The 23 Best Low-Profile Engagement Rings for Everyday Wear

Don't be fooled by the terminology—these rings are anything but understated.
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Updated May 29, 2023
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Low-profile engagement rings are an up-and-coming trend, but we'll admit, they can be hard to find. The definition is flimsy, so knowing your search parameters and what to look out for is key. But, first and foremost, allow us to myth bust: This category doesn't mean low-profile in the sense of simple or not flashy (on the contrary, low-profile cluster arrangements are a way to pile on the bling). Rather, the terminology refers to the ring's height off the finger: Low-profile engagement rings aren't raised the way a towering solitaire is. The easiest way to tell if a ring is low-profile is if the bottom facet—called the culet, and usually pointed—rests inside the band or is fully encased (making it low-profile) or above the band (high-profile). As the trend ramps up, we expect to see many top jewelers embracing low-profile design, but right now there are a handful of jewelers we love who are doing it right. Ashley Zhang offers creative takes on the concept; Brilliant Earth and Clean Origin have plenty of sustainable low-profile options for eco-conscious brides; and vintage-inspired labels like Artëmer and Berlinger put a unique spin on low-profile. The Knot tapped one more jewelry designer who does the style exceptionally well—Grace Lee, founder and creative director of the eponymous LA-based brand—to weigh in on low-profile engagement rings.

What is a Low-Profile Engagement Ring Setting?

Unfortunately for those on the hunt, there aren't necessarily specific measurements attached to the low-profile modifier, but there are ways to tell if a ring is low-profile. If you're shopping online, make sure the ring has a side view available and gauge based on that (another great indicator is when the ring is photographed on a hand for proportion). Views from the top of the ring can be deceiving; sometimes the center stone looks embedded in the band, but when you see it from the side it's actually rising high above.

Next, take a look at the type of setting: If the prongs emerge from the top of the band to hold the diamond, that means it's high-profile. Prongs should start in line with the band. Better yet, bezel settings fully encase the gemstone on all sides and typically have a slim, low-profile design. Split-shank bands—where the metal splits in two to support the setting on both sides—can also offer the protection of a low-profile ring. Grace Lee takes all of this into account when designing. "All of our engagement ring settings are designed to be as low-profile as possible while allowing the culet to clear the finger," she says. "With each custom engagement ring, we take those exact specifications into consideration."

Low-Profile Engagement Ring Pros & Cons

The most obvious benefit of a low-profile engagement ring is its practicality. It won't catch, snag or otherwise get dinged the way a high-profile solitaire might. Low-profile rings are also great for brides with an active lifestyle. Here, a few more pros and cons, as outlined by Lee.

  • Pro: "High-profile settings are often cumbersome for the wearer, and are more likely to catch on things like clothing," Lee says. "A low-profile setting is more fitting for modern life and less likely to catch on things."
  • Con: "As the carat weight of a diamond increases so does the depth," Lee says, indicating that low-profile settings often don't accommodate really large diamonds. But, fear not. "Even with a traditional cut diamond with a culet, you can choose proportions to maximize the face of the diamond without sacrificing brilliance that comes from the depth."
  • Pro: Speaking of sparkle, low-profile diamond engagement rings are not as exposed to the elements as high-profile stones, so the diamond stays cleaner longer, and sparklier in between cleans.
  • Con: Since they sit low to your hand, low-profile rings can be harder to match up flush with a wedding band. That said, most jewelers will customize something that works well even with a low-profile engagement ring. Grace Lee makes it a point. "Our custom settings, while being as low profile to the hand as possible, still allow for a wedding band to sit completely flush next to it," the designer says.

    Best Shapes for Low-Profile Engagement Rings

    You can certainly lean into the inherent minimalism and understated style of low-profile engagement rings if that's what you're after—but if you're looking for something that's both blingy and practical, you do have options. "[Look for] rose cut diamonds, which have a flat back that innately allows for a lower profile setting," says Grace Lee. "However, we can also achieve a low profile setting with a traditional diamond that has a traditional culet." Low profile bezel set engagement rings can accommodate almost any shape stone—oval, emerald, round, you name it—as can cluster arrangements. We love a low-profile cluster of various stone shapes for something with an antique bent but bold design.

    Editor Picks: Low-Profile Engagement Rings

    1. Brilliant Earth Pave Cluster Diamond Ring

    Pave Cluster Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth for a low-profile engagement ring
    Photo: Brilliant Earth

    A unique twist on the solitaire, this ring features one central round focal point—but instead of a singular high-carat stone, it's made up of a cluster of round brilliant diamonds in varying sizes. The whole thing sits in a low-profile setting atop a rose gold band.

    2. Artëmer Marquis Diamond Engagement Ring

    Diamond ring from Artëmer for the best engagement ring
    Photo: Artëmer

    This vintage-inspired ring calls to mind the ancient pharaohs of Egypt or the Greek evil eye symbol, giving it a regal and old-world aura. The center stone is a .3-carat conflict-free marquise-cut diamond, and six smaller white diamonds adorn one side in a golden arch.

    3. Kinn The Sophia

    The Sophia diamond ring from Kinn for the best everyday engagement ring
    Photo: Kinn

    East-west diamond settings are ultra on-trend, and yet still timeless—especially a practical bezel-set beauty like this one, which can be customized with a center stone of any carat weight and quality (psst, that means you can make this work for your budget). Fun detail: An opening at the bottom of the bezel setting allows more light to pass through, giving this all the more glimmer on your finger.

    4. VRAI The Five Stone Heirloom Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

    Five Stone Heirloom Engagement Ring from VRAI
    Photo: VRAI

    For those with an eye toward sustainability, opt for diamonds lab grown in America; this customizable stunner has five of them (VRAI diamonds are the world's first produced with net-zero carbon emissions). For this piece, you choose a center stone shape and size—we love it with an oval- or emerald-cut diamond—then the center stone is flanked with four baguettes in a low-profile setting.

    5. Berlinger Ballerina Oval Diamond Mosaic Ring

    Ballerina Oval Diamond Mosaic Ring from Berlinger for the perfect engagement ring
    Photo: Berlinger

    One of the LA-based brand's most popular styles, this low-profile oval engagement ring is an art deco lover's dream. Featuring one oval brilliant cut center stone at approximately .7 carats, the ring builds on the oval shape by featuring a mosaic of 42 baguette and round brilliant-cut smaller diamonds. Pro tip: This ring is offered two different ways, in line or raised. For a low-profile engagement ring, opt for in line. Though it won't sit flush with your wedding band, the design rests lower on the finger.

    6. Jemma Wynne Prive Diamond Pear Signet Ring

    Prive Diamond Pear Signet Ring from Jemma Wynne for the best engagement ring
    Photo: Jemma Wynne

    A bezel setting is one thing, but how about a center stone that's fully immersed, like it's swimming in a sea of gold? That's the vibe for this signet style, which is available with a variety of approximately half-carat center stone shapes set in 18-karat yellow gold. FYI, there's also a fully encrusted version if you have a higher budget and want some additional bling.

    7. Cross Jewelers Oceana Diamond Engagement Ring

    Oceana Diamond Engagement Ring from Cross Jewelers
    Photo: Cross Jewelers

    This unique New England jeweler created a "coastal casual" engagement ring collection specifically catered to brides looking for gorgeous but safe, secure and low-profile rings they could wear all the time—even when out on the water. This one checks all those boxes and more, with a sea-inspired design of three diamonds totaling .74 carats set in a 14-karat gold.

    8. Héloïse & Abélard Ring Nuage

    Diamond ring from Héloïse & Abélard for the best engagement ring
    Photo: Héloïse & Abélard

    The French jewelry company takes a uniquely sustainable approach, using primarily recycled and second-hand diamonds in its gorgeous designs. This cool low-profile engagement ring features a constellation of 16 round recycled diamonds (totaling .7 carats) set in zig-zagging rows; the jeweler suggests pairing it with a straight and minimal wedding band.

    9. Marrow Fine Colette Marquise Split Shank Engagement Ring

    Colette Marquise Split Shank Engagement Ring from Marrow Fine
    Photo: Marrow Fine

    OK, we're obsessed. This unique low-profile engagement ring rides the line between vintage and modern with a solitaire marquise-cut diamond and split-shank band, which can be rendered in a variety of metals. The jeweler offers some stellar stacking options—including expertly matched triangular bands—and even has a "talk to a stylist" function to curate the perfect band selection.

    10. Grace Lee Helix Ring with Marquise Diamonds

    Helix Ring with Marquise Diamonds from Grace Lee
    Photo: Grace Lee

    This style practically does double duty as engagement ring and wedding band, with dual marquis-shaped diamonds set into a spiraling helix base. Its width takes up more space on the finger, eliminating the need to stack up with an additional band—unless you want to add an eternity band of bling, of course!

    11. Kinn Solis Ribbed Ring I

    Ribbed ring from Kinn for the best diamond engagement ring
    Photo: Kinn

    The unique Solis collection from this jeweler is meant to represent energy and strength, qualities it never hurts to honor your relationship with. This particular style was inspired by the founder's mother, an immigrant from South Korea, and features a .72 carat emerald cut-diamond. Kinn has a commitment to sustainable materials, and customers can choose between a lab-grown or natural center diamond; custom engraving is also available as a personalized add on.

    12. Emily Amey 14k Rosecut Salt and Pepper Ring with Diamond Clusters

    14k Rosecut Salt and Pepper Ring with Diamond Clusters from Emily Amey
    Photo: Emily Amey

    Like blingy glitter sprinkled across your ring finger, this cool cluster ring features a 1.1-carat salt and pepper diamond—a unique variety that can be up to 60 percent more affordable than a classic diamond—as the center stone, set in 14-karat yellow gold. Brilliant white diamonds totaling .31 carats surround the center. Another detail we love? Each piece by this Hudson Valley jeweler is handmade by female artisans.

    13. Anito Ko Luxe Triangle Diamond Ring

    Triangle Diamond Ring from Anita Ko for your perfect engagement ring
    Photo: Anita Ko

    Sometimes, being low-profile is all about placement. In this cool configuration, the focal point diamond rests adjacent to, rather than above, the diamond band. Its shape, too, is unique: The triangle-cut center stone weighs in at a quarter carat, with round stones on the band totaling .21 carats. We love this style in classic white gold, and would pair it with a wide brushed white gold band.

    14. Ashley Zhang Rose Cut Lennon Engagement Ring

    Rose Cut Lennon Engagement Ring from Ashley Zhang
    Photo: Ashley Zhang

    Calling all Bridgerton fans, this one's for you. Inspired by the Edwardian era, this classic cluster style has a 1.08-carat rose-cut diamond set in a low-profile bezel and surrounded by a bevy of antique round stones in varying sizes. The hand-dotted milgrain pattern in the yellow-gold setting gives it that extra vintage touch.

    Katkim Oval Diamond Trace Ring

    Oval diamond ring from Katkim for the perfect engagement ring
    Photo: Katkim

    One of LA-based designer Katherine Kim's signature styles, the Trace ring is naturally low-profile, with the center stone nestled into an infinity symbol-shaped band that loops the finger in an organic wave. There are a variety of versions of the design available; we love this one with an oval diamond in polished 18-karat gold.

    16. Melanie Casey Stars at Eventide Ring

    Stars at Eventide Ring from Melanie Casey for the best engagement ring
    Photo: Melanie Casey

    All of this designer's pieces are imbued with deep meaning, and this stunner is no exception. Meant to represent the night sky—and the way that stars bring light to darkness—the ring has a trio of focal stones in protective closed basket settings: one pear, one oval, and one round. Smaller rounds surround the center stones in a unique starry formation. Bonus: Each stone is ethically sourced and hand-selected by the designer to guarantee a top standard of quality.

    17. Blue Nile Three-Stone Petite Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring

    Three-Stone Petite Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile
    Photo: Blue Nile

    Uniquely woven bands of platinum create a low-profile resting place for the trio of round diamonds that make up this sweet engagement ring, perfect for those looking for something classic that will still stand out in a crowd. Choose your own diamonds by cut, color, clarity and carat to make it work for your budget.

    18. David Yurman DY Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum with Emerald

    Engagement Ring in Platinum with Emerald from David Yurman
    Photo: David Yurman

    Go green with this three-stone engagement style, designed to represent a couple's past, present and future. The east-west center emerald starts at .7 carats, but customers can customize (re: enhance) from there. Pro tip: Emerald is a softer, more delicate stone than tough-as-nails diamonds, so protective low-profile settings like this one are ideal if you love the colorful gem.

    19. Cross Jewelers The Schooner Diamond Engagement Ring

    Diamond Engagement Ring from Cross Jewelers
    Photo: Cross Jewelers

    No need to sacrifice bling for a low-profile oval engagement ring. This style features three ample ovals, fully encased top and bottom in a 14-karat yellow gold setting, with six diamonds in graduated sizes down the side. It was designed for the active bride, and named for one of the most beautiful and graceful water vessels.

    20. Grace Lee Asscher Diamond Stacker Ring

    Square diamond ring from Grace Lee for the perfect proposal
    Photo: Grace Lee

    A super slim 1.3-millimeter tube band gives this pretty pick a minimalistic feel, but the bezel-set asscher-cut stone still shines bright like a—well, like a diamond. Pieces are made to order, so feel free to get creative. "Our custom settings are all designed to be as low-profile as possible, while allowing to stack a wedding band completely flush next to it," designer Grace Lee says. "Sometimes when a bride knows exactly what type of wedding band will be worn, we can design the engagement ring around the specifications of the band."

    21. Point No Point Kite Diamond Engagement Ring in Aderyn Setting

    Kite Diamond Engagement Ring in Aderyn Setting from Point No Point
    Photo: Point No Point

    This ring is low-profile only in the most literal sense—its gemstones and setting rest low on the hand; otherwise, it's a showstopper. The center kite diamond is a semi-translucent speckled stone set in rose gold. It's surrounded by a halo of black and white diamonds in varying sizes and shapes. For everyone from vintage lovers to bohemian brides, this stunning style fits into varying aesthetics and is sure to be a conversation starter.

    22. Envero Jewelry Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

    Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring from EnveroJewelry on Etsy
    Photo: EnveroJewelry

    Etsy has a treasure trove of low-profile engagement rings, and this minimalistic stunner caught our eye. Dainty and feminine, it's anything but in-your-face, yet the round rose-cut beauty embedded in a subtle split shank speaks volumes. Pair it with a blingy band to pump up the drama, or keep the look low-profile in more ways than one with a solid gold wedding band.

    23. Clean Origin Mozart Grand Ring

    Grand diamond ring from Clean Origin for the perfect wedding proposal
    Photo: Clean Origin

    Compatible with either a cushion- or princess-cut center diamond, this ring features a shimmering halo of hand-set round diamonds around the solitaire—which is set low to the hand in a uniquely trellised setting—and trails of prong-set diamonds down each side. All the diamonds at Clean Origin are lab-grown and fully sustainable, so you can feel good about what you're wearing.

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