Breaking Down Wedding Videography Packages With Industry Pros

This is what you should look for before booking.
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Updated Jun 28, 2024

So you said "yes" to your "Should I hire a videographer?" question, but now what? Well, your next step is looking at wedding videography packages to determine which pro perfectly aligns with your vision. To help you get started, we chatted with four wedding filmmakers and photographers to explain all the ins and outs of wedding video packages so you don't go into your consultations dazed and confused. From what's included in a typical package to what isn't, we put you on the right path to getting a cinematic masterpiece from a first-rate videographer.

What you need to know about video packages: What's Typically Included | What's Typically Not Included | Package Add-Ons

What's Typically Included in Wedding Video Packages

Most likely, your vendor will customize your wedding videographer package to suit you, but you should know what elements are commonly built in. Here are nine things you can expect in a standard package, according to film and photography experts.


"Highlights are the most popular wedding offering nowadays. Thanks to social media, these are the best shots of the day, key speeches or toasts, and beautiful shots of your venue, which when put together, is a five to 10-minute film. It's long enough to show the day's highlights but short enough to keep the viewer interested," Jose Sotelo, co-owner of Story Alley Photography with 10 years of experience in the industry, tells us.

How Many Videographers Will Attend

"A wedding videography package would include the number of videographers attending the event. Videographers sometimes work alone, but many bring an assistant to shoot from different angles and help with lighting. Two cameramen can capture a specific event from a different perspective, giving the footage a distinctive feel and style," Sotelo says.

The Package's Cost

"Every videographer is different. They have different video editing styles, experience and work quality, and demand is different. That's why there are so many price ranges and the average cost of videography changes from city to city," Sotelo explains. With that said, check out the average cost of a videographer so you can get an idea of where your budget should be.

HD Video Quality and Crisp Audio

Mary Angelini, founder of Key Moment Films and passionate wedding videographer, believes these two things are a given. "A professional videographer will use microphones to capture clear audio of vows, the first look, and speeches. Also, at this point, all videographers should be filming in HD (1080) at the minimum."

A Contract

All packages need a wedding videography contract. "A contract needs a clear understanding of when the wedding films will be delivered. Include the number of revisions (if at all) are included. How they handle emergencies (like replacing the shooters if they cannot film on the wedding day), what films are included and package details," Angelini says.

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The Turnaround Time

"The couple should be aware of turnaround times from their videographer, which can range anywhere from two weeks to one-year turnaround. Neither of the extremes is bad (though many will disagree on this) because if you truly love the work of your videographer, some things are worth waiting for. However, the turnaround time sets expectations for everyone. Otherwise, couples resort to emailing follow-ups asking when their video is done, sometimes weekly until delivery," Ashley Edmonds, owner of Ashley & Jay Films with at least 16 years of film and photography experience, advises.

Wedding Video Music Choice

You might've not thought about it, but you need to see who decides on the music for your video. "This can be a source of contention as some videographers allow any music or send links for the couple from music licensing sites, while others flat out ask the client to trust in the videographer to choose the perfect soundtrack for their film," Edmonds says.

Full Ceremony and Toast Edits

"The ceremony and toast edits allow the videographer and the couple to enjoy the creative freedom of the highlight film without worrying about what ends up on the cutting room floor because they'll still receive the full footage," Cayla Cummings, third-generation photographer and owner of Carhart Photography, says.

Shooting Time

Sotelo says all videography packages for weddings need to specify the shooting time, "which is typically six to 10 hours." During that time, Angelini says full-day coverage is accomplished. "Starting at getting ready and ending at the late hour of the reception will cost more than a few hours focused on the ceremony and key moments."

What's Typically Not Included in Wedding Video Packages

Below are three points that aren't usually in a wedding videography package. Keep reading to learn what they are and why they aren't common.

A Negative Review Clause

"If your videographer's contract has a clause that says you can't post negative reviews online, run. You could end up having a negative experience with them you think other people should know about it," Sotelo advises.

Raw Footage

Edmonds believes raw footage doesn't need to be a part of wedding cinematography packages and should instead ask for a "full-day documentary edit so that the footage is color-graded." Cummings has a more controversial take on the raw footage debate. "I'm a big fan of the longevity and appreciation of raw footage and think couples should check the availability of that if it's important to them, as not all videographers are comfortable offering that option."

Content Creation

Wedding content creators are all the rage now, but that doesn't mean every videographer offers that service. "While most content creators already make this clear, couples should know this isn't a replacement for professional videography. Couples should ask their videographer who they recommend, as there can be overlapping needs from both vendors on a wedding day," Cummings explains.

Wedding Videography Add-Ons

Beyond the wedding videography basics and non-basics described above, some vendors may include add-ons, which are billed separately on top of the wedding videography package fee. If you want the following add-ons, let that be one of the questions to ask your wedding videographer during the consultation.

Video Albums

Wedding video albums, similar to a photo album, are becoming an appreciated addition to a newlywed's coffee table. "The built-in video screen allows couples to watch their wedding videos directly from the album without needing a TV or computer," Angelini says.


"A teaser is generally sent the day of the event, and the couple shares it the same night. Video used to be less popular than wedding photography, but now it's catching up because people love to see their videos on social media and share them with family and friends," Sotelo tells us.

Documentary Edits

Edmonds says documentary edits are another add-on couples will probably see listed when searching for wedding videographers. These videos are longer, more than an hour long, and include footage of the entire ceremony, all the speeches and much more.

More Shooting Time

For those who want every moment on video and have a big budget for videography, you should definitely get this add-on. "If you want your videographer to get there super early to capture all the details or if you want them to capture the crazy after-party that lasts for hours after the formal reception, they can make that happen with the addition of extra hours," Sotelo says.

Drone Coverage

Many people request drone wedding photography for their celebrations, so why not take it up a level and include video? "When the videographer uses a drone, it adds a unique perspective to your wedding film. Epic aerial views of the venue, capturing sweeping shots of greenery, scenic landscapes, and architecture, are where the drone thrives," Angelini says.

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