Treat Your Wedding Guests to a DIY Welcome Tote

There's no better way to psych friends and family up for some wedding fun than with a bag full of goodies!
by Elizabeth Wieck
DIY printed canvas welcome tote with sunglasses champagne camera
Devon Jarvis

Making a custom logo tote sounds expensive, right? It's not! This DIY welcome tote is cost effective and easy to make thanks to iron-transfer paper. You can use our template or make it your own by printing out whatever phrase or graphic you want—be it a song lyric, a special saying or just something fun. Fill with location-appropriate items and pop in a few insider tips about the area (like brochures or reviews of good restaurants in the area) and finish it off with a sweet note. Guests—especially those who've traveled from far away—will appreciate the gesture. We promise they'll be feeling the love, too!

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The Knot "Best Day Ever" template (plus three other options!)
ink-jet printer
iron-transfer paper
canvas tote bags
snacks and treats
tissue paper

1. Download template and print on iron-transfer paper.

2. Cut decal closely around the printed text.

3. Place template face down on the canvas tote.

4. Iron firmly for 3 minutes at the temperature according to transfer paper instructions.

5. Let the paper cool for 5 minutes before removing.

6. Slowly peel paper backing off the tote.

7. Stuff tote with snacks and treats and top with tissue.

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