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Cherry Hill, NJ


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1990 Marlton Pike E, Cherry Hill, NJ (856) 424-1710

Reviewed on 12/13/2017 Jessica E

Irma and her staff were absolutely phenomenal!! I knew the moment I got engaged that I wanted to buy my dress there as I have used their services in the past for previous weddings. Irma was super attentive throughout my entire first appointment when I bought my dress and had... Read More wonderful ideas about what styles looked good on me. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you, Irma, for finding me my dream dress!!!

Reviewed on 10/23/2017 Jessica S

Does not even deserve one star. I never write reviews and this place was so terrible I had to share. I ordered a bridesmaids dress for my best friends wedding. I told Irma(the owner) when she measured me that I was most likely going to get pregnant and she recommended I order... Read More two sizes up which I agreed. She also told me the dress DOES come in maternity but since I did not know for sure if I would be pregnant that two sizes up should be good. She measured me and ordered. Got my dress yesterday and it does not zip. So I called and was not mad but asked what I should do and Irma herself told me that I measured for a size and that was the size ordered and that "I" did not order two sizes up. I am not the owner of the worker so she is right, "I" did not order the dress SHE did and she did not order two sizes up. I was fuming. THEN she went on to tell me that the dress does NOT come in maternity when she originally told me it did. Any time I tried to speak she started to scream at me. Not sure what kind of customer service that is but that is the WORST owner and business person I have ever dealt with to scream with a customer on the phone when she has now lied to be twice. I will be taking my business elsewhere and hopefully selling the dress she sold me. Did I mention the dress was defective and missing the top hooks to close the dress? Along with another bridesmaid dress missing the same exact hooks? HORRBILE HORRIBLE COMPANY AND EXPERIENCE.

Reviewed on 7/24/2017 Brieanna I

I found my dream dress at Irma's after trying three other places with no luck. Irma has an eye for fashion, as she picked out my dress for me, after coming in for a particular dress I thought I would love, but didn't. I got my bridesmaids dresses here, as well, which were... Read More absolutely beautiful. Even the alterations woman knew exactly how to make everything fit just right, and got it perfect on the first try. My only complaint is that the customer service could be better. I did not usually have the complete attention of the staff during my appointments, there were always back and forth with other customers, taking phone calls, etc. Also, Irma is a little old school with accepting payments (i.e. final payment must be in cash, need original receipt at pick up, etc.) BUT the dresses are absolutely stunning, and that is what's most important!

Reviewed on 6/20/2017 Samantha P

When I walked into irmas I had a different idea of what I wanted. Ended up with something completely different and amazing ! She knows everyone's body type and what would work best. Iam in love with my wedding gown and cannot wait to wear it for my New Year's Eve wedding this... Read More year !

Reviewed on 6/17/2017 Cheryl C

Irma was wonderful. The ladies helped me find a dress for my son's wedding and they were fantastic. Very friendly, personable and honest! The dress is beautiful. I would highly recommend them! Thank you!

Reviewed on 5/09/2017 Clare B

Absolutely wonderful experience with Irma. She listened, but she really knew what was best. Best experience I had out of three salons and had very reasonable prices.

Reviewed on 2/12/2017 Kristine O

Irma was fantastic. She listened to the things I said I wanted and pulled a few gowns and nailed it. All the dresses were beautiful, I fell in love with the first dress but she had me try on the others just in case. I never felt pressured to buy immediately. Highly recommend... Read More getting Irma herself if possible.

Reviewed on 1/07/2017

I was disappointed in my bridal gown shopping experience at Irma's, at least for what I was looking for. The sales associates were nice enough but I ended up being passed by multiple times in the lobby for about 15 minutes..despite having an appointment. Then they wouldn't let... Read More anyone in my group even look at the dresses on the racks. No one was going to remove the dresses from where they were hanging but they couldn't even look. Then I was disappointed because when I explained what I was looking for the sales associate didn't tell me they didn't have anything like it in the store. So instead, I wasted about 8 dresses worth of trying them on and saying what I didn't like. I appreciate them trying to make a sale but I wish they would have listened to me more. If I say I don't want lace (or satin or taffeta or whatever) then just tell me all of your options have that and I'm out of luck. I ended up purchasing my perfect wedding dress at Alfred Angelo in Cherry Hill, which I can highly recommend! Good luck!

Reviewed on 8/14/2016

Definitely stay away! I'm the mother of the Bride. I had found a particular dress and was driving around to different bridal salons hoping to find it in black. Arrived at Irma's and saw a different gown on a mannequin and absolutely fell in love with it! Even though I didn't... Read More have an appointment, Irma let me try it on. I purchased the gown. Irma measured me and told me I would need a size 10. Flattered by her recommendaion but told her every dress I had tried on was a size 12. She mentioned that I had been dieting and she felt the 10 would be better. But...I ordered the 12 saying I felt more comfortable getting the bigger size. When I got home, my daughter said I should go by Irma's measurements and the designers measurement scale. So I called back and told Irma to order the 10. She said she thought that would be better. Two or three months later and six pounds lighter, I go to try the dress on and as Irma is zipping me up, she starts to slow up, struggling to get me zipped up. I said, does this dress not fit? Irma's response? Too late now! I respond....too late now? She said, well I wanted to order you a size 12 but you insisted on a size 10. She says, this will give you more incentive to lose more weight! Did she really just say that? Now my daughter and I start arguing with her and she says, well I don't remember, that was months ago! I took the dress home, joined the gym and even went on a diet pill to try and get the weight off! Took off another 12 lbs off to get into that dress! Here's where my next mistake came in....I wanted to have the gown altered at Irma's because my gown had a train and I was afraid if I took it somewhere else and they ruined it, I couldn't get it replaced. BIG MISTAKE! Before even knowing what needed to be done, I had to hand over $200.00 CASH. She "cut" the lace hem, no sewn hem, put a stitch in each shoulder and a stitch in the V neckline. And she added a small bustle. I had her correct the stitches on the shoulder because the way she originally stitched it and the way the lace was, it looked like my gown had a huge hole in the shoulder. The day of the wedding, I put the gown on. BEAUTIFUL! Until we go to bustle it. The little loop was BROKEN! Which bustle! Luckily, someone had a safety pin and we made our own bustle. A lot of money for shabby alterations. All in all, my experience here was terrible! I would NEVER recommend this bridal salon to anyone! My daughter purchased her wedding gown at Simplicity Bridal Boutique in Haddon Heights, NJ. She had a wonderful experience! Stay away from Irma's. Wished I'd read reviews before going here. By the way you pay any taxes on the "CASH" you collect for final payments for gowns and alterations? I can understand no checks but why not charges? Cash is easily hidden isn't it? Especially if you only have paper records that can be altered and not tracked. Suspicious to me....

Reviewed on 2/19/2016 Jaclyn K

I purchased my bridesmaid dresses from here, and unfortunately I can't cancel my order now. I should have known not to when I had made my appointment to bring my bridesmaids in, and not one employee helped me and my bridesmaids pull dresses, and help with the fit. Nobody helped... Read More until I told them we chose the dresses and needed to be sized. I called to follow up, since nobody called me after the order was placed, to see when the dresses would be coming in to let my girls know a time frame. I called and was placed on hold (no problem), but I was put on hold for 15 mins, and than "disconnected." When I called backed, I believed her name was Whitney snapped at me saying she had customers in front of her and didn't have to answer my questions. I asked if she would please take my name and number and look this information up for me and get back to me when it was more convenient. I understand when people are busy, but I should not have had to trouble shoot this for the employee. I would not recommended this place to anyone. The service was horrible, and the employees are rude. I ordered a total of 7 bridesmaid dresses. I would say that's giving them a decent amount of business.

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Sharon M

My bridal party and I had a great time shopping at Irma's. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Irma found me the perfect Allure Couture gown for my country club wedding. We listened to the reviews and made a weekday appointment, so we were the only bridal party there.

Reviewed on 9/19/2015

Alteration NIGHTMARE!! Go to Irma's, look, even buy, but when your dress comes in, pick it up and get it the heck out of there! Find your own seamstress. They charge you triple what seamstresses charge, and the alterations are NOT done on premises. The dress goes to... Read More seamstress' house. Do they smoke, have pets, cook with garlic? Who knows. I had to pick up dress and take it to my own seamstress. They GLUED the beads on, for $500!!

Reviewed on 8/17/2015 cheryl d

My best friend purchased a Maggie Sottero gown there, very beautiful, but it's taken 4 fittings to get it right, because nothing was done to the dress since the last time the dress was tried on! (Pins were still in the dress😠) Irma made a comment about the 4 fittings being quite... Read More a lot, she sounded annoyed, and I agree. 4 is a LOT, but my friend is the bride, not the seamstress. Perhaps you should be annoyed with her instead!? Very disappointing customer service overall. We were going to purchase bridesmaid dresses there as well, but the best discount the owner could offer was $8 off each dress. We found them online for much less than she was charging. After the prissy attitude, I'm pretty glad we didn't give her additional business and buy the dresses there. Every time we have been there, we end up being treated like we are inconveniencing them. Kinda weird, considering that word of mouth is a great way to receive business and you walk in there excited to see your dress for your big day and walk out worrying if it'll be done in time.

The perfect one for me

Reviewed on 3/30/2015 Nicole G

Irma, thank you! All of the ladies in the salon, thank you too! You guys were amazing! I walked into the salon having done my research for my impossible dress. Irma's being the only salon within reasonable driving distance that had this dress in a sample size I would fit into. I... Read More had everyone with me to see if this one dress was the one and thank goodness it was. I was helped promptly and with courtesy. I was able to pick out all of my jewelry right there along with a discount for my travels on the veil. I also did my alterations there and their seamstress was so good, she fit the dress perfectly to me and the bustle was one of the prettiest I've seen. Every single person told me how perfect my dress was on my day, and it all started with your salon. Thank you again, the drive was worth it every time.

Extremely Disappointed

Reviewed on 3/20/2015 Dana D

I absolutely love my dress, the staff and the seamstress. However, I absolutely regret giving my business to Irma, the rudest owner I have ever dealt with in the bridal industry or customer service industry as whole, for that matter. Between my sister's wedding two years ago... Read More and my upcoming wedding, we bought 22 dresses (not exaggerating) from Irma's, many of those also altered at Irma's. The staff is great and our dresses were beautiful and fit wonderfully, however, by the end, I wish I would have taken the time to find them elsewhere solely so as not to have given Irma the business. Here are the reasons why: 1) She always requires you have your paper receipt on you (at all visits, no matter whether the dress has been fully paid for or not). Irma, it is 2015 - get a computer! This wouldn't be that big of a deal other than the ridicule that she lays upon you in front of the entire store if you forget it. This includes, embarrassing my sister's sister in law beyond belief for accidently throwing her receipt away and making my future mother in love drive home (in the snow!) to get the receipt to pick up her (that she had already paid for!) dress. 2) She pressures you to order a dress way too big; when you refuse, you need to sign your life away to get a smaller size which, in most cases, ends up being too big as well. (Can I mention the alterations for my dress were $400+....hmmm) 3) After the thousands you spend, she then makes you pay $30 to have your dress steamed. Not only should this be a courtesy, but when I didn't have the additional $30 at the time of my fitting, she made a point of reprimanding me and then clearly explaining to me that if I didn't pay it next time I came, she wouldn't steam the dress or even give me the dress. 4) When my sister went to try her dress on for the final time, there was a smudge on it. My sister politely pointed it out to Irma who then asked my sister, and I quote, "Did you have a little boy hug you." The dress was in Irma's possession at all times and at no point was there ever a little boy with us, around us or even in the store while my sister had that dress on. 5) The store showed my future mother in law the exact dress my mom had already ordered for my wedding. Thankfully my mother in law recognized the dress and told them no way. 6) She dictates to you when you can come in to pick your dress up - by the way, you can only do so during work hours on weekdays. Convenient. At some point during her career, it seems Irma has forgotten that she serves the customer and not the other way around. I understand running a tight ship, but on multiple occasions my sister and I, our mother's and mother's in law's and bridal party were all made to bow to Irma's strict rules and suffer her rude personality. Despite the thousands that we spent there, I would rather have spent a few hundred more to deal with another vendor. The small difference in price is not worth the aggravation of dealing with Irma, the lack of respect for customer loyalty and the general rude demeanor she displays.

Mixed Feelings - Major Alteration Mistake

Reviewed on 12/29/2014 Lauren T

I have very mixed feelings about my experience with Irma's Bridal. The not taking appointments policy is very, very bad for a bridal shop. I came in early with my elderly grandmother and mother, and if we had of waited another hour to arrive at Irma's, my grandmother would... Read More have had to stand during the entire time I tried on dresses. The store is very understaffed on the weekends and you literally have to flag down a sales person to help you. It's pretty much first-come, first-serve. The woman we worked with, Dorothy, was very patient and kind and we liked her a lot. It looks like all of the employees are scared of Irma, the owner. Irma talks down to her staff in front of the customers, which is uncomfortable and just crappy to witness. I purchased my dress which I loved from Irmas, along with my veil and a sash the on-site tailor was to sew onto my dress around the waist. While my mother lives in South Jersey, I live 3 hours away. Irma has a strict policy when fitting appointments can be scheduled. She only allows fittings on a few weeknights (think it was Mondays or Wednesdays) and Saturday mornings on very rare occasions if Irma herself can be present. Well Irma was on vacation the Saturdays I was available to travel down, so she would not budge on her policy and I had to take off two Wednesdays from my job a month out from my wedding to travel down to Irma's for my fittings. Lesson learned: BUY YOUR DRESS WHERE YOU LIVE. Three things happened during my THREE fittings. 1. I expressed to the tailor that the dress needed to be taken out, I was having trouble breathing around the rib cage. The tailor said the dress needed to look the way it did and she did not want to take it out. Of course I cried because wedding stress is real and Irma had to come over and tell the tailor to take the dress out as I was not breathing correctly. If I'm paying for the dress, the tailor should listen to what I'm asking of her. 2. The tailor did not estimate the weight of my dress accurately. The bustles she put on the dress were way too small for the weight of my dress. My mother and I spent about 25 minutes in the bathroom during my reception as the bustles kept coming undone while I was dancing. We ended up using safety pins to pin the dress up. I just couldn't be bothered with the bustles any longer. The absolute worst was #3. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR DRESS BEFORE TAKING IT HOME FROM THE TAILOR. The tailor sewed on the sash around the waist of the dress with the sash tag showing between the lace of the sash and my gown. A white tag with black lettering. We discovered this the morning of my wedding. I called Irma's, asking if someone could come by my hotel to fix the dress that morning (I was staying in the same town as Irma's location). No one called me back. I ended up using cuticle scissors to cut open my own wedding dress, removed the tag and sewed it back up. Those little "bride's survival kits" are worth it to have on hand. I was appalled that the tailor paid so little attention to her work. My dress was a lace Soterra & Midgley.

Excellent, Affordable Bridal Boutique with one-on-one service

Reviewed on 11/20/2014 Lynn

I've used Irma's Bridal for prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses through the years, so when it finally came time for my wedding, I knew I wanted to go there first. The experience I had was incredible. The staff there is so good at helping you find "the dress" the suits your body... Read More and your personality, and you truly get one-on-one service. They have a very large selection, especially considering the size of their store. The best part is that their prices are so affordable, and for excellent quality. You can definitely find something in your price range there. And, if you get your bridesmaid dresses there as well, they will sometimes offer a discount on those. Irma's is fantastic!


Reviewed on 4/22/2014 Jen

I was very impressed by the staff at Irma's. I went to Irma's because they carried Maggie Sottero dresses and didn't require an appointment. Irma herself laced me into the gowns I tried on and as soon as I put on my dress (the 2nd dress), Irma told me it was the perfect gown... Read More for me. And she was right! I loved how they were not uptight like other bridal shops and even allowed me to Skype the dress to my sister who was deployed with the Air Force at the time. My mother-in-law was so impressed, she went and bought her gown there too.

Asi, asi

Reviewed on 3/25/2014 Erin C

I found my dress there. Got a great price. Was super happy. So decided to order all my bridesmaid dress there as well. However, it was super hectic to get all my bridesmaids fitted with proper attention. They don't do appointments, and sometimes seemed like they were all running... Read More around a little frantic. I was a little embarrassed to be honest the lack of attention we received.

Great experience

Reviewed on 1/31/2014 michelle d

I knew the dress I was looking for and Irma’s was the closest place that carried it. After trying it on, I knew I would be purchasing it. The price was extremely reasonable and the dress came into the store in a timely matter. I chose to have my alterations also done at Irma’s... Read More and their seamstresses are fantastic! After one fitting, the dress fit like a glove and the bustle they created was beautiful. My grandmother also got her dress here and had a great experience with them and the alterations department. Everyone absolutely loved my dress and I would definitely recommend Irma’s.

Loved my dress, not the store

Reviewed on 10/31/2013 Kristen B

Irma herself is an absolutely lovely woman. The rest of the staff could use an attitude adjustment. I was snapped at on the phone and was kept waiting 20 minutes for my fitting even when I had an appointment. They have an excellent dress selection and reasonable prices. I do not... Read More like that you have to pay everything in cash. Also, when I came to pick up my dress, it had not been steamed and the alterations were done very poorly. They apologized and were able to fix it by the next day. If you purchase your dress through them, I would recommend going elsewhere for alterations.

Irma's wedding dresses

Reviewed on 8/28/2013 Andrea I

The best thing about Irma's is that they had a huge amount of wedding dresses, more than the other places I'd visited. They had several designers I was interested in readily available. My bridal party also got their dresses here. Their prices were very reasonable. Their... Read More customer service is what brought their rating down. They don't take appointments for trying on dresses, but they do for alterations. While trying on dresses, the staff kept alternating and I wasn't sure who was waiting on me. When my bridal party was trying on dresses, no one helped us. The two times I went for alterations, we were left waiting a long time for the seamstress. I was not pleased with the seamstress' work and I made sure Irma was aware. The week of the wedding, Irma took it upon herself and fixed my dress to the way I wanted it. I was extremely pleased with the final product and very grateful Irma could perfect my dress.

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 8/06/2013 Dana M

I purchased my wedding dress from Irma's Bridal, and I was very happy with the shop. The price was great and the service was great.


Reviewed on 7/08/2013 Diana s

they have good prices on the gowns, I received good service but I feel that the day I went to pick up my dress the ladies working made it obvious that they were annoyed that we were the last ones in the store.

Heal Wedding 3/16/13 @ CBP!

Reviewed on 4/09/2013 Alise F

I'm at a loss for words for Irma's bridal (in the best way imaginable!)! My mom and I stopped in Irma's one night, the first store we went looking for my dress at, with no intentions of trying anything on. And then we met Irma! Irma looked me up and down and said "Honey, I have... Read More the dress you are going to buy, but I don't want you to be that girl that says she bought the first dress she tried on, so I will put you in two dresses first, and you will buy the third!" My mom and I laughed, thinking this lady is crazy! Well, it turns out, she's brilliant! I did buy the third dress I tried on that night, and it was NOTHING like I would have imagined myself wearing! Not only did I buy my dress there, but my mom got her MOB dress, husbands mom got her MOG dress, my bridesmaids did along with my best friends (getting married in June) mom and her bridesmaid dresses! Irmas prices are reasonable (My dress was a few $100 cheaper than other places) as were the alterations. Every step of the way, our experience at Irma's bridal was amazing!