The Best Linen Suits for 2024 Weddings

Where to find them and how to wear them.
Collage of three womens and mens linen wedding suits
Photos, from left to right: Sutisupply, Banana Republic, Todd Snyder
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Updated Mar 28, 2024
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Warm weather is here (or is at least on its way) and with it comes linen suits. Linen is the perfect suit fabric for the spring and summer seasons, stylish but also breathable and lightweight. It's got range when it comes to dress codes, too. There are ways to wear linen suits to a formal wedding and ways to style them so that they're good for semi-formal or dressy casual affairs as well. Whether you're getting married on a beach or attending a backyard wedding on a hot day, linen suits are a pro move. Here's everything you should know about how and when to wear them, some insight from The Knot's senior fashion editor Naomi Rougeau, plus a few of our favorite suits you can buy in 2024.

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The Best Linen Suits for Weddings in 2024

A linen suit is a killer look for a wedding no matter what role you're playing. Maybe you're the one reciting your vows or maybe you're just trying to look your best for a loved one's special day. In either case, a linen suit will have you looking your best during spring and summer weddings.

Best Overall Men's Linen Wedding Suit: Todd Snyder Madison Suit in Light Brown Italian Silk Linen

Light brown mens linen suit for wedding
Photo: Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder makes some of the most beautiful suits on the market these days and their linen selections sing. Case in point: their Madison suit in light brown. It can be dressed up for a formal groom look or dressed down for a semi-formal or destination wedding outfit.

Best Linen Groom Suit: Suitsupply Dark Brown Roma Suit

Black linen groom suit for wedding
Photo: Suitsupply

Suitsupply's Roma suit taps into one of our favorite 2024 suiting trends (soft, unstructured tailoring is having a moment) as it is, which is only made better by the pure linen material and lovely dark brown color–it's just unique enough a color for a groom suit but stays quietly versatile and easy to style.

Best Linen Suit for a Beach Wedding: Banana Republic Ventana Italian Linen-Blend Suit Jacket in Light Brown

Light brown linen suit for beach wedding
Photo: Banana Republic

Linen suits are perfect for a breezy beach wedding and Banana Republic's Ventana suit is as good a beach wedding suit as you're likely to find. It can suit a formal dress code or a more lowkey one and the sandy brown color fits the occasion perfectly.

Best Summer Linen Suit: Grand Le Mar Cream Beige Linen Suit

Best Summer Wedding Linen Suit, Grand Le Mar Cream Beige Linen Suit
Photo: Grand Le Mar

Grand Le Mar's suits feature fine fabrics, pleated pants, and wide lapels, making for a ritzy European look. Their summer selections are ripped straight from the Riviera, with this cream beige number standing out as particularly perfect for the season.

Best Casual Linen Suit: Proper Cloth Bedford Suit in Brown

Brown Casual Linen Suit
Photo: Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth's customization service makes it incredibly easy to turn their classic Bedford suit into a casual staple. Go with an unlined, unstructured version of the suit for a more natural look that'll wear great with knit polos and other less formal staples.

Best White Linen Suit: Hockerty Slim Fit Unlined White Linen Suit

White linen mens suit for wedding
Photo: Hockerty

White and linen is a no-brainer. Head over to Hockerty for a simple, sophisticated take on this suiting staple and one that's fully made to your measurements.

Best Linen Tuxedo: Todd Snyder Italian Linen Shawl Collar Tuxedo

Black linen tuxedo for wedding
Photo: Todd Snyder

Linen tuxedos aren't the most common suiting option but the folks at Todd Snyder nailed it with this one. It features a breathable blend and a luxe shawl collar for an extra stylish touch.

Best Designer Linen Suit: Brunello Cucinelli Double-Breasted Linen and Wool Suit Jacket in Cream

Tan designer linen mens wedding suit
Photo: Neiman Marcus

If you're going to buy a designer linen suit, buy Canali. These days they make some of the finest suits money can buy, and their linen selects are no exception.

Best Affordable Linen Suit: Quince 100% European Linen Suit in Driftwood

Affordable mens tan linen wedding suit
Photo: Quince

Need an affordable linen suit? Quince has you covered. For under $200, you can get suited up in a beautiful tan linen number sure to turn heads at your upcoming wedding.

Best Women's Linen Suit: Banana Republic Factory Long and Lean Linen Suit

Light gray women's linen wedding suit
Photo: Banana Republic

Banana Republic's flowy linen suiting doesn't end with their men's section. Women looking to try a linen look at a wedding this year should give the brand's Long and Lean suit a shot, a flowy cut with wide-legged trousers perfect for the season.

Best Linen Blazer: Bonobos Jetsetter Unconstructed Italian Blazer

Khaki checkered linen blazer for wedding
Photo: Bonobos

Bonobos's Jetsetter blazer is one of our favorites here at The Knot and their linen edition is no exception. It's unstructured for a natural fit and drape, plus its windowpane pattern allows for bold pattern mixing or for the blazer to serve as a statement piece itself.

Where to Buy Linen Suits

If you're looking for linen inspiration rather than a specific suit, hit up some of the coolest retailers in the suiting game who have great seasonal linen selections. Some of these designers have a wide range of linen fits while others just specialize in a single design or two and doing it well. Whichever it is you're looking for, the best linen suit shops we've found to date are a great resource for learning more about how you can suit up in linen for your wedding.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic made linen suiting a substantial piece of their line in recent years, bringing big, flowy linen suiting cuts to customers that would look right at home on a boat off the Amalfi Coast. They'd also look great as your next wedding fit.

Size Range: 36-48

Prices Starting At: Jackets for $380, Pants for $180


Percival's signature linen suit is one of the simplest and most accessible on the market these days. They stick to a simple cut in a lightweight unstructured fabric and produce it in a wide range of colors. This is a great suit if you're new to the linen game and looking to figure out how to best wear and style it. If you end up digging it, like I said, it comes in plenty of colors.

Size Range: Jackets XS-XXL, Pants 28-38

Prices Starting At: Jacket for $345, Pants for $195


When it comes to made-to-measure, nobody does linen quite like Suitsupply. From boxy double-breasted suits to broad-lapeled numbers, they're the place to go when you want a linen suit and feel like building it out yourself.

Size Range: Made-to-Measure

Prices Starting At: $598

When to Wear a Linen Suit

There are two ways to answer this question, one being practical and the other being related to dress codes. Concerning the former, wear a linen suit when it's hot outside. It's a lightweight and breathable fabric, so it'll stop you from overheating on hot days without sacrificing style or formality.

That said, is a linen suit too casual for a wedding? As is so often the case, it depends on the wedding. Linen tuxedos for black-tie weddings are uncommon but aren't unheard of, so while they aren't ruled out you may have to go a little more out of your way to find one for the occasion. "You'll be hard-pressed to find a linen tuxedo for one simple reason: they wrinkle." Rougeau offers. They do exist but they're few and far between.

Starting with a formal dress code it becomes a more viable option. Linen isn't on its own an informal fabric, but it's often styled a bit more leisurely. Open shirt collars and looser, drapier suit fits are common in linen suiting, which isn't always conducive to formal occasions, but if you wear a structured one styled appropriately for a formal wedding (we're talking dress shirt, tie, etc.) it's a great look. Save the open collars and looser fits for semi-formal weddings and anything more casual than that.

How to Wear a Linen Suit

If you're going to wear a linen suit, the first thing to keep in mind is that the fabric is prone to wrinkling. You're going to want to steam or iron it more regularly than other suits. The frumpled look it can take on can be part of its charm, but if you're wearing it to a wedding it needs to look sharper.

In terms of styling a linen shirt, accessorizing it, and what to wear with it, there aren't rigid rules but certainly a few pointers to keep in mind to make the most of the look. "Like any other suit," Rougeau says, "linen suits come in various cuts that will dictate how they're styled. Though there are exceptions to every rule, a more structured, double-breasted number almost demands a tie and pocket square while (depending on dress code) one could eschew a tie altogether for a softly tailored, single-breasted ensemble." Whether it's what kind of shirt you wear with a linen suit or whether or not loafers are appropriate with them, here's everything you need to know about how to wear a linen suit.

What kind of shirt do you wear with a linen suit?

With linen suits, it's always a safe bet to double up and wear them with a linen shirt. They're easy to find at a wide range of price points, styles, and colors. You can also wear a lightweight cotton or twill shirt, though you don't want anything too heavy. Not only might it cancel out the suit's breathability but the contrast of fabric weights might not look or feel great. My dark horse pick is a chambray shirt, though. It's not going to work well for formal weddings but for semi-formal affairs, it's a perfect match.

What shoes go with a linen suit?

The best shoes to wear with a linen suit have more to do with the dress code than the suit itself. If you're styling a linen suit more formally, you should wear lace-up dress shoes with it. If the wedding calls for cocktail attire or anything less formal, it's okay to go with a pair of loafers.

Do you wear a belt with a linen suit?

Whether or not a linen suit requires a belt has to do with the style of pants it comes with, not the linen suit itself. If the pants have belt loops, wear a belt. If it features tabs or a belted closure, you not only don't need to wear one but won't be able to–there won't be loops for the belt to begin with.

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