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Forever Together is a full-service Bridal Salon and Wedding Center. Offering gowns for the bride, bridal party and the mother of the bride and groom! We carry various couture designers including: Enzoani, Paloma Blanca, La Sposa and Mon Cheri and more!


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Bridesmaid Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, Mother of the Bride Dresses, Shower + Party Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Dresses, Alterations, Bridal Stylists, Dry Cleaning + Preservation, Group Discounts, Private Appointments Available, Fashion Services, Fashion


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11 Northern Blvd., Great Neck, NY

Reviewed on 1/29/2016

Don't visit this location. I have terrible experience with them. That was the first salon I visited. And now I regret that I didn't check other places! Staff is so confusing when something is wrong they are pretending that they don't know English. First, they've told me that I... Read More have to wait 6 months for the dress, and alterations take about 3 months- hymmm I thought that was my last minute to take a dress. I choose one, I was trying on size 4, it was a little two big, the lady that was there said that we have to order size 6- I argued with her, the biggest size I wear is size 4, most of mine jeans and dresses are size 2, some even 0. But she told me that "what if you gonna gain waight" and that they can always do the alterations on bigger dress. I said you are the expert, but if sth will be wrong is on you. After 2 months they've called me, that they have a dress and I can make an appointment for alterations. I tried it on it was huge on me, and about three feet too long, I looked weird, it was too much material to take on. So I told them that this won't work. They've told me that they will order size 4, but has to be my last decision and I can't change my mind-ok. This time they"ve called me after one month. I made an appointment and went there with my aunt. Dress looked like it was stretched on the back, and then take back in. I didn't feel like that was the same dress I was wearing the first time. Terrible, I thought be nice- I ask them kindly if I can change the dress on something else they have on store- they agree. So I start trying the dresses. They start to bringing me some to try on. One of the dresses they've brought was 4500, and there was a similar one which I tried on and like a lot for 2000. They brought all the dresses, not me. After trying them I decided on one for 2000, and then I hear from them that sorry but this one is not available, so I asked them what about this one (price was similar) - I heared no this one is not available too. So I asked them which one is? And I heard that only that one for 4500! Every dress was dirty, so I asked them, if they are going to clean it- I heard a big no and that I have to do it on my cost, so I ask how much would it be - they've told me around $150 maybe a little big more, and that they will call me with the actual price. Ok, they did- lady that called told me that cleaning will cost me 795! I called few cleaning services which specializes in cleaning wedding dresses, and the most I heard was 500 with preservation. I went to take out the dress. They even didn't pack it specially. I would expect at least a nice package or nicer bag for sth that costs over 4000! I end up taking a dress in a simply bag they gave you at Macy for $200 purchase. Very disappointed and disgusted!

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Bridal sizes are usually not the same as the casual clothing sizes. Typically, bridal gowns run smaller in terms of sizes—for example, a size 4 in a bridal gown may be a size 2 in a pair of jeans. The sizes may vary even between... Read Less Read More