The 15 Best Wedding Bracelet Picks That Make the Ultimate Arm Candy: Tennis, Pearls and Stacks Galore

Arm candy, but make it bridal.
Bridal bracelets
Photos: James Allen,Design: Natalie Romine
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Updated Nov 21, 2023
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Your significant other isn't the only arm candy you can have on your big day; a wedding bracelet can also go a long way, too! Whether you prefer a bridal cuff bracelet or a pearl wedding bracelet, this bauble does wonders when it comes to elevating your wedding fit.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a bridal bracelet can hold a lot of sentimental and cultural value. You can choose a bracelet that has significance to you and can easily be passed down to the next generation. Plus, they are easy to re-wear over and over again. So whenever you look down at your wrist, you'll be reminded of your love and commitment to your partner. In addition, many cultures around the world have been wearing bridal bracelets for centuries. Indian wedding jewelry often consists of a set of bangles made of gold, glass or other metals as a symbol of a good omen and prosperity. In Chinese culture, silk-bound jade bangles are commonly given to a bride to symbolize good fortune, luck and long-lasting love.

To prove that the wedding bracelet deserves a coveted arm spot on your special day, I've curated a stunning selection for every vibe, from the timeless bridal tennis bracelet to men's chain bracelets. You'll look effortlessly stylish in any of these picks:

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Should I wear a bracelet on my wedding day?

Wearing a wedding bracelet (and wedding jewelry in general) brings your entire outfit together. However, the type of bridal bracelet you wear comes down to personal style and taste, but you can never go wrong with the iconic tennis bracelet style. "Tennis bracelets make excellent bridal jewelry," says Brantner. "Think about all the photos you and your partner will want to have to look back on and how often your hands will be visible for bouquet shots, engagement ring detail shots, special dances or other romantic poses." A tennis bracelet, with its dazzling diamonds encircling your wrist, will sparkle from every angle, Brantner explains, making its presence felt from the aisle to the dance floor.

Styling Tip: It's often recommended that you wear a wedding bracelet on your right wrist, not to take away from the stars of the show: your wedding band and engagement ring, but it's really up to what will make you feel the most comfortable.

The Four-Prong Basket Tennis Bracelet

According to Lorraine Brantner, "the most popular tennis bracelet design is the standard four-prong basket. This showcases each and every diamond beautifully while allowing ample light to enter the stones for maximum sparkle." The delicate arrangement of diamonds in a continuous line adds an elegant touch, effortlessly complementing any wedding gown. Whether you opt for a classic round-cut or a dazzling princess-cut, the four-prong basket tennis bracelet remains a staple choice for its timeless appeal.

Fancy-Shaped Diamond Bracelets

In recent years, there has been a shift towards embracing unique and unconventional diamond shapes in wedding bracelets. Lorraine Brantner notes, "We are seeing more tennis bracelets featuring fancy-shaped diamonds, repeating patterns made of smaller diamonds, or even different diamond shapes together in the same bracelet." This trend allows couples to infuse their own personalities into their wedding jewelry, creating a distinctive and personalized look.

Bezel Bracelets

For those seeking a combination of durability and style, bezel-set tennis bracelets have gained significant popularity. Brantner explains, "Bezel-set tennis bracelets are also becoming increasingly popular and make for a really durable piece of jewelry. This setting showcases the outline shape of each diamond and gives the bracelet a little more presence on the wrist due to the added metal." The bezel setting adds a contemporary edge while ensuring that each diamond is securely held in place, making it an excellent choice for the modern to-be-wed or those with active lifstyles.

The Best Wedding Bracelet Picks for Every Style

As a fashion and beauty editor, I love a bracelet moment. I've been especially excited to see styles like bridal tennis bracelets and delicate pearl bracelets for weddings begin to trend again—they're gorgeous. They can easily work with so many different aesthetics. Below, I've curated a list of my favorite wedding bracelet picks for you to shop. These styles run the gamut from classic gold wedding bracelets to the oh-so-chic bridal cuff bracelet.

James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Four-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

James Allen gold diamond wedding tennis bracelet
Photo: James Allen

The bridal tennis bracelet is experiencing a renaissance once again, and this James Allen bracelet is no exception. The single row of sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds set in finely crafted four-prong baskets gives this bridal tennis bracelet just the right amount of sparkle.

Price at time of publication: $3,300

Marrow Fine Everyday Tear Drop Pearl Bracelet

Marrow Fine teardrop pearl wedding bracelet
Photo: Marrow Fine

I'm just a teensy bit obsessed with this pearl wedding bracelet from Marrow Fine. Not only will it look super chic on your wedding day, but it can easily be worn again on your honeymoon and future date nights. Oh, and did I mention that affordable price point?

Price at time of publication: $200

Brilliant Earth 14K Yellow Gold The Standout Diamond Bracelet Set

Brilliant Earth gold and diamond bridal bracelet set
Photo: Brilliant Earth

Who says you can only wear just one wedding bracelet on your big day? These curated gold wedding bracelets give you a little bit of everything. The bangle set includes an 18K Yellow Gold Whisper Diamond Bangle, a 14K Yellow Gold Engravable Bangle Bracelet and an 18K Yellow Gold Three-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Price at time of publication: $6,050

Shane Co. 14K Yellow Gold Engravable Bar Bracelet

Shane Co. gold bar bridal bracelet
Photo: Shane Co.

Tell it like it is with this dainty bracelet that can easily be personalized with your wedding date, initials or something else that is special to you and your partner. You can even select from a variety of fonts that best fit your special someone's personality.

Price at time of publication: $375

JAXXON 4mm Tennis Chain Bracelet

JAXXON diamond tennis chain bracelet

Wedding bracelets aren't exclusive to just women. Case in point: this 4mm silver tennis bracelet from JAXXON. The stunning simulated diamonds on a silver chain are luxury on a budget, clocking in at less than $150.

Price at time of publication: $114

James Allen 14K White Gold Emerald Shape Lab-Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet

James Allen white gold bridal tennis bracelet
Photo: James Allen

Emerald-cut tennis bracelets just radiate "it girl" energy. This wedding day bracelet comes in 14K white gold (also available in yellow and rose gold) and is equal parts fashion-forward and timeless.

Price at time of publication: $5,770

Abbott Lyon Custom Name Bracelet

Abbott Lyon gold custom name bridal bracelet
Photo: Abbott Lyon

In case you haven't heard, Taylor Swift wants you to make friendship bracelets, except we're making them wedding-worthy. This gorgeous wrist candy from Abbott Lyon can easily be customized to the name of your choice. Make it your new last name or gift it to your significant other. Psst: They also make the perfect gift for your bridal party.

Price at time of publication: $110

Kendra Scott Elton Gold Cuff Bracelet in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl

Kendra Scott gold bridal bracelet with ivory mother-of-pearl
Photo: Kendra Scott

We love the simplicity of this Kendra Scott wedding bracelet. Choose from multiple gemstones and pair it with a set of their oh-so-stylish earrings for a totally timeless look.

Price at time of publication: $65

Marrow Fine Thorn Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Marrow Fine black diamond tennis bridal bracelet
Photo: Marrow Fine

Calling all alternative brides, this wedding bracelet is for you. Marrow Fine created this mesmerizing piece with rose-cut black diamonds secured in place with delicate claw prongs meant to look like thorns on a rose for an unexpected nod to nature.

Price at time of publication: $13,500

Jean Dousset Mini Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Jean Dousset mini lab diamond bridal tennis bracelet
Photo: Jean Dousset

Don't be fooled; this mini tennis bracelet makes a big impact. This simple wedding bracelet is made up of brilliant-cut lab diamonds held together by a four-prong setting with Jean Dousset's signature conceal clasp.

Price at time of publication: $2,200

David Yurman Box Chain Bracelet

David Yurman silver box chain wedding bracelet
Photo: David Yurman

David Yurman created the perfect men's wedding bracelet. What's not to love about the box chain design? Plus, it can easily be worn alone or layered with other pieces, depending on your personal preference.

Price at time of publication: $250-$255

Mejuri Pyra Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Mejuri gold diamond tennis bracelet
Photo: Mejuri

If unique wedding bracelets are your thing, consider the Pyra diamond tennis bracelet from Mejuri, which features a tennis bracelet studded with responsibly sourced lab-grown diamonds. And did I mention it comes in ring form, too?

Price at time of publication: $2,300

James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Blossom Lab-Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet

James Allen flower bridal tennis bracelet
Photo: James Allen

Enter your bridal era with this flower tennis bracelet from James Allen, available in either 14K rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. This gorgeous wedding tennis bracelet features lab-created diamonds in a beautiful blossom shape that would absolutely stun at an outdoor garden wedding.

Price at time of publication: $2,430

With Clarity Two-Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet

With Clarity gold diamond tennis bracelet
Photo: With Clarity

What's better than one row of diamonds? How about two rows of diamonds? This gold wedding bracelet from With Clarity features two continuous rows of shimmering round diamonds. Available in three metal types, this bridal bracelet feels luxurious in every way.

Price at time of publication: $4,820

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