How to Write a Thoughtful Thank-You Note to Your Wedding Photographer

Capture your gratitude for their awesome shots.
Mia Maguire
by Mia Maguire
Updated Aug 10, 2023

Finding the right camera crew to capture your special day is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding, so it's imperative that you send a thank-you note to your wedding photographer. Your wedding snaps will be shared with your friends, your family, your social media audience and they'll be what you use to tell the story of your wedding for years to come. If you've been pondering how to thank your wedding vendors postwedding, it's likely that your wedding photographer is at the top of the list.

If you're pleased with your wedding photographer's work, it's always appreciated to leave a public review on their Yelp, Google Reviews or their website. But, given the fact that they were an intimate (and integral) part of your big day, a private thank-you note or message really goes the extra mile. Finding the right wording to express your appreciation can be difficult even for the most clever card-writer, since you probably don't know them well personally. If you're stumped on how to craft a thoughtful thank-you card for your wedding photographer, we've got some tips, tricks and jumping-off points to help you create a touching tribute of your gratitude.

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Wedding Photographer Thank-You Note Etiquette

The right photographer understands your aesthetic, your theme and how you and your spouse want to tell the happy ending of your love story visually. And that takes a lot of effort. So, when it comes time to pen your note, you want to follow the proper thank-you note etiquette to honor that work. Don't hold back on acknowledging how much effort goes into their very important job: They'll be with you and your wedding party throughout your special day—snapping shots as you get ready to walk down the aisle, as you exchange vows (and perhaps exchange a tear or two) and through the reception. After the party's over, your diligent photographer will still be hard at work selecting, editing, refining and delivering your wedding photography package to you and your new spouse—a process that can take weeks.

When it comes to when to give your thank-you letter to your wedding photographer, mailing it soon after the big day is ideal. If their day-of demeanor was especially noteworthy, you might be inspired to send it right away. But if you'd like to include some sentiments of how well the photos came out and how accommodating the photographer was during the editing process, feel free to hold off until after your full photo package is delivered.

Another thing to note: If you have a second shooter (if your main photographer has an assistant, etc.) on the big day, it's super thoughtful to pen a thank-you message to both wedding photographers. If you don't have the information for the secondary photographer, feel free to reach out to your primary photographer for their address after you send them their note.

All in all, the most important thing to remember when penning your wedding thank-you note to your photographer is that it's sincere and comes from both you and your spouse—so be sure to sign both of your names.

Wedding Photographer Thank-You Note Prompts

Aside from the obligatory "thank you so much," depending on whether or not you've received your wedding photo package from your photographer, you may want to consider mentioning your favorite selects or a moment they captured perfectly to add a personal touch—or you can keep things brief with a simple, yet thoughtful message. Check out these prompts below to guide you in how to say "thank you" to your wedding photographer properly. Feel free to wax poetic on:

  • How they captured the emotion in the most special moments of your day—from the teary-eyed vow exchange to the champagne toasts and first dance.
  • The way they made you feel totally comfortable in front of the camera to the point where you have stunning posed shots and cute candids.
  • How they made your Pinterest board come to life.
  • The finesse they displayed while wrangling your enthusiastic wedding party into the prettiest poses.
  • How their eagle eye captured the details you didn't even think of, like an aesthetic slice of cake on a table perfectly scattered with cocktail glasses and evening bags.
  • Their editing expertise—every photo is incredible and you can't stop flipping through your wedding album.
  • How their ultra-cool aesthetic truly came through in every shot.
  • Your favorite photo from the day that you already have framed. (It's the black and white image of you during your first dance, isn't it?)
  • How impressed you are with how they seemingly made the less-than-perfect aspects of your day disappear or work with you instead of against you (using the rain as a moody element in outdoor photos instead of a hindrance).
  • Their warmth and flexibility—you had a demanding shot list and they covered them all!
  • They way they always managed to capture what you consider to be your "good side."
  • How they truly exceeded your expectations in every way, from staging an impromptu photoshoot when the light was right to helping calm your nerves before walking down the aisle.

Sample Wedding Photographer Thank-You Notes

If you need a bit more guidance for crafting a full-length thank-you card to your wedding photographer than the prompts above, you're in luck. We've penned two examples of thank-you messages expressing your utmost gratitude. Use them as an example on what to write, then add your own personal touches (or copy and paste it as is—we won't judge).

Example 1

Dear [Photographer's name]

Aside from choosing our food, venue and fine-tuning our ever-expanding guest list, selecting the right photographer to match our aesthetic and our vision for our wedding-day photos was paramount. And we couldn't have picked a better person to capture the best day of our lives. We fell in love with your unique style as soon as we found your Instagram page, so we were not surprised by how well our photographs turned out, but we were surprised at how integral and helpful you were during our wedding—from capturing us getting ready in the dressing rooms, to rounding us up when it was time to depart from the venue, to capturing our sparkler exit, you didn't miss a beat. You made both us and our wedding party feel at ease in front of the camera—and our guests definitely appreciated the impromptu photo shoots featuring their dance moves during the reception. You felt more like family than just a photographer.

We love how you used a combination of styles to document our big day, from traditional black-and-white portraits to fun candids snapping the behind-the-scenes moments. You captured our wedding memories more beautifully than we could have ever imagined. We'll always be so grateful that you were able to document our special day—we couldn't imagine a better wedding photographer if we tried. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

All the best,

[name and name]

Example 2

Dear [Photographer's name],

We are absolutely in love with our wedding photos! Our wedding photo album looks like it could be a bridal magazine, thanks to your unparalleled talent, artistic flavor and keen editing skills. Your eye for detail and special moments in the making shone through in every single image and we are delighted that we chose you to capture the most important day of our lives.

Even during the heat of the day and in the anxiety-filled dressing room, you not only were able to capture every opportunity to make memories, but you also kept spirits high and stress at bay, thanks to your calm and professional demeanor. We couldn't be happier with our wedding day photos, but we also couldn't be happier that you were by our side during the most intimate moments—whether it was our first kiss as a married couple or the candid dancing photos from our reception (our personal favorite, which is now framed above us in our living room). The beautiful photos you gifted us will bring a lifetime of joy as we look back at the most wonderful day of our lives. Thank you for being a part of our love story and making our dream wedding live on forever through your art.

With love and gratitude,

[name and name]

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