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The Perect Photographers for a Perct Day!

Reviewed on 9/08/2014 Ashley H

CR & Tiffany were the perfect addition to our wedding! It was very important to me that our photographers really capture the candid moments. We didn't want too many posed pictures that we would both just end up looking awkward in. They instantly made us feel comfortable and had us laughing throughout the day. They managed to get great shots without us ever really knowing they were taking pictures. The pictures are truly perfect.


Reviewed on 8/14/2014 Anna B

We loved working with Tiffany and CR. Both of them made engagement photos and wedding photos fun and we are so happy with how they turned out. We would highly recommend them!

Best photographers in Denver

Reviewed on 5/08/2014 Liz A

Tiffany and C.R. were absolutely amazing--plus they were a blast to have around!

perfect & professional

Reviewed on 4/16/2014 Jemma E

Tiffany & CR were the best! They were so easy to work with and the pictures are perfection! From the very first inquiry email through ordering images, Brinton was extremely responsive, helpful, and gave me more information than most of my vendors combined. Would choose them 10 times out of 10! Can't go wrong here.

Awesome and fun photographers

Reviewed on 11/01/2013 Elyse M

Tiff and CR Brinton are great - really laidback, fun couple who clearly love their jobs. We had a great time with them and love our photos! Would definitely recommend working with them!

Pictures are gorgeous & we had so much fun!

Reviewed on 8/05/2013 Caroline M

Working with the Brintons was such a pleasure. My fiance and I loved their work & style and they did not disappoint with our wedding. Our photos are beautiful reflections of the venues and the day. We had so much fun working with them. CR & Tiffany are a great team and really make the photo shoots fun & relaxing. Our photo booth was HUGE hit at the wedding and the photos from it are a great compliment to the professional shots CR & Tiffany took. I would absolutely recommend them to any brides, especially if you are looking at outdoor venues. Their use of light & sky is stunning in our photos. Enjoy!

Pictures turned out great.

Reviewed on 6/26/2013 E C

I really liked working with the Brintons. My only regret was that I was hoping one of them would be trailing me more with more candid shots of me with my friends and family, like in the few minutes before my bridesmaids and I walked down the aisle. But the day was such a blur and you don't think about these things at the time. I would definitely use them again but maybe give better and more detailed instructions. This is the only minor flaw, otherwise the pics turned out better than we imagined and the groom loved them as well.


Reviewed on 1/14/2013 Caitlin P

They were fun and upbeat! Young so they are up to date on styles. Lots of candid work! very happy!

Moments Captured!

Reviewed on 10/30/2012 Rachel T

CR and Tiffany were absolutely wonderful to work with and did an incredible job capturing the moments you know you will want to remember! They were so relaxed and comfortable to be around which made it pleasant to have them there on our special day. They worked with ease and professionalism all while achieving amazing results. There is a perfect mix of candid moments and then the gorgeous staged shots as well and we could not be more thrilled. Their use of lighting and the natural surroundings makes each of those views look like you are still right there. They are more than willing to think outside the box and try fun, creative ideas. Definitely a gifted and wonderful couple! Can't wait to find another time to do another photo shoot with them!


Reviewed on 10/09/2011 Tamara S

Tiff and CR are amazing. There is nothing else to say other than I wouldn't have wanted to go with anybody else.

colorado bride

Reviewed on 2/15/2011 melissa a

CR and Tiff are a pleasure to work with and a dream for any bride and groom. Our engagement and wedding photos turned out amazing. Their work is one of a kind-- I really researched photographers and we chose this pair due to their editorial style, ability to shoot good indoor photos, and their personalities. They are fun to work with, creative and turn memories from your wedding into beautiful photos. I've seen a lot of wedding photos, and none of them compare to Brinton Studios' work. They say that a lot of the money you spend is put towards your photographer-- follow this advice and don't skimp. You can cut corners in other places, but pictures isn't one of them because you get what you pay for. In this case, you get extraordinary photos at a reasonable price-- and the pricing is conveniently offered in packages and a la carte rather than confusing hourly rates and add ons.

Absolutely the best quality, value, and experience

Reviewed on 1/24/2011 Audrey M

CR and Tiffany were absolutely amazing to work with, and were by far the best value of any wedding expense. The pictures are breath-taking, and working with them before and at the wedding was easy and enjoyable; I wouldn't change a thing.


Reviewed on 8/09/2010 Johanna P

Tiffany and CR were easy to work with and blended in well with our crowd. The photos they took were amazing especially of the fast paced Indian dancing. As my husband said, they made our American wedding look 110% and the photos really captured everything going on!

Review for Brinton Studios

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Jessica H

Tiff and CR are incredible to work with - we had amazing vendors but our photographers were our favorite! They are both extremely talented and the nicest couple you could meet. They both constantly took photos from every angle you could think of and were never short of ideas on what might make a great shot. Easy to work with always responded quickly to any questions or concerns we had before the big day. During our bride and groom photos CR and Tiff would both show us on our camera some of the shots they had just taken - it was so nice to see the immediate result we know they will turn out great!;Packages don't always come with engagement session - if you don't already get one pay the extra $ it is worth it!!


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