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Updated Feb 23, 2024
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Warmer weather and sunnier skies call for spring wedding suits. Winter fabrics like flannels and thick wools move out of season as the weather gets warmer, and darker colors step aside for brighter spring suit colors and patterns to take center stage. Whether you're a groom looking for spring wedding suit ideas or a guest looking to dress the part for an upcoming save-the-date, you've come to the right place. With the help of Alan Hershowitz of bespoke suitmaker Alan David we're here to break down what makes a great spring wedding suit and how you can pick out the right one this year.

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Spring Suit Colors

Broadly speaking, spring is when suit colors start to brighten up. Fall and winter are all about darker, richer tones. For spring suiting, we start to see softer tones enter the suiting space, as well as more playful, light colors. "In seasons past, clients have gravitated towards mid-blues and greys." Hershowitz says of the most popular spring-suiting colors his clients tend to gravitate towards. That said, he agrees that it's not so much that any one color enters the suiting zeitgeist when the weather starts to warm up as it is that most suit colors lighten in tone. Dark blues give way to lighter blues, magenta gets subbed out for blush tones, and pastel greens take over where olive greens once reigned.


Blue is a suit color that never quite goes out of season, only changes in tone. For spring, try to lighten up. Lighter, fresher shades of blue, especially once you get into the baby blue range, are going to shine (though don't sleep on spring suits with a touch of teal). "Teal and 'postman' blue are big," agrees Hershowitz, noting that the spring season always sees an uptick in "off-color blues" around the season. If you aren't feeling something on the lighter side, a bold royal blue still feels right for the season.


Spring isn't all about bright colors. It's also a good time to reassess your approach to suiting neutrals. Instead of the dark browns you may gravitate towards in the colder months of the year, try a lighter shade of beige. Not only is this lighter tone a perfect fit for the season, but it's also a color that looks great in a seasonal linen blend.


Like blue, green is a color you can wear year-round as long as you match the shade to the season. And like blue, the best way to do this for spring suits is to go lighter. Save emerald greens and olives for fall and winter. For a great spring-suiting look, go with a softer, lighter shade. It's the perfect suit color for outdoor affairs and also happens to look great in a plaid pattern.


While it isn't quite a single color, we'd be remiss to not touch on pastels. They're practically the official color tone of spring suiting and you can always lean into them for a spring suiting failsafe. Whether you're aiming for a soft baby blue, a sunny yellow, or a bright, blushy pink, pastels are the perfect suiting swerve for the season.

What to Look for in Spring Suits

When purchasing a spring suit, fabric is the other big indicator when it comes to picking out the perfect one. The season brings warmer weather with it and an increase in the popularity of outdoor weddings, so you're going to want to dress accordingly. Colder weather tends to call for thicker wool suits as well as flannel. Come spring, you're going to want to swap those out for lighter-weight materials that are more breathable. There are lightweight wool suits that are suitable for spring but this is the time of year when linen tends to take center stage. It's lighter in weight but also substantially more breathable than most other suiting materials, guaranteed to keep you cool during outdoor ceremonies.

Seersucker is another popular warm-weather suiting move, a breathable cotton blend with a unique texture to it. If you want to swerve and go with something a bit more out of left field, try a lightweight corduroy. It's seasonally appropriate and as long as it isn't too heavy it'll have you looking great and holding up just fine against the heat.

In terms of the way your spring suit should fit, Hershowitz advises sticking with broader suiting trends. "The super-slim look is starting to turn," he observes. "And we're starting to sell suits with more pleated trousers–usually just one pleat, but it's a start." Pleats in your suit trousers tend to open them up and give them a wider, more generous drape. Not only is it on trend for our favorite suiting looks in 2024, it's also a functional option during warmer weather, providing better ventilation on hot days.

The Best Spring Wedding Suits for 2024

Our favorite spring wedding suits incorporate some of the best seasonal trends into stylish, high-quality suiting from brands we trust like Suitsupply, Kirrin Finch, and Brooks Brothers. We've picked everything from classic seersucker sets to our favorite spring suiting swerve (in case you're looking to really blow minds when you pull up on the big day), and included options for gender-neutral and female-identifying folks as well. Suit up with any of these selects and you're guaranteed to nail spring suiting at your wedding.

The Best Spring Suit for Women: Indochino Madesimo Linen Purple Suit

Indochino purple women's spring wedding suit
Photo: Indochino

Indochino has made custom suiting easy and accessible, with a wide array of styles and fabrics available to choose from. One of their standout spring options for women is the Madesimo suit, which comes in warm weather-friendly linen and a seasonal shade of purple sure to impress.

Size Range: Made to Measure | Fabric: Linen | Color: Purple

Price at time of publication: $599

Best Classic Seersucker Suit: Grand Le Mar White Blue Striped Seersucker Suit

Blue and white seersucker men's spring wedding suit
Photo: Grand Le Mar

A classic seersucker suit comes in a striped pattern of white and baby blue. Grand Le Mar can help you nail this look with their bold double-breasted seersucker number, with thick peaked lapels and a beautiful seersucker pattern.

Size Range: Made to Measure | Fabric: Seersucker | Colors: White, Blue

Price at time of publication: $588

The Best Gender-Neutral Spring Suit: Kirrin Finch Royal Blue Suit

Gender neutral royal blue spring wedding suit
Photo: Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is among our favorite gender-neutral suiting brands, offering bold, playful options on traditional suiting. Case in point: their royal blue suit, which packs quality design and tons of character into a stylish and affordable package.

Size Range: XS-3XL | Fabric: Wool | Color: Blue

Price at time of publication: $595

The Best Pastel Suit: Suitsupply Light Pink Havana Suit

Pastel pink men's spring wedding suit
Photo: Suitsupply

Made from a suave wool silk linen blend, Suitsupply's light pink suit in their signature Havana cut is spring-suiting perfection. The peachy pink color is an excellent option for anybody looking to give pastels a go this year.

Size Range: Made to Measure | Fabric: Wool Silk Linen | Color: Pink

Price at time of publication: $859

The Best Navy Suit for Spring: Todd Snyder Italian Tropical Wool Sutton Suit

Todd Snyder navy blue men's spring wedding suit
Photo: Todd Snyder

Navy suits never go out of season, so finding the perfect one for spring comes down to construction. Todd Snyder's Sutton suit in tropical Italian wool is a great pick. The wool is super lightweight and breathable, instant warm weather suiting staple.

Size Range: 36S-44L | Fabric: Tropical Wool | Color: Navy

Price at time of publication: $886

The Best Green Suit: Hawes & Curtis Green Linen Tailored Italian Suit

Green linen men's tailored spring wedding suit
Photo: Hawes & Curtis

If you're looking to add some green to your spring wedding wardrobe, try Hawes & Curtis's linen number. It comes in a tailored cut and an understated tone of green that'll look great at the ceremony and the reception.

Size Range: EU46-60 | Fabric: Linen | Color: Green

Price at time of publication: $739

The Best Bold Blue Spring Suit: Brooks Brothers Sharkskin 1818 Suit

Bold blue men's spring wedding suit
Photo: Brooks Brothers

If you want to go a bolder shade of blue for your spring wedding suit, try Brooks Brothers' beauty of a sharkskin suit. It comes in a classic cut and a bright blue that'll stand out on the big day.

Size Range: 36-48 | Fabric: Wool | Color: Blue

Price at time of publication: $1298

The Best Beige Suit for Spring: Proper Cloth Beige Stretch Seersucker Wavery Suit

Beige men's spring wedding suit
Photo: Proper Cloth

Not all seersucker comes in that traditional blue and white striped pattern. If you love the material but want to go for a different seasonal staple like beige, Proper Cloth has you covered. Their Waverly suit comes in a quality seersucker cotton and a beautiful beige.

Size Range: 28-64 | Fabric: Seersucker | Color: Beige

Price at time of publication: $795

Best Spring Suiting Swerve: Percival Floral Tailored Suit

Men's floral spring wedding suit
Photo: Percival

If you're trying to go big for your spring wedding suit, forget traditional seasonal colors and pick a crazy seasonal pattern. Percival's uber-hip floral suit is sure to draw the attention of any and all wedding attendees, a spring wedding suit to remember.

Size Range: 34-44 | Fabric: Linen | Color: Floral Print

Price at time of publication: $625

Spring Suit Styling Tips

Alright, so you've got your perfect spring wedding suit picked out. Now it's time to style it. To put the finishing touch on your wedding fit, just follow any of these pointers. It's not an all-or-nothing deal, mind you–you can mix and match and pull the tips you're comfortable with or the ones that best suit your look.

Double Down on Linen

Wearing a linen suit? Don't be afraid to pair it with a linen dress shirt or linen accessories. The fabric is a seasonal staple for a reason and you can mix as much into your fit as you'd like, from ties to pocket squares.

Semi-Formal? Leave the Tie at Home

For a semi-formal wedding, embrace the warm weather and go with an open-collar look. The dress code doesn't necessarily require a tie, so leave yours at home and embrace the breezy unbuttoned look.

Flower Power

Floral accessories are a spring accessories mainstay. Try a tie with a floral pattern or a pocket square with one to incorporate an element of the season into your spring suiting look.

Sockless Season

Wearing loafers to the wedding? Leave your socks in the drawer. Spring is the perfect time to go for the sockless loafers look, with the weather being just right for it. Little touches like these are what make a suit feel right for the season.

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