15 Bezel Set Engagement Rings for Trendsetters

Shop these gorgeous and modern styles.
Bezel-set engagement ring
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Updated Jan 17, 2024
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Clean, contemporary, and surprisingly low maintenance, bezel set engagement rings, which feature a slim band of metal encircling the stone, are all the buzz in the bridal fashion world right now. "The bezel setting is seeing a rise in popularity because people want something a little out-of-the-box, but still appreciate the beauty and timelessness of the classics," says Boston-based private jeweler Hannah Florman. "Bezel settings can be incorporated into the most traditional of engagement rings, adding a modern edge, while upholding the sophistication of a traditional option." It truly is the best of both worlds, with such a clean, cool look that's both fashionable and functional.

"Excellent for active lifestyles, bezels protect and secure all or most of a diamond's edges," notes Kristy Cullinane, co-founder of Plum Diamonds. This is what makes them especially suited for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone with a hands-on job. Whether you're hard on your jewelry or are simply looking for something sleek, unique, and sophisticated, these beautiful bezel-set engagement rings are sure to inspire.

Where to Buy Bezel Set Engagement Rings

As bezel engagement rings continue to grow in popularity, finding "the one" is easier than ever. From big box jewelers to boutique bridal brands, we've rounded up the best places to get your hands on a bezel-set engagement ring you'll cherish forever.


If you're looking for a simply chic, lab-created diamond ring that won't blow your budget, Vrai's extensive selection of low-profile bezel set engagement rings is worth checking out. You choose your metal, band style, diamond shape, cut, color, carat, and clarity for the ultimate customization.

Marrow Fine

Marrow Fine is our go-to digital destination for unique bezel set engagement rings, including plenty of trendy toi et moit rings, bold and bright gemstones, and the coolest statement, vintage-inspired styles. Unconventional brides will have a field day shopping on this site.


If you're unsure of exactly what you want (you just know you love bezel settings), Jared is a great place to go to try on rings in person, as you can get a good feel for what looks good on your finger and explore a variety of styles. You'll also find something for every budget here.


Fashionable brides who prefer a more modern, minimal, and delicate engagement ring will seriously swoon over the stunning bezel selection at Catbird, which includes classic diamonds and silhouettes, as well as plenty of nontraditional styles. Book a complimentary in-person or virtual 45-minute Love & Engagement Appointment to chat with a jewelry expert, look at rings, or just get expert suggestions based on your style.

The Clear Cut

Looking to design your own bespoke natural diamond ring? The Clear Cut is just the place to go, as you'll be connected with a GIA graduate gemologist to pick the perfect diamond and then create the bezel-setting engagement ring of your dreams. All custom rings are handcrafted in NYC and take between 3-5 weeks.

Our Favorite Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Modern and minimal, unique and colorful, or vintage-inspired, whatever type of engagement ring with a bezel setting you're after, we've got it. Shop our carefully curated selection of bezel rings for every budget and style below.

Ring Concierge 2.50 Oval in the Whisper Thin Bezel

Ring Concierge oval bezel-set engagement rings
Photo: Ring Concierge

Go big(ish), or go home! One lesser-known advantage of a bezel setting is that it can make your center stone appear larger. This stunning oval bezel engagement ring is perfect for the modern minimalist bride who wants a simple sparkler that still makes a serious statement.

Giacomelli The Stella Stack

Giacomelli bezel engagement ring stack
Photo: Giacomelli

Give the illusion of a chic stack without investing in a full bezel engagement ring set! For the bride who dares to be different, this triple stack ring featuring a pretty princess cut center stone is just beyond. It's cool, contemporary, and avant-garde, which we love. It's giving major "It Girl" energy.

Kwiat East-West Bezel Set Ashoka Diamond

Kwiat bezel-set engagement ring with Ashoka diamond
Phtoo: Kwiat

"As brides look for style alternatives to traditional prong-set designs, bezels are a fantastic way to marry the traditional feel of an engagement ring with a modern twist," says Greg Kwiat, Owner of Kwiat Diamonds. This ultra-unique, bezel set Ashoka cut engagement ring features a brilliant Ashoka diamond in an on-trend east-west orientation with a dazzling band of pavé diamonds for all the sparkle.

Marrow Fine 2.25ct Aquamarine Half Moon Ring

Marrow Fine aquamarine half moon bezel set engagement ring
Photo: Marrow Fine

Calling all modern boho and beachy brides! You'll be absolutely over the moon to adorn your finger with this dreamy ring. A half-moon aquamarine stone sits alongside two straight-cut baguette diamonds, while a unique infinity bezel setting enhances the overall visual flow and makes the stones pop. In addition to the mesmerizing color, "the shape mirrors the shape of a mermaid's tale", which is just super unique.

Briony Raymond New York Cushion Cut Sloan Solitaire

Briony Raymond cushion-cut bezel set engagement ring
Photo: Briony Raymond New York

This beautiful bezel set cushion cut engagement ring shines in its simplicity. It's perfect for those who love the classic elegance of a solitaire style but prefer a more clean and modern look. Go glam with a big diamond, or keep it delicate and dainty with something tiny.

Jared Bezel-Set Round Diamond Ring

Jared bezel-set round diamond engagement ring
Photo: Jared

Small, but mighty. This 14k white gold, round bezel set engagement ring has us head over heels. The center diamond is accented by smaller channel-set round diamonds around the band, and the swirly style fits with current trends.

Jennie Kwon Diamond YS Ring

Jennie Kwon bezel set diamond engagement ring
Photo: Catbird

YS Queen! This dainty, vintage-inspired ring is unlike anything we've ever seen with magnificent milgrain detail and a classic emerald cut diamond in the middle flanked by several small diamonds to really dazzle 'em. How stunning would this look in a whimsical wedding stack? Snag it in 14K yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

Simon G Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Simon G round cut halo engagement ring
Photo: Simon G

Let your love blossom with this showstopping half-bezel setting engagement ring featuring a classic cluster design and extended halo. It brings the wow factor without being too overwhelming, and it won't put a major dent in your wallet, which is always a bonus.

Jemma Wynne Bespoke Emerald Cut Diamond "Autumn" Ring

Jemma Wynne three-stone bezel set engagement ring
Photo: Jemma Wynne

The clean, geometric lines and shapes of this custom 3-stone bezel set engagement ring are simply to die for. It's bold and beautiful with a unique octagonal emerald-cut diamond in the center surrounded by two ultra-cool kite diamond side stones. Just be prepared for everyone to ask where your ring is from.

Brilliant Earth Morganite Cinta Art Deco Diamond Ring

Brilliant Earth peach round morganite bezel set engagement ring
Photo: Brilliant Earth

Channel all the glamour of the 1920s with this exquisite art deco bezel set engagement ring that'll have all eyes on your hand. A pretty peach round morganite gemstone takes center stage, while dainty diamonds radiate all around it.

Vrai Signature Bezel Marquise Engagement Ring

Vrai bezel marquise engagement ring
Photo: Vrai

For the bride who wants all the shine, this breathtaking bezel and pave set engagement ring is truly brilliant. It's designed with a unique, knife-edge bezel setting to allow ample light and enhance your lab-grown diamond's sparkle. The striking marquise cut also has several perks, making fingers appear longer and slimmer and your diamond much bigger. Who doesn't love that?

Audry Rose Starry Bezel Pear Ring

Audry Rose starry sapphire bezel engagement ring
Photo: Audry Rose

This bold, bezel-set sapphire engagement ring is the bohemian dream. A true work of art, the rare pear shape combined with the unique teal color of the stone and tiny diamonds makes this ring stand out amongst a sea of more "standard" styles. We could totally picture this on one of the Olsen twins—it's that cool!

Taylor Custom Rings The Stevie Ring

Taylor Custom Rings bezel-set moissanite engagement ring
Photo: Taylor Custom Rings

A bezel-set moissanite engagement ring is the perfect alternative to a traditional diamond if you want a big rock without the big price tag. The Stevie ring is radiant and can be completely customized to your liking. Order in 14K rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum with a 1 or 2-carat colorless moissanite center stone. You can also upgrade to a lab-grown diamond.

Shahla Karimi Bezel Set Emerald + Trapezoid Gap Ring

Shahla Karimi bezel-set emerald and trapezoid engagement ring
Photo: Shahla Karimi

Symbolize your love for each other with a fresh and futuristic take on the trendy toi et moi ring! This beautiful bezel-set diamond engagement ring features an emerald-cut and trapezoid diamond on a chunky, open band. You can customize the metal and carat size, and choose between lab-grown or natural diamonds depending on your personal preference and budget. We dig this for a minimalist bride or anyone whose style leans a little more clean, edgy, and tomboyish.

James Allen 14K Rose Gold Beaded Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

James Allen rose gold bezel-set diamond engagement ring
Photo: James Allen

While not a true antique bezel set engagement ring, this beveled beauty is Etruscan-inspired with classical beads, glistening side stones, and the most exquisite, vintage-inspired detail. It's one of those rings you really can't take your eyes off of it's so romantic!

Bezel Set Engagement Ring FAQs

Confused about what a bezel setting even is or why it might cost you a little more than a traditional prong setting? We've got answers.

What is a bezel setting?

"A bezel set engagement ring is a popular center stone setting that fully surrounds a gemstone with a seamless metal band edge all around it," says Natalia Giacomelli, Designer and Founder of Giacomelli. Kwiat adds that the bezel can range from very thin and delicate to a wider or even thicker style. "Bezels can have a high polished finish or have a milgrain edge to give it a vintage feel."

Are bezel-set engagement rings expensive?

Generally, yes. "Bezel settings do tend to be more expensive than a traditional solitaire setting, but for good reason," notes Florman. "The cost is because of the additional metal used to create the bezel, as well as the additional labor involved in creating the ring and setting the diamond." Remember, a bezel setting is more secure than a prong too so you're also paying for peace of mind.

What's the difference between a bezel setting and a flush setting?

A flush setting, also known as a gypsy setting, is "when the stone is set flush with the surface of the ring, while with bezel settings the metal surrounds the gemstone and becomes a protective border around the stone," explains Jenny Klatt, co-founder of Jemma Wynne. "Gypsy settings give a more integrated appearance, while bezel settings usually have a visible border around the stone."

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