25 Y2K Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Like, so Fetch

Let's take it bach to the 2000s.
Y2K bachelorette party decor ideas, including tshirt and fanny pack
Photos: Sprinkled With Pink
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Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
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Updated Mar 19, 2024
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There are so many trendy bachelorette themes to choose from, but one of our favorites has to be the throw-bach. A Y2K bachelorette party is the perfect way to celebrate classic pop culture moments with your besties. And we've rounded up some of our favorite bach party supplies and themes for this totally sweet time. So grab your party planning checklist (complete with a gel pen) to get started on a Millennium-worthy bachelorette bash for you and your best peeps.

Plan Your Y2K Bachelorette Party:

Color Palettes | Decorations | Ideas

2000s-Themed Bachelorette Color Palettes

The 2000s were all about shades of pink, purple and silver. Bling reigned supreme, and Bedazzlers were all the rage. You can easily use some bright, fun colors or pastels to set the tone for your Y2K-themed bachelorette party.

2000s-Themed Bachelorette Decorations and Swag

It's all about decorations that take everyone back to the 2000s. These fun decor ideas will make any space feel like you've just stepped into a time machine with Y2K as the destination.

Millennial Pink Fringe

Millennial Pink Fringe y2k bachelorette party decor
Photo: The Knot Shop

Let's face it. We couldn't get enough of pink back in Y2K, and we don't just mean the singer. This fringe is the perfect decor to add some 2000s vibes to your space.

Emoji Cake Decorations

Emoji Cake Decorations y2k bachelorette party decorations
Photo: Amazon

If you spent all your days on AIM waiting for your crush to pop on, these cupcake decorations are for you. BRB, gotta set my away message.

Bach to the '00s Backdrop

Bach to the '00s y2k bachelorette party Backdrop
Photo: Cher Can Do It

This is the perfect photo opp spot for your bachelorette. Add some fun props, like a burn book or flip phones, to this decor.

Y2K Font Fanny Packs

Y2K Custom Name Fanny Pack bachelorette party idea
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

Make sure your girls have their essentials on hand with these handy and cute bum bags. Seriously, doesn't this font just scream the early 2000s?

That's So 2000s Confetti

Y2K bachelorette party confetti
Photo: Pattis Party Paper

If this confetti doesn't make you nostalgic, nothing will. From iPods to those weird little S's we all drew in the middle of class, this decor is quintessentially Y2K.

Bubble Letter Bach Tees

Y2K Bubble Letter Custom Bachelorette Tees
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

These custom bachelorette party shirts are a great way to match your wedding party during the weekend. And the little halo adds that Delia*s touch to the tee.

Face from Nick Jr. Napkins

Face from Nick Jr. Napkins, Y2K bachelorette party decor
Photo: Amazon

Does anyone else remember Face on Nick Jr.? These napkins perfectly encapsulate the smiley face trend of the '00s.

Let's Go to the Mall Decor

90s Party Confetti, y2k bachelorette party decorations
Photo: Pattis Party Paper

Malls in the 2000s just hit different, didn't they? This confetti will remind you of Saturdays shopping for glitter eyeshadow and low-rise jeans.

Custom Y2K Bottle Labels

Custom Y2K Bottle Labels
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

From flip phones to burned CDs, these bottle labels are a must at your Y2K bach. Use these on wine bottles, cups and more.

Britney S-beers Drinking Cups

Y2K pink britney spears Drinking Cups for bachelorette
Photo: Amazon

Oops, you did it again. These adorable cups have lyrics from your favorite 2000s pop star for a souvenir your girls will want to take home.

2000s Chatroom Game

2000s Chatroom Slang Y2K Bachelorette Party Game
Photo: SLS Creative Media

Play some trivia with your BFFs with this fun game. Test your knowledge on all things AIM for a serious throwback.

2000s-Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas

Let's take it back to the Millennium with these Y2K bachelorette party ideas. From decor to themes, we've got everything you need to make your event totally fetch.

Y2K Movie Party

We promise we aren't biased when we say the 2000s were full of amazing movies. Ask your bridesmaids to dress like their favorite movie characters, from cheer captain Torrance to Harvard's own Elle Woods.

This Is What Dreams Are Made of

Hey now, hey now. A Lizzie McGuire bachelorette is the perfect way to say goodbye to your single life. You can even add a fun Italian twist like the movie, by serving gelato and spaghetti.

MTV Throw-Bach

Bring it back to the good old days when MTV still played music videos (RIP). This music-themed party will remind you of your favorite songs and artists who made their debuts back in the 2000s, like Britney Spears or Aaliyah.

Butterfly Clips and Smiley Faces

Y2K was the era for butterflies and smiley faces, so grab your butterfly clips and smiley face tee for this bachelorette trend. Other decor ideas include inflatable chairs and classic toys, including Polly Pocket.

Mean Girls Party

Get in, loser. We're having a totally fetch party. Time to wear your favorite Plastics-inspired outfits and throw a bash that would make Regina George proud.

Dress as Your Y2K Crush

Whether you were crushing on Devon Sawa or one of the Backstreet Boys, this fun idea lets everyone dress as their '00s crush. You can even spend part of your bachelorette bash watching music videos and movies of everyone's crushes for the nostalgia.

Cheetah Girls, Cheetah Sisters

Time to bust out the cheetah print. This party's purr-fect for the gal group who could never get enough of "Cinderella" or "Strut" back in the day.

Girl Power

Spice up your life by throwing a Y2K bachelorette that'll turn you into Saturday Night Divas. Let everyone dress as their favorite Spice Girl, and get ready for some karaoke, complete with classic girl power songs.

Roller Rink Bash

Roller skating parties were all the rage in the 2000s, so grab your best throwback outfit and lace up your skates. Ask the DJ to your private event to play Y2K classics during your bash.

Old School Sleepover

Nothing beats a classic sleepover with games like M.A.S.H. and Truth or Dare. Wear your favorite throwback PJs (bonus points for Paul Frank) and enjoy a night in with your BFFs.

RomCom Night

Have a rom-com marathon, complete with everyone dressing as their favorite character. Serve us some foods inspired by these movies, like cupcakes decorated as Love Ferns (inspired by How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) or Razzles for 13 Going on 30.

Girl of the 21st Century

Be a supernova girl, just like Zenon. This party theme adds the retro-futuristic looks of your favorite 2000s DCOM to your bachelorette. Just make sure you've got Proto Zoa on the playlist.

Bedazzling and Bestie Bracelets

Spend some time during your bachelorette to bedazzle some items and make friendship bracelets. These classic arts and crafts are a fun way to take home some special mementos after the bachelorette weekend.

Y2K Trivia

Put your Millennium knowledge to the test with a bit of trivia during your bash. Test your besties on all things pop culture, from movies to events. (And yes, that includes the MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.)

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