This Is How Much Real Couples Spent on Wedding Favors

Whether you're opting for candy or keepsakes on your big day, here's what you can expect to spend.
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Updated Feb 23, 2023
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Wedding favors are small gifts for guests to thank them for celebrating with you. While they're technically not required, we love the gesture and your guests will too. If you're wondering how these tokens of appreciation can fit into your overall budget, we've got some company data hot off the presses that may be of interest to you. Here, we're sharing the average cost of wedding favors to help you plan for this additional charge. Plus, we'll help you brainstorm how to have thoughtful party favors for guests that are still affordable.

The Average Cost of Wedding Favors and Gifts

Based on a survey of nearly 12,000 newlyweds who tied the knot in 2022, the average cost of wedding favors and gifts is $440. Keep in mind that this number actually includes guest goodies and presents for the wedding party, the latter of which are often bigger or more personalized items (and in turn, cost more).

Also note: The average cost actually changes when you break it out by US region. The mid-Atlantic and Northeast/New England regions of the country saw the highest average cost of wedding favors and gifts at $600 and $530, respectively. Comparatively, the West averaged $380, the South/Southeast $390, the Southwest $420 and the Midwest $440. As for international destination weddings, couples averaged $630 on favors and gifts.

The average cost also varied by wedding size. As expected, those with bigger wedding guest lists also spent more on favors and gifts. According to our study, couples who hosted 50 or fewer guests spent $310, while those with over 100 guests spent $520. All this goes to show that there are many variables that impact the cost of guest gifts.

On average, couples spend $14 per person on favors and guest gifts.* Don't start crunching numbers just yet, though. This figure includes the price of welcome bags and items used on the day of the wedding, like fans or games for kids, too. Remember, averages give some sense of what couples spend, but they're just that—averages. That means plenty of to-be-weds pay more (or less) for their wedding attendee souvenirs.

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Favors?

Now you're likely wondering, knowing the stats, how much should wedding favors cost you, personally? It's completely up to you and your fiancé when it comes to how much you want to spend on wedding favors. Before you make a decision, consider your wedding budget and where favors fall on your priority list. (Remember, they're fun, but they don't have to be elaborate—you might choose to focus on giving guests experiences at the wedding instead of something to physically take home.) From there, think about the size of your guest list. If you're throwing an intimate destination wedding, for example, you may be willing to spend more per attendee. On the flipside, more guests could drive the total price up, so you might want to pay a little less per person. (Pro tip: Look for discounts on bulk orders.)

Once you know how much you want to spend on wedding favors and, thus, about how much each favor should cost per guest, it's time to start shopping. Just remember, personalization and gift wrapping may cost extra, so don't browse favors at your max budget without considering these additions.

How to Save Money on Wedding Favors

If you've decided you just have to have wedding favors at your wedding (we couldn't agree more) but you have a tight budget, don't worry. There are many affordable wedding favor ideas that are cute and unique—some are even under $1 each. (Bargain!) Start by browsing The Knot Shop for inexpensive but reliable party favors like $1 bottle openers, $2 wine glasses and $3 playing cards.

You could also get crafty with DIY wedding favors. For instance, you could pick up a bulk bag of your and your partner's favorite candy, then tag and package it into individual servings yourself.

Really, it's all about getting creative. As long as you offer something actually useful, easy to carry and memorable, your guests will go home happy. And don't forget, you can cover two wedding details for the price of one. Let your favors double as escort cards, place settings or just general table decorations at the wedding reception. Just make sure your guests realize they can take them home at the end of the night!

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Party Gifts?

As for wedding party gifts, like with all presents, it's the gesture that means the most. That said, couples spend an average of $80 per person in the wedding party.** A good rule of thumb when budgeting for your own wedding party is to spend around what you'd spend on each person's birthday or holiday gift. Many of our favorite gift ideas for bridesmaids and groomsmen cost between $20 and $100. Of course, you can certainly find special tokens of gratitude at other price points, too. Check out all our gift guides for more inspiration—we've got them for everyone from your parents to the flower girl and ring bearer.

*Based on The Knot Guest Favors & Gifts Study

**Based on The Knot Wedding Party Gifts Research

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