Your Ultimate List of The Best Places to Propose in Tennessee

From Nashville to the Smoky Mountains, there's no shortage of romantic spots to pop the question in Tennessee.
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Updated Mar 06, 2024

You've found your soulmate and picked the ring, the only thing left is to choose where to pop the question. Surrounded by expansive landscapes and beneath the vast southern sky, there's no shortage of places to propose in Tennessee.

It's not hard to choose one of the best places to propose in Tennessee, where the allure of Nashville's vibrant cityscape and the charm of the Smoky Mountains. The state naturally creates the perfect setting for an enchanting moment between couples looking toward forever together. Whether you choose lush gardens or picturesque landscapes, Tennessee presents an array of stunning settings that will be etched in your memory.

To narrow down your choices, we spoke with JoLaura Mims from JoLaura Photography for tips. With her many years of experience, she had a lot of ideas about where to ask for their hand and ideas that are sure to make your moment just perfect. Prepare to put a big check mark on your list for a proposal spot because one of these locations is bound to be the ideal spot for you.

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How to Decide Where to Propose in Tennessee

When deciding on the perfect location for your proposal in Tennessee, the first consideration is the setting. JoLaura suggested picking a place that holds meaning for the love birds. The person proposing should brainstorm ideas about what will make the moment special for their intended, taking their needs and desires into consideration while planning. The extra effort will go a long way! Seeking guidance from your photographer can help too, as they have insights you might not have considered. As you narrow down your options with a proposal planner and/or photographer from The Knot Vendor Marketplace, pay a visit to the area to ensure the vibe feels just right.

The Best Time of the Year to Propose in Tennessee

While the best time of year to propose in Tennessee largely depends on the couple, JoLaura said Christmas and New Year's Eve are popular times for people to pop the question. That said, the photography pro pointed to spring or fall in the Southern state. During those times of the year, the weather is mild and the nature all around is either blooming brightly or turning into beautiful shades of autumn.

The Best Places to Propose in Tennessee

Discover the enchanting beauty of Tennessee as you explore the best places to promise forever to your love. From the romantic allure of the Smoky Mountains to the vibrant cityscape of Nashville, we've got you covered.

The Bridge Building Event Spaces

The Bridge Building Event Spaces in Nashville offer a breathtaking urban backdrop for proposals, with its modern architecture and panoramic views of the city skyline. In fact, the breathtaking cityscapes, when combined with natural sunlight and the glow of the city itself, can create dazzling lighting for your proposal photo.

Steel Magnolia Barn

A rustic proposal is best pulled off in an authentic barn, and the Steel Magnolia Barn fits the bill, providing a charming atmosphere amid a reflective pond, flowers, an arbor and a chapel. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, those on the cusp of their journey through life together can enjoy an intimate and picturesque engagement.

Eden Crest Weddings in the Smoky Mountains

From cozy log cabins to breathtaking mountain views, Eden Crest Weddings in the Smoky Mountains has proposal options for everyone. The venue offers a dreamy setting to pop the question, with its lush landscapes, stunning mountain views and rock formations with waterfalls.

The Loveless Barn

The Loveless Barn is anything but. This Nashville spot combines Southern charm with rustic elegance, making it an ideal spot to pledge your love. The barn is part of the Loveless Cafe, featuring hospitality services to help you craft the perfect atmosphere for your proposal.

Capitol Theatre

Capitol Theatre offers a one-of-a-kind experience with a touch of vintage glamour for proposals. If you and your intended have an affinity for Hollywood glam, this theater could be the best choice for your moment. Its unique charm creates a timeless and romantic vibe for couples in love.

Bullbourne Ranch

Bullbourne Ranch is charming but modern, with sprawling land you would expect on a ranch backed with rolling hills, stunning greenery and roaming cattle. Situated in the countryside of Cornersville, this tranquil spot gives couples pledging forever in a serene and unique environment.

The Peabody Memphis

Photographer JoLaura said that downtown Memphis is a great place to propose, surrounded by history and numerous spots to bend your knee and ask that all-important question. She specifically mentioned The Peabody Memphis as a popular choice with its elegance and hospitality. Either pick from one of the charming rooms within the hotel or pop the question on the rooftop with the city in the background.

Bluff Mountain Inn

Bluff Mountain Inn, nestled in the Smoky Mountains, is picturesque, to say the least. If trees and mountain beauty with running streams speak to you, this might just be the perfect place for your proposal. The five-acre destination spot provides an environment for romance that you two will never forget.

Tennessee Aquarium

If you're looking to propose in a whole new world, think about choosing the Tennessee Aquarium. Located by the banks of the Tennessee River, this venue offers several spots to have your special moment. Whether in front of a wall of fish, popping up through a marine tank or asking your question in front of penguins or butterflies, the aquarium is sure to set a beautiful and unique tone.

Burgess Falls

Another aquatic destination for proposals is Burgess Falls. The waterfall, surrounded by beautiful stone and greenery, is the perfect place to end a romantic hike or kayaking adventure. Whether on land or in the water, the falls will make a beautiful background.

Villa Nove Vineyards

Rolling hills are a signature backdrop for proposals in Tennessee, so why not enjoy the sights while sipping local wine at the Villa Nove Vineyards in Butler? JoLaura said vineyards in her state are popular places to pop the question. Have your moment surrounded by mountains, lush vines and the scent of blooming flowers under a Tennessee sky.


Located in downtown Nashville, Ruby is a chic and sophisticated place to start your engagement journey. With its modern design and city views, it offers seemingly endless backdrops for your upcoming proposal. Those looking for an urban vibe and city lights should consider this gem.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon, a replica of the ancient Greek structure in Centennial Park, will make you question whether you proposed in Tennessee or Athens, Greece. A feature of Music City, the venue has a museum with stunning exhibits. Choose a room inside or in front of the building outside to have your moment.

Market Street Bridge

Day or night, Market Street Bridge is an incredible spot for a waterfront proposal, with its views of the river and cityscape showcasing a bright blue sky or dazzling lights at night. This iconic Chattanooga bridge is a piece of Tennessee history that has stood the test of time. Proposing here could symbolize your love as well.

Orpheum Theater

Are you looking for a grand, breathtaking scene to ask your partner to be yours forever? The Orpheum Theater, reminiscent of the unbeatable Broadway in New York City, has romantic lighting and elegant features and is situated on a quaint street. This is certainly one of the best places to propose in Memphis.

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