These 15 Scenic Places to Propose in Arizona Are Packed With Romance

Propose among the sprawling canyons and rock formations for a magical moment.
Man proposing to woman in Grand Canyon, Arizona
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Updated Jan 08, 2024

When you are getting ready to ask the love of your life to spend forever with you, picking the perfect place is almost as important as the moment itself. Luckily, discovering the most romantic places to propose in Arizona isn't that hard to do with the magic of nature everywhere you look. Whether you prefer the sunset hues over the Sonoran Desert or the charm of historic towns, the state offers a diverse range of options to make your engagement truly special.

To get an expert's point of view for proposal ideas in Arizona, we spoke with wedding photographer Kelly Koller, founder of AZ Wedding Photographer, who gave us some spectacular spots for our list. She has a special passion for not only capturing beautiful moments on film but for the state of Arizona as well—Sedona, in particular. Get ready to knock this task off your list because one of these locations is sure to be your spot.

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How to Decide Where to Propose in Arizona

The first thing you want to think about when deciding on where to propose is the setting. Some couples prefer a private out-of-the-way place where they can be alone, while others don't mind an audience. Also, consider your backdrop and how you want to arrive at your proposal spot. Hiking couples might not mind setting out for the day in nature, while others just want to relax under the stars. If there is a place that holds special meaning for you and your partner, start there. When you narrow your list, visit the area to make sure the vibe hits just right.

The Best Time of the Year to Propose in Arizona

While Kelly said there are no limitations on when to propose in Arizona, she did say the most popular times center around the holidays. She also said late February, March, April, October and November are prime times as well. Kelly shared a tip for choosing the time of day to propose, saying the golden hour—in the late afternoon to early evening—gives the perfect lighting for spectacular proposal photos.

Arizona proposal ideas
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The Best Places to Propose in Arizona

From the captivating red rocks of Sedona to the serene desert oases, these locations promise an enchanting backdrop for crafting unforgettable moments of love and commitment. Gather your team of proposal planners and photographers from The Knot Vendor Marketplace and explore your location options.

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, especially at Lover's Knoll within Red Rock Crossing, provides a remarkable backdrop for a proposal. Kelly said all of Sedona has a spiritual vibe—an energy vortex—you can feel and can't find anywhere else. Its majestic red rock formations and peaceful surroundings create a romantic atmosphere, making it an ideal setting to ask for your partner's hand.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake in Prescott provides an enchanting setting for your big moment with its stunning granite dells and clear blue waters. Kelly said that area of Arizona can be a bit cool, so bring a jacket! She also mentioned the lake was impressive. The natural beauty and tranquil ambiance of Watson Lake create a captivating setting, making it an ideal locale for a romantic and memorable time.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa

Against the backdrop of the Superstition Mountains, Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa stands out as an exquisite setting for your Arizona proposal. The full-service resort offers a pool for relaxation, trails for hiking and even a chapel. Check with the concierge for help! Sporty couples might find one of the golf courses a perfect place to get down on one knee.

The Phoenician

The Phoenician in Scottsdale offers floral gardens teeming with life, mountain views and a cascading fountain for happy couples to enjoy. The resort has the Sonoran Desert in the background, fine dining choices and impeccable services to help you personalize a proposal to remember.

The Buttes at Reflections

Consider traveling to Tucson for an enchanting moment at The Buttes at Reflections. This location has desert vistas, the Pusch Ridge Mountains rising into the sky and stone pathways leading into structured garden settings. The romantic atmosphere makes this venue a perfect place to offer your ring.

Seven Canyons

Red rock beauty and majestic views all around encompass just a fraction of what you'll experience at Seven Canyons in Sedona. It's pure poetry. The vermilion cliffs, winding trails and natural wonders in the great outdoors will make fantastic photographs to share and a proposal tale for the ages.

Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

Within the heart of Phoenix, Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens is an intimate haven for a romantic Arizona proposal. Take a stroll down the enchanting pathways on the grounds and enjoy the botanical wonders of a tropical garden, asking for your partner's commitment inside a garden gazebo.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Kelly from AZ Wedding Photographer mentioned Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village as one of her top Sedona proposal picks. She said the authentic Mexican village offers a cultural ambiance and a captivating setting for a romantic proposal. The charming cobblestone pathways and artisanal wonders provide a unique blend of unmatched artistic allure and rustic architecture for happy couples sharing a moment.

Couple standing in Arizona desert, best proposal spots in Arizona
Photo: Desert Botanical Garden

The Best Park Proposal Ideas in Arizona

Whether you want to hike to your proposal spot, get down on one knee in a national park or choose the best scenic location, we've got you. Here are some park proposal ideas and other gems to make your cherished memory.

Sahuaro Ranch Park

Sahuaro Ranch Park has a historic charm and sprawling gardens for an idyllic setting to ask your question. Amidst the rustic elegance and towering saguaros, the park becomes an intimate getaway, weaving history and nature for an unforgettable time. Be sure to ask about proposal packages. Perhaps the rose garden would be a good fit.

Devil's Bridge Trail

Devil's Bridge Trail meanders through the red rock wonderland of Sedona, inviting adventurous couples to visit natural archways while entering a new chapter in their lives. The trail combines panoramic vistas and an iconic bridge for a unique and exciting atmosphere wrapped in romance.

Saguaro Buttes

Travel to Tucson to propose at Saguaro Buttes, offering a desert oasis and sprawling saguaro cacti against the Rincon Mountains. Propose in front of the rock-lined pond under twinkle lights illuminating the trees under a desert sky. The venue also offers inside options with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to drink in the landscape.

Chiricahua National Monument

Chiricahua National Monument is a natural wonder and labyrinth of rock formations in southeastern Arizona, providing a surreal backdrop for a proposal that feels like you're walking into a dream. The monument's towering hoodoos and rugged landscapes create a sense of otherworldly beauty, perfect for stunning photos and magical moments.

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park cradles a majestic natural bridge—a symbol of strength and endurance that could serve as a metaphor for your commitment to each other. The park's lush greenery, cascading waterfalls and awe-inspiring bridge offer a serene and romantic atmosphere to celebrate your love.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Amidst the cinder fields and lava flows, declare your eternal burning love at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, showcasing a striking landscape formed by volcanic activity. The dramatic canvas, unique plant life and geologic history would make an extraordinary location for your Arizona proposal.

Desert Botanical Garden

One of the places Kelly recommended for a memorable engagement was the Desert Botanical Garden, which offers a unique and immersive atmosphere for couples in love. The location features arid plants, scenic trails and colorful wildflowers that appeal to those who love the outdoors. Have a proposal planner help you pick the exact location. The themed gardens and scenic trails give you lots of spots to ask for their hand.

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