The 15 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Ohio

We've got spots in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and everywhere in between.
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Updated Apr 26, 2024

Thinking of proposing in Ohio? First off, congratulations. Second off, that's an excellent idea. Ohio has something to offer for every couple's proposal—from vibrant cityscapes to calming and serene settings, the Buckeye State offers so many locations to make your proposal a memorable one. From Columbus to Cleveland, we've curated a list of the best places to pop the question in Ohio. Now all that's left to do is pick one, and head to The Knot Vendor Marketplace to find the best local proposal photographers, planners and packages.

For help in deciding the best place to propose in Ohio, we spoke with Samantha Leenheer, creative director and owner of House of Joy, for her expert insight.

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How to Decide Where to Propose in Ohio

Deciding to actually propose is the biggest decision, but deciding where is pretty important, too. First, start by thinking about the overlapping area between what you want, and your partner's preferences, interests or if they've given some subtle or not-so-subtle hints. It's also a great idea to think about important places in your relationship and locations that might have special meaning for both of you.

The Best Time of The Year to Propose in Ohio

Ohio is one of those state's that is lucky enough to get all four seasons, each with its own charm. Spring brings blooming flowers and mild temperatures, summer offers longer and slower days with warm evenings, fall highlights Ohio's stunning foliage and winter transforms Ohio into a real life winter wonderland. As for the best time? We happen to think any time is a good time to propose in the Buckeye State.

The Best Places to Propose in Ohio

Whether you're looking for an outdoor spot or an indoor location, here are some of the best places to propose in Ohio.

Topiary Garden Park, Columbus

Nestled in the heart of downtown Columbus, Topiary Garden Park provides a gorgeous backdrop for your proposal. Featuring living sculptures inspired by Georges Seurat's famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte the park is filled with lush greenery and artistic landscapes. Leenheer says, "Plan an afternoon date and discover the extensive plant collection and leave engaged and planning your nuptials."

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Columbus

Step into a world of natural beauty and romance at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Wander through stunning botanical exhibits, rainforests, desert landscapes and calm, serene Japanese gardens. Find the perfect spot to get down on one knee, surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty and water features.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Cleveland

For animal-lovers, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo offers can be a really unique and unforgettable proposal setting. Maybe you opt to arrange for a private animal encounter or embark on a behind-the-scenes tour—the zoo is an original proposal spot with lots of opportunity. Leenheer says, "With fun seasonal events and enough places for a photographer to hide, the Zoo makes for a nice afternoon date to end up engaged."

Edgewater Park, Cleveland

Embrace the natural beauty of Lake Erie at Edgewater Park—one of Cleveland's best and most scenic waterfront destinations. Propose over a romantic picnic on the beach or during a stroll along the shoreline—bonus points if it happens as the sun sets over the lake with the Cleveland skyline as your backdrop. Leenheer calls this spot a "locals favorite" and an "ideal location for any Clevelander to be proposed to."

Hocking Hills State Park, Logan

Leenheer calls Hocking Hills State Park a "statewide gem" and says it "offers a bit of outdoors for everyone." The park is home to lush landscapes and tranquil forests that serve as a stunning setting for such an important question. The park is home to hiking trails, waterfalls and hidden caves with plenty of secluded spots, too.

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Akron

History buffs can step back in time at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens—a historic estate known best for its gorgeous gardens and architecture. Take in the pristinely manicured lawns, blooming flower beds and fancy fountains at this Gilded Age masterpiece, then choose a romantic garden terrace or reflecting pool for a storybook proposal.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Peninsula

Experience the serene beauty of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where lush forests, rolling hills and scenic waterways await. Embark on a scenic train ride through the park or hike to one of its picturesque overlooks for a proposal surrounded by nature's tranquility. Capture the moment against the backdrop of cascading waterfalls or vibrant autumn foliage, creating a romantic memory in the heart of Ohio's wilderness. Leenheer suggests taking the train through the valley, then making a date for a bike ride.

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland

Culture and romance combine at the Cleveland Museum of Art, home to an extensive collection of world-class artworks spanning thousands of years. First walk through expansive galleries filled with masterpieces from renowned artists, then if public-proposals are your thing, pop the question for a sophisticated and refined proposal. Leenheer says the museum is, "just as iconic inside as it is outside."

Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield

For couples with a taste for the unconventional, the Ohio State Reformatory offers a one-of-a-kind proposal experience amidst historic architecture and haunting beauty. Explore the grand halls and eerie corridors of this former prison, discovering hidden gems and fascinating stories along the way. Choose a secluded corner or atmospheric cellblock for a proposal that blends romance with a touch of intrigue, creating a truly unforgettable moment—keep in mind Leenheer says it's rumored to be haunted, so keep an eye out for the paranormal.

Scioto Mile, Columbus

Experience urban charm and natural beauty at Scioto Mile, a vibrant riverfront park in the heart of downtown Columbus. Take a romantic stroll along the scenic promenade, admiring breathtaking views of the Scioto River and downtown skyline. Plan a surprise proposal at one of the park's picturesque overlooks or charming bridges, capturing the city's energy and romance in every photo.

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort, Glenmont

Elevate your proposal to new heights at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort, where luxury and adventure meet in the treetops. Here you can, "keep the kid at heart and enjoy a weekend adventure in a treehouse," nestled among towering oaks and tranquil streams, which offers privacy and romance in a natural setting. Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars or a relaxing soak in a private hot tub before popping the question amidst the enchanting beauty of the forest canopy.

The Ohio State University Oval, Columbus

Celebrate your love on the historic grounds of The Ohio State University Oval, a picturesque green space steeped in tradition and beauty. Take a leisurely stroll under majestic oak trees and towering columns, soaking in the ambiance of this iconic campus landmark. Choose a romantic spot near Mirror Lake or Orton Hall for a proposal filled with collegiate charm and timeless romance. Leenheer says the spot makes "the perfect place to propose to your college sweetheart."

Cincinnati Observatory, Cincinnati

Reach for the stars at the Cincinnati Observatory, one of the oldest and most iconic observatories in the United States. Explore the wonders of the universe together as you gaze through historic telescopes and learn about the mysteries of outer space. Choose a clear night with a celestial event, such as a meteor shower or planetary alignment, for a proposal that's truly out of this world

Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo

Immerse yourselves in the beauty of art and culture at the Toledo Museum of Art, home to a diverse collection of masterpieces from around the world. Wander through elegant galleries filled with ancient artifacts, modern sculptures and timeless paintings, finding inspiration in the creativity of human expression. Here, Leenheer says, "The historic front columns of the Toledo Art Museum and Peristyle Theater make for two picturesque backdrops to become engaged in front of."

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

Music lovers can rock their proposal (pardon our pun) at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—an iconic landmark celebrating the legends of music and pop culture. With exhibits, memorabilia and live performances there's so many options for a place to pop the question combining rock and roll, love and a new rock, too. (Sorry, we did it again.)

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