Wedding Cake Bakeries in New York, NY

90 New York Wedding Cake Bakeries

Wedding Cakes in New York

Your wedding is bound to be the most enchanting moment of your life. Sweeten it up some more with the loveliest wedding cake! To find the sugary masterpiece that will serve as, quite literally, the icing on your celebration, just browse our listings for New York City cake bakers. From simple, traditional designs to modern, multi-tiered confections, these wedding cake bakers can create for you an edible work of art that will serve as a fitting centerpiece for your party! Not sure what kind of cake you want? These New York City cake bakers have ready-made designs for you to choose from. But if you already have a specific look in mind, many of them would be willing to work with you to turn your idea into reality, matching the cake with your color motif, the style of your gown, or the design of your bouquet. Want it 100 percent edible? They can create realistic flowers, butterflies, pearls, and lace that are not only eye candy but also very good to eat. If you want it ultra lifelike, though, how about real, fresh flowers to top off your cake? If you've got dietary restrictions, explore our listings for cake bakers in New York City that specialize in gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan confections. As you can see, there's something for every palate!