5 Fun Wedding Videography Trends in 2023 That'll Make You Stand Out

Here's how to make your wedding memorable.
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chapelle johnson the knot assistant editor
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Updated Dec 22, 2022

Before you know it, your beautiful and magical wedding weekend or day will be over, so you must find a way to capture it so you can relive the memories as much as you humanely can. This is where wedding videography comes in, but before you can hire a professional wedding videographer, you'll need to know how you want to showcase your special day (or even some prewedding fun, as we share below!). Check out our list of the top wedding videography trends so you can find the video style that speaks to you.

Save-the-Date and Invitation Videos

The first wedding video trend takes place long before the wedding day arrives. We aren't saying that paper save-the-dates and invitations are a thing of the past––they're traditional, classic and aren't going away anytime soon––but the video form of this stationery is making a splash in the wedding industry. Thompson believes this new wedding video trend is accepted because elders are becoming more comfortable with technology. "We live in a very digital world, and the barrier to entry with technology and content creation has lowered. By now, most parents and even grandparents FaceTime, have an email and are on one or more social media platforms. So sharing a video and including the older generations is more inclusive than ever, and couples are seizing the opportunity." Other couples may choose a wedding invitation suite video because they like the idea of more personalization or being more eco-friendly. But if you want to go the video route and still stick to traditional paper stationery, we suggest sending paper invitations with QR codes or links on them so guests can watch your custom video message––it's the best of both worlds. This option allows you to make your invitation even more unique and personal.

Wedding Trailers

If you want to feel like a movie star, release a high-quality wedding trailer after your special day. A wedding trailer is a short, usually about 60 seconds, professionally edited highlight video of a couple's wedding. Many wedding trailers are set to romantic or upbeat music and are comparable to movie trailers. Tom Santilli, owner of Complete Video Solutions, explains why this wedding videography trend is taking off. "Nearly every couple wants to immediately be able to relive their wedding day after it has flown by. A wedding trailer's best benefit is that most companies get these to you quickly (within weeks), so you're getting this trailer well ahead of the rest of your final videos. Having a trailer allows you to experience your wedding day again sooner." Another reason a wedding trailer's short length is beneficial is that it's the perfect bite-size sneak peek of your wedding that you can easily post on social media or your wedding website. That way anyone who couldn't attend the wedding can enjoy the celebration. Talk with your wedding videographer about what style you want for your trailer and how soon they can get the video to you––so there are no unrealistic expectations in the future.


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We couldn't have guessed that such a simple app would have such a big impact on our lives and, eventually, our weddings, but it has. Despite all the crazy, sweet and funny things you might find on TikTok, you can find cool wedding tips, inspiration and trends (check out The Knot's TikTok) under the "weddingtok" hashtag. Couples and wedding guests have been using TikTok to preserve their memories of the big day while participating in various fun video trends. If you're not having an unplugged wedding, using social media is a great addition to your wedding videographer. You and your guests can use TikTok to make silly and creative videos while your videographer focuses on capturing the sights and sounds of the wedding.

Video Albums

Wedding video albums are small booklets that display high-quality wedding videos––many of them come in different colors and book covers. We've seen these given as gifts to family members or used as wedding keepsakes that'll stand out on coffee tables and bookshelves. Even though these have recently gained popularity, Parker Strehlow, cinematographer and owner of Parker Strehlow Films, thinks that most couples will still enjoy the ease of accessing their wedding film on their phones and computers. Santilli agrees and advises to-be-weds to think about the future use of the wedding video album. "You don't want to limit how your wedding video can be viewed in the future. Just like when people thought it was cool to put wedding videos on VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray, we cannot predict the future of technology or how people will watch videos. But if a couple does decide to get one, I would suggest that they also get master files of all of their videos so they aren't limited only to the video album." So get a video album for your parents or have yours displayed with your other wedding memorabilia, but have multiple ways to access your wedding video so you ensure you can watch it for years to come.

Super 8mm Film Videos

Super 8mm film is a video technique that became popular and accessible in the 1960s and 1970s. "While the super eight film look can be achieved with a few editing tricks, there's something magical and authentic about using actual film stock. It adds a layer of authenticity and timelessness to my couples' wedding films," Strehlow says. Recently, this style has become a wedding video trend because it adds a classic touch to wedding films. But don't think this type of film is only for vintage or retro-themed weddings. "When I see couples gravitate to a more vintage film, they want to encapsulate the nostalgia of the moment, as they might have seen with their parents' wedding video or a real 8mm home movie of their grandparents. It's embracing a connection to the 'good old times' rather than an overall vintage wedding theme," Jennifer Thompson, HQ director of NST Pictures, explains.

Keep in mind that super 8mm film requires a special camera that doesn't capture audio, this is why this filming style should be a supplement to your modern digital wedding videography. Having both options allows you to encapsulate the vibe of your wedding while also hearing the story behind the images.

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