Spa Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Ultimate Relaxation Weekend

Unwind and relax with your besties during this laidback bach theme.
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Updated Jan 02, 2024

With so many bachelorette party themes to choose from, you might have trouble narrowing it down. That's why we recommend the ultimate stress-free experience with a spa bachelorette party. You can take this theme to any city or keep it at home for a weekend of zen and self-care. And you won't be able to see through all the stress of wedding planning when you're relaxing poolside with cucumber slices over your eyes. So let's dive into everything you need to know about planning a spa-mazing weekend for you and your squad.

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How to Plan a Spa Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party is one of the most fun parts of pre-wedding celebrations, and we spoke to a bachelorette party expert about how to plan this spa-themed bash. Jyl Deering, wedding planner and owner of Deering Events, says about spa bachelorette parties, "It also gives you the option to live in your jammies/comfy clothes all weekend." Here are some ideas on how to plan a spa bachelorette for you and your besties.

Consider the Time of Year

There are plenty of fun spa options throughout the year that can take your relaxation to the next level. Our expert, Jyl, says, "If traveling to a spa, look at the local weather and know what you want to do. You might want to hit a spa in Snow Country, if your group loves the cold and wants to ski or if you're looking to save money, hit that spa in the summer, when hotel rooms and services most likely will be less."

Know Your Budget

Whether you're footing the bill or having your bridesmaids split the cost, it's important to know what everyone can afford. Jyl recommends: "Knowing spas and spa services can be expensive, there are options to rent a fab home and bring the spa to you [with] mobile nail companies."

Set Expectations Ahead of Time

Will your spa weekend be a healthy dose of relaxation and going out on the town? Or will this be a chill holiday for you and your girls to unwind before the big day? Let everyone know ahead of time what the itinerary may look like so they know what to pack and plan for.

Find your kind of venue

From barns to ballrooms, discover reception venues that feel like you.

Get Creative

All in all, this is your time to bond with your wedding party and have a little fun. Do things that everyone can enjoy. Jyl Deering even has a few ideas: "You can have a make-your-own smoothie station (purchase great juices, milks, fruits and some fun protein mixes)."

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Spa Bachelorette Party Ideas

Now it's time to take our favorite spa bach party ideas and put them into action for one unforgettable weekend. We've rounded up some spa inspo to help you and your crew relax like you've never relaxed before.

DIY Spa Goodies

You and your gals can have an at-home spa day and take home a bunch of goodies for a self-care moment anytime. Make your own bath bombs, face masks and more during these fun spa party crafts.

Book Luxury Treatments

It's time to treat yourself by booking those ultra-luxe treatments you've always wanted to try. Book that gold mask you've always had your eye on or the sulfur soak for a deluxe experience before your big day.

Spa Weekend Getaway

Bachelorette parties these days have become weekend-long events, so how about a total retreat at a posh spa? Plan a weekend getaway to your favorite relaxing location, complete with a spa experience you and your wedding party will love.

Poolside Repose

Make sure your spa weekend has a pool so you can lounge, read and sip on your favorite drinks. Because what's more relaxing than stepping out of a mud bath and into the pool?

Spa-Themed Goodie Bags

A bag of party favors is a must for any bachelorette party, so for your spa-tastic event, send your faves home with the essentials. Jyl Deering adds, "Make your friends/travelers a great goodie bag with things like a custom water bottle, granola bars/trail mix, a robe, candles, face masks, lotions, a custom wedding logo on a yoga mat [and] custom jammies (that can also be used on wedding getting ready day)."

Total Relaxation Massages

There's nothing more relaxing than a massage, and no doubt you and your girls will want this time to unwind before the big day. Let your bridesmaids choose which massage they can get, like a deep-tissue or a Swedish massage, at your favorite spa.

At-Home Mani/Pedi Party

If you're looking for something more laidback, then have manis and pedis at your home or AirBnb. You can set up foot baths and nail stations so everyone can do it themselves, complete with all of your favorite nail designs and accessories.

Hot Tubs and Saunas

Sweat out all the wedding planning stress at a spa sauna or hot tub. Saunas even have a ton of benefits to make your spa weekend more soothing, like improved sleep and stress management.

Yoga Retreat

Get your exercise in while focusing on relaxation techniques with a yoga/spa retreat. Bonus points if they offer goat or puppy yoga, because who could resist that adorable twist? (Our bach party expert, Jyl Deering, even suggests sunrise yoga classes or a private yoga session.)

Luxury Camping and Spa Day

Let your wedding party bond through a luxury camping and spa weekend, complete with a fabulous yurt or cabin. Spend your days relaxing at the spa and your nights making s'mores and swapping stories by the campfire.

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