    Out with the gold and in with the copper—foil that is! This twist feels modern and a touch rustic, especially paired with deep brown hues. We love the unexpected simple phrases on the upper-left-hand corners of this wedding correspondence.

    Invitation by: Bella Figura

  18. Brush Strokes

    Katie Fischer design brushstroke wedding invitation

    Dress up simple invitations with a brush stroke or two of your favorite color. Watercolor adds a soft glow to this blue and yellow design. Match your wedding colors, or choose a rainbow of hues (whatever color you pick, make sure the text is legible).

    Invitation by: Katie Fischer Design

  19. Paper Pockets

    Regas Paper pocket wedding invitation

    Have all your wedding paper fit neatly into a pocket folder—perfect for keeping guests organized for destination celebrations. We love the various shapes included in this suite. Tiny icons hint at what each piece is for, while a textured paper design hints to the location.

    Invitation by: Regas 

  20. Vintage Simplicity

    Lettered Olive vintage calligraphy wedding invitation

    Classic calligraphy never goes out of style. A blind embossed monogram and a die-cut enclosure card give this suite personalization and charm.

    Invitation by: Lettered Olive