An Unplugged Honeymoon Is Exactly What You Need

Postwedding getaway, meet digital detox.
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maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
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maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
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We love wedding photos, we love wedding hashtags and we love when couples (and their guests) post wedding photos with their wedding hashtags. But there's something about unplugging (at your wedding or otherwise) that can be so grounding, detoxing and satisfying. That's why we're making the case for minimizing gadget use while on your honeymoon. Honeymoon 'grams are, admittedly, another thing we love, but if you use this precious romantic vacation time to disconnect with your devices and connect with your brand-new spouse, you definitely won't regret the invaluable memories and experiences. Here's how to actually take a break from your smartphones while traveling as newlyweds (and why you totally should).

You're Expected to Check Out

Your wedding will be one of the only times when your boss and coworkers will totally understand you have, um, a lot going on. And your honeymoon is one block of vacation days few tend to question. You're supposed to be lounging on sandy shores, drinking in epic vistas and enjoying moonlit dinners and that honeymoon suite. Basically, your honeymoon is your "get out of work free" card—take advantage of it! If you absolutely need to check in at the office (totally understandable—91 percent of Americans admitted to checking their email while on vacation in a survey by TripAdvisor), try to designate one time of the day to hop online. That way it won't occupy your mind while you should be focused on the ruins at Machu Picchu or that hang gliding lesson.

Social Media Can Wait

We know, it's hard to resist snapping every single moment of your honeymoon—especially if you've chosen a particularly Instagram-worthy locale. But while you'll be tempted to get your phone out and capture shots of your new spouse eating gelato in a Roman piazza, it's important to choose your photo ops wisely. Taking photos is a way to capture moments for yourself (and these are moments you definitely don't want to forget), but take a step back and think about whether you're really snapping for you, or if you're snapping for the Facebook views and Instagram likes. All your loved ones are probably eagerly waiting to see pics of your travels, but don't spend your entire trip on your phone uploading and captioning photos just to appease their curiosity. Take tons of photos (if you want), but keep the social postings and Snapchats to a minimum—if you make the moments about your audience, it's no longer about the two of you. Take some pressure off your social persona and detox by unplugging, at least a bit.

Let Serendipity Guide You

Instead of scrolling through Yelp reviews, why not stroll through town and ask a local for restaurant recommendations? Explore, get lost, use a paper map (remember those?), bring a guidebook (The Honeymoon Handbook by Lonely Planet is a life-saver)—it's up to you how spontaneous you want to be, but going offline is a great way to tap into your adventurous side and create really authentic, memorable experiences together.

How to Do It

A good practice is to pick a spot in your hotel room or house and keep all of your devices there—that way you'll both be hyper-aware of how often you're over there (or thinking about going over there). It's a good way to train yourself to stay away. For safety's sake (your own and your gadgets'), either keep your phones in your hotel safe or take them with you when you leave, but keep them turned off or at least on silent. If you're both internet addicts, give yourselves a minimum number of times you can post online, hit up Google for answers or check email, sports scores and social media feeds.

Total Refresh

Not only will you have taken full advantage of your postwedding jet set, you'll also feel totally rejuvenated in general. Nothing like a romantic digital detox to get you energized for your next chapter together. And once you're back, go crazy posting photos and sharing stories—everyone will be so excited to see.

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