Where to Buy Lesbian Suits for Weddings and Beyond

The world of lesbian suiting is growing every day. Here are the folks who are doing it better than anybody in 2023.
Where to Buy Lesbian Suits for Weddings
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Updated Jul 28, 2023
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If you're suiting up for your wedding, the experience of putting together your fit should be every bit as special as bridal dress shopping tends to be. Fortunately, the world of lesbian suits is as exciting and diverse as it's ever been. Not only are suits for masc and femme bodies alike available in increasingly wide arrays of styles and colors, but the experience of getting fitted for a suit itself has become more inclusive thanks to long-standing retailers expanding their reach and upstart designers aiming to cater specifically to femme and queer bodies.

Especially in the instance of getting a custom suit made–though the same can be said for getting alterations on a ready-to-wear suit–you should never feel that you have to bend what you want in your wedding suit to rigid gender norms, measurements, or fashions. There are designers across the country who have made it their priority to cater to diverse clientele across the LGBTQIA+ wedding spectrum. They'll make sure that from the first fitting to the moment you slide on your jacket on your special day you feel that your suiting needs are cared for and understood. And perhaps more importantly, whether you're wearing a suit or a tux they'll have you looking your absolute best when it's time to say, "I do."

Disclaimer: Here at The Knot, we believe that clothing is for everyone, despite the gendered language that can be often used to describe it. Though this article specifies "lesbian" in the title, the content and clothing options are intended for anyone who is searching for suiting outside of the traditional men's suit offerings, whether or not you identify with the term "lesbian." Language can sometimes be limiting, but we don't think your options for wedding fashion should be.

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Where to Buy Lesbian Wedding Suits

Whether you're looking to get something bespoke or ready to wear, these are some of the coolest, most stylish lesbian suit designers out there right now.

Kirrin Finch

Three models wearing lesbian wedding suits from Kirrin Finch
Photo: Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch isn't particularly concerned about choosing a side in the divide between traditional menswear and womenswear. Rather, they're focused on bridging it. Their goal is to create clothing that makes you look and feel your best, and by the looks of their suiting offerings it's safe to say they'll get the job done.

Type: Ready to Wear

Size Range: XS-3XL

Prices Starting At: $275

Haute Butch

Woman wearing Haute butch three piece lesbian wedding suit
Photo: Haute Butch

Haute Butch takes inspiration from old-school tailoring, with their signature Ambassador suit coming complete with thick lapels, pleats, and an optional three-piece variation. Their line definitely skews masc, so if channeling a little bit of Peaky Blinders or Goodfellas is up your alley this is the place for you.

Type: Custom

Size Range: Made to Measure

Prices Starting At: $575

Frey Tailored

Woman wearing bright orange two piece lesbian wedding suit
Photo: Frey

If you're looking for suiting with more of a femme or soft butch vibe, you'll love what Frey Tailored has to offer. Their suits come in trendy cuts, with highlights ranging from slouchy Armani-esque suits to cropped blazers and flared pants. They also work from a bright range of colors. That said, they also provide more traditional suits and tuxes for those looking to go with a more traditionally formal look.

Type: Ready to Wear and Custom

Size Range: 32-46

Prices Starting At: $370


Two women holding hands at the altar wearing lesbian wedding suits from Sharpe Suiting
Photo: Sharpe Suiting

For a completely bespoke suit, look no further than Sharpe, a tailoring service for anybody and any body. They provide made-from-scratch suits designed to cater to your exact measurements and customization, with a focus on weddingwear. You can book a virtual fitting online or go to an in-person session at any of their brick and mortar locations.

Type: Custom

Size Range: Custom

Prices Starting At: $2,200

Duchess Clothier

Woman wearing blue lesbian wedding suit from duchess clothier holding bouquet of flowers
Photo: Duchess Clothier

Portland Oregon's Duchess Clothier believes in the tradition of suiting and their work is a reflection of that belief. This is the place to go for the classic side of suiting made by people who know every body type can look great in one with the right person taking their measurements. Their services are custom and you can get full suits or separates both in person and via Zoom fittings.

Type: Custom

Size Range: Custom

Prices Starting At: $1,250

The Tailory

Two women wearing lesbian wedding suits from The Tailory
Photo: The Tailory

The Tailory is a women-owned bespoke formalwear service that caters to men, women, and non-binary folks in equal measure. The brand operates on the principle that all clothing, be it suits, dresses, and everything in between, is genderless. They also try to challenge the uniformity of the suit–at their appointment-only fittings (available both digitally and in person) they'll try to gauge who you are and what you're trying to present at your wedding when suiting up and how your garments can play their role.

Type: Custom

Size Range: Custom

Prices Starting At: $1,450


Models wearing yellow cropped dress pants and vest from WILDFANG
Photo: Wildfang

For accessible suiting in femme-friendly cuts, look no further than Wildfang. The brand provides trendy suits in a collection of cute colors at a price point that's tough to beat. Count these among my personal favorite kind of suit–the ones you can get married in and then find an excuse to wear again for a date or hang with friends a week later.

Type: Ready to Wear

Size Range: XS-3XL

Prices Starting At: Blazers for $178, Pants for $118

Emily Meyer

Model wearing white pinstriped lesbian wedding suit from Emily Meyer
Photo: Emily Meyer

When you get a suit made by the folks at Emily Meyer, your experience starts with the namesake herself. Every client who works with the brand begins their bespoke suiting experience with a consultation with Emily. Here you'll build your suit down to the last stitch, incorporating her tailoring expertise into a design entirely your own. Meyer's suits feel incredibly of the moment, featuring beefy lapels and elements of Americana that feel of a piece with icons of the space like Ralph Lauren.

Type: Custom

Size Range: Custom

Prices Starting At: $4,000

Bindle & Keep

Model wearing dark grey lesbian wedding suit
Photo: Bindle & Keep

Through virtual and in-person fittings, Bindle & Keep brings you custom suiting at affordable prices. Their masc-leaning work is simple and elegant, perfect for wedding parties seeking a uniform look or for folks trying to put together a special suit to walk down the aisle in.

Type: Custom

Size Range: Custom

Prices Starting At: $1,195


Woman wearing black and ivory tuxedo lesbian wedding suit
Photo: Indochino

The brand that opened up a generation of guys to made-to-measure suiting recently broadened their scope, offering a new line of suiting in femme cuts perfect for ladies and theydies alike. Order online or go to one of their showrooms in person, where you can select from a wide array of fabrics, colors, and patterns sure to meet any and all of your wedding suit needs.

Type: Custom

Size Range: Custom

Prices Starting At: $449

Banana Republic

Woman wearing oversized ivory two piece lesbian wedding suit
Photo: Banana Republic

One of the great mall brands of all time isn't to be slept on when it comes to femme-friendly suiting. Banana Republic's line is full of flowy linens and boxy blazers, a great way to bring Amalfi Coast vibes to your walk down the aisle.

Type: Ready to Wear

Size Range: 00-18

Prices Starting At: $94

Lesbian Suits 101: What to Know Before You Buy

Maybe you're having a custom suit made for the first time and maybe you just want to make sure your ready-to-wear suit is, you know, actually ready to wear in time for your wedding. Whatever your situation may be, here's everything you need to know about buying a suit for your wedding.

How long does a custom suit take to finish?

This is going to depend entirely on the designer who's making your suit. Brands like Indochino can finish a suit in a few weeks while smaller retailers who take a more bespoke approach can take as long as a couple of months. It's best to consult your designer of choice's website to get a hard timeline in place, but it's prudent to remember that custom suits take time. There is no same-day delivery for clothing like this.

Can I wear women's dress shoes with my suit?

Totally! Heels, pumps, or wedding shoes paired with a suit or tux is a great look. If you feel like going the more traditionally masculine route it's also fine to pair your suit with classic men's dress shoes or loafers.

How long do alterations take?

Overnight alterations on ready-to-wear suits aren't necessarily out of the question but generally it's best to play decisions like this on the safe side. Most tailors and alterations specialists can get minor to medium adjustments on a suit turned around in about a week.

Does my suit need to match my spouse's dress or suit?

That's up to you! There's no tradition dictating that it needs to but it can be a nice sartorial touch and looks great in wedding photos.

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