Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets Are the Next Big Thing at Bachelorette Parties

"So make the friendship bracelets" as a Swiftie bach party activity.
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Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
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Updated Jun 14, 2023
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You're not on your own, kid with this Swiftie-approved bachelorette party craft: Taylor Swift friendship bracelets. After trading friendship bracelets with concertgoers at the Eras Tour, Midnights-inspired friendship bracelets are now trending as a bachelorette party activity. We're here to tell you exactly how to ace this craft at your Taylor Swift bachelorette party.

We can picture it now: Taylor Swift sitting around with Abigail, Selena Gomez and the HAIM sisters making friendship bracelets and drinking "cheap-ass screw-top rosé." While you're having fun with this bachelorette craft idea, don't forget to blast your Taylor Swift music playlist. Bonus points if everyone at the bach party dresses according to their fave Swiftie era. So…are you ready for it? 'Tis the damn season for making friendship bracelets beyond our wildest dreams.

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Why Are Taylor Swift Fans Making Friendship Bracelets?

If you're in charge of planning the Taylor Swift bachelorette party then you're probably deep into Swiftie fandom and understand where the Taylor Swift bracelet trading trend came from. But in case other attendees are scratching their heads and asking "What's the scoop on trading friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift Eras Tour concerts?" Here is the TL;DR on Taylor Swift Eras Tour bracelets you can share with them.

In the bridge of "You're On Your Own, Kid," in Midnights, Swift sings, "Everything you lose is a step you take. So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it. You've got no reason to be afraid." As proof of just powerful the Swifie fandom is, this Taylor Swift Eras Tour bracelets trend was actually a grass-roots concept started by fans on social media. Swifties started making friendship bracelets as a nod to the song and trading them at concert stops along the Eras Tour. Traditionally, friendship bracelets symbolize the strength of relationships and the bond an individual has with their community. Swift is known both for her strong friendships (We see you Blake Lively), as well as the community of fans she's cultivated, so it's only natural that Swifties would honor this with symbolic friendship bracelets.

While we don't want the Eras Tour to ever end, it sadly will come to a close. However, the Taylor Swift concert bracelet idea can live on forever in the form of a bachelorette party craft idea.

How to Make Friendship Bracelets at Your Bach

Let's get down to brass tacks: how to make friendship bracelets. More specifically, how do you tie a friendship bracelet? We suggest you first string beads onto the bracelet while the string is attached to the main spool. This will allow you to control how long the bracelet is and keep the beads from falling off.

Before tying, make sure to wrap the bracelet around your wrist to get a rough measurement to ensure the string is the right length. Cut the string with a bit of extra length that will help you loop a knot. While a variety of knot styles could work for a friendship bracelet (a surgeon's knot is one of the strongest to consider), the key is to pull the knot tight so it doesn't slip. Many friendship bracelet kits come with stretchy plastic string that can be somewhat slippery and resistant to knotting.

What to Put on Your Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets

In the world of Swiftology, Easter eggs and symbols are a special kind of language shared amongst fans. We're diving into Taylor Swift eras color schemes, ideas and lyrics to inform how you approach your friendship bracelet designs.

Symbols for Your Taylor Swift Bracelets by Era

Let's start with symbolism: The Swiftiverse is ripe with motifs and references. Below we've outlined symbols for Taylor Swift bracelets by album/ era.

  • Debut: Butterflies, 13
  • Fearless (Taylor's Version): Cowgirl boots, guitar, heart-shaped hands, white horses
  • Speak Now: When in doubt, anything purple
  • Red (Taylor's Version): As the name suggests, red beads are paramount to rocking this era. Keep these symbols in mind: red scarf, red lips and heart-shaped sunglasses.
  • 1989: New York motifs, seagulls, Polaroids
  • Reputation: Snakes, cars, newspapers, dresses
  • Lover: This pastel era is all about hearts and rainbows. Consider including A Union Jack (à la "London Boy"), rings, street signs and blazers/ suits.
  • Folklore: Cardigan, wisteria, evergreen trees, film reels, bow and arrow sets
  • Evermore: Clover, plaid, ivy, champagne
  • Midnights: Focus on dark jewel tones and lots of sparkle—purple and navy are musts. With Midnights friendship bracelets you need carnations, violets, poppies, clocks, Eiffel Tower and cats.

Taylor Swift Lyrics for Your Friendship Bracelets

Taylor Swift songs about friendship? We've got 'em. Taylor Swift has released more than 200 songs, so far, in her career so you've got plenty of lyrics to choose from when it's time to "make the friendship bracelets" inspired by Taylor Swift. Whether you settle for funny Taylor Swift bracelets or lean into sentimental Taylor Swift lyrics about friends, you can't go wrong with taking inspiration directly from the words the multi-hyphenate penned.

  • "Best believe I'm still bejeweled"
  • "All too well"
  • "X marks the spot"
  • "Karma is a cat"
  • "It's me. Hi."
  • "Loving you was red"
  • "Shake it off"
  • "Nothing good starts in a getaway car"
  • "Champagne problems"
  • "Cat eye sharp enough to kill a man"
  • "You need to calm down"
  • "I see sparkls fly"
  • "Kiss me on the sidewalk"
  • "Drop everything now"
  • "This night is sparkling"
  • "Our song is a slamming screen door"
  • "Are you ready for it?"
  • "Got a long list of ex-lovers"
  • "Shade never made anybody less gay"
  • "On some new sh*t"
  • "King of my heart"
  • "The story of us"
  • "Stay beautiful"
  • "Can I ask you a question?"
  • "Checkmate I couldn't lose"
  • "I'm a mastermind"
  • "You're so gorgeous"
  • "In red, underlined"

Other Taylor Swift Bracelet Ideas and Phrases

When it comes time to make the friendship bracelets as Taylor Swift told us to, your options aren't limited to friendship bracelets with Taylor Swift song lyrics. For your bachelorette craft, there are other Taylor Swift friendship quotes and phrases you can play around with.

  • Era's Tour
  • Swiftie
  • Taylor's Version
  • Swift City
  • Junior Jewels
  • Dr. Taylor Swift
  • 1, 2, 3, Let's Go B*tch
  • Easter Eggs
  • F*ck the Patriarchy
  • Meredith Grey
  • Olivia Benson
  • Benjamin Button

Where to Buy Bracelet Kits

Now that we've convinced you to consider friendship bracelets for your bachelorette party arts and crafts, we're faced with the question of where to buy supplies for this bachelorette craft idea. Here are some top retailers to consider when shopping for kits to make jewelry inspired by Taylor Swift Eras Tour bracelets.

  • Walmart: Walmart has pretty much everything you could need for your bachelorette party, including supplies for Bachelorette party craft activities. In addition to ready-to-go kits, many Walmart stores have fabric sections with embroidery floss that can be used for braided string bracelets.
  • Costco: A place where you can buy supplies for bachelorette party craft ideas while also purchasing bach party food? We love a multi-tasking moment. If you're on a budget and have a big wedding party to shop for, Costco is the place for you.
  • Amazon: Need supplies ASAP for your bachelorette craft ideas? Thanks to Amazon you don't have to worry about getting all the best materials for making friendship bracelets, even if you're on a tight timeline.
  • Etsy: Where better to buy DIY supplies than the pinnacle of homemade goodness: Etsy? On Etsy, you can find both kits for friendship bracelets with beads as well as ready-made friendship bracelets and Taylor Swift concert bracelets. Etsy is a great option if you want a homemade feel for bach goodies but are new to crafting and need a little help.
  • Michaels: The tagline for Michaels is "Made By You"—it doesn't get much more crafty than that. This craft store is a must-visit when buying supplies for bachelorette party arts and crafts.
  • Beads Inc: In order to make friendship bracelets with beads you need, well, beads. As the name suggests, Beads Inc. is a great resource for buying everything you need to craft string bracelets with beads.

String Bracelet Kits

String friendship bracelets are typically made from embroidery floss and are braided or woven in a unique pattern. This bachelorette party craft idea is slightly more involved than going with the string-and-bead option, but it also allows for far more creativity and personalization. This is also a fun option if you want to incorporate Taylor Swift eras color schemes into your designs—you can pick a string color for each era and weave them together into a piece of jewelry. Here's a look at some of our favorite string bracelet kits you can buy online. Get ready to add these to your shopping cart, you're going to love them.

Creative DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit

Looking for a time-saving way to make twisted and braided bracelets? This kit does all the work for you. It comes with a hand-powered machine that, once threaded, twists colored thread into a friendship bracelet.

Prismatic Rainbow Selection of Embroidery Floss

You don't always need all the bells and whistles in order to make memorable friendship bracelets. This product comes with the basics—it is "like a rainbow with all of the colors" of embroidery floss you could want for hand-made friendship bracelets inspired by Taylor Swift.

Cozy Yarn Friendship Bracelet Kit

Instead of traditional embroidery floss, this bachelorette craft kit uses yarn. Bracelets made with this kit will be a bit softer and have a fluffier structure to them.

Bracelet Kit With Pre-Cut String

This bachelorette activity kit comes with a braiding board that makes it easier to braid lots of strands for complex bracelets. As an added bonus, the strings in this craft kit are already cut to save you a step.

Travel-Ready Portable Friendship Bracelet Kit

Planning a destination bachelorette party? This kit comes in a self-contained box with a handle for easy transport. Plus, it includes four different looms so that each member of your wedding party has options to choose from when making their jewelry.

Whimsical Pastel Friendship Bracelet Kit

This kit is especially fun if you're in your Lover or 1989 era. An assortment of pastel shades of string are a nice contrast to the vibrant supplies typically included in these bachelorette party activity kits.

Sporty Paracord Friendship Bracelet Kit

Want bracelets that will last forever and always? Upgrade from simple string to durable paracord.

Beaded Bracelet Kits

The most common style of craft used for Taylor Swift friendship bracelets on the Eras Tour (that you can also make at your bach) are friendship bracelets with beads. Because so many of the bachelorette craft ideas involve lyrics from Swift's discography, utilizing letter beads to create cute string bracelets with beads is the perfect activity to do with pals.

Bracelets From The Knot Magazine Cover Star LaurDIY

Lauren Riihimaki, known online as LaurDIY, is a bride-to-be and craft content creator. Riihimaki recently graced the cover of The Knot Magazine and opened up about why she isn't DIYing most parts of her wedding. While she's leaving many of the big tasks to the pros, the to-be-wed recently shared this very kit on her Instagram. If the kit is good enough for a pro-crafter then it's good enough for every to-be-wed.

Cute Personalized Friendship Bracelet Kits

These kits are sure to win you the best MOH award. Each wedding party member gets their own bead-filled bag emblazoned with their name.

Convenient Portable Beaded Bracelet Kit

A portable bracelet kit is a great idea if you're traveling far away for the bachelorette party. This cut bead kit comes with fun colors that fit with Taylor Swift's eras perfectly.

Fun Bestie Bracelet Kit

Remind your besties how much they mean to you with kits that that communicate the sentiment. As a bonus, a portion of proceeds from purchases from this shop go to support economically disadvantaged women so you can spread the love beyond your wedding crew.

Modern Bracelet Kit With Black and Gold Beads

Bracelet Kit With Black and Gold Beads for a modern bach party
Photo: Beads Inc.

Taylor said it best: "I once believed love would be black and white, but it's golden." We're obsessed with the chic vibe of this beaded friendship bracelet kit. The kit includes black, white and gold beads, in a variety of shapes.

Pretty Pink Beaded Bracelet Kit

What's not to love about this perfectly pink 1989-worthy friendship bracelet kit? After all, "the rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color."

Unique Bachelorette Craft Kit With Thin Beads

Instead of round beads, the colorful beads in this kit for friendship bracelets are flat like thin washers. The flat, thin beads allow you to have a bit more fun with colors before running out of room. Crafters will be able to "use [your] best colors for your portrait," just like Swift.

Premade Friendship Bracelets

If you're not feeling crafty (or the bachelorette timeline doesn't have extra space for art projects) then there's no shame in going the premade route. If bachelorette party craft ideas leave you stressed or worried, it's A-OK to get a bit of help.

Beautiful Gold Friendship Bracelet

"I once believed love would be burning red, but it's golden." Remind your besties of your golden love for them with this metallic accessory.

Friendship Bracelet Inspired by Holding Hands

Your wedding crew's been there with you through it all, holding your hand through the ups and downs. Commemorate your bond with a bracelet that reminds you of that very fact.

Wonderful Beaded Friendship Bracelet

How stunning are these hand-crafted bracelets? They're made in Hawaii from Japanese glass beads by a woman-owned company—Taylor's girl squad would be proud.

Festive "I Do" Crew Friendship Bracelet

Deck out your "I do" crew with bracelets that welcome them into your squad. The company has additional designs with other wedding-related words like bridesmaid and maid of honor if you want some variety.

Colorful and Boho String Friendship Bracelet Pack

The more, the merrier—this product comes with 10 individual string friendship bracelets in a variety of colors. The variety means that each bestie can pick the color they love most.

Glow-in-the-Dark Taylor Swift Eras Tour Bracelets

One of the best parts of any bachelorette party is staying up late chatting about fun memories. Make the evening even more fun with festive bracelets that glow in the dark.

Romantic Red Friendship Bracelet

Taylor Swift iconically wrote an entire album about the color red. So take a note from her book and tell your besties that "But loving [you] was red."

Stunning Teal Friendship Bracelet

While some may choose to make friendship bracelets as a bachelorette party craft, you can also opt to give wedding party members bracelets as gifts. Bonus points if you select jewelry that matches your wedding color scheme or one of the Taylor Swift eras color schemes (like a Debut-inspired teal moment).

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