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This Is How Much Real Couples Spent on Wedding Favors

And the average cost of wedding favors is…
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Emily Platt - The Knot E-commerce Editor
by Emily Platt
Emily Platt - The Knot E-commerce Editor
Emily Platt
Editor, E-Commerce
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Updated May 26, 2020
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Are wedding favors required? Technically not. But do we love them? Yes! And so long as you choose them right, your guests definitely will too. If you're wondering how these tokens of appreciation can fit into your overall budget, we've got some company data hot off the presses that may be of interest to you. Here, we're sharing the average cost of wedding invitations, and while that stat only says so much (we'll explain more in a bit), it's still pretty darn fascinating. 

Based on a survey of over 27,000 newlyweds who tied the knot in 2019, the average cost of wedding favors and gifts is $400. Keep in mind that this number actually includes guest goodies and presents for the wedding party, the latter of which are often bigger or more personalized (and in turn, cost more). Also of note? That average actually changes when you break the cost out by US region. It's $441 in the Northeast/New England, $496 in the Mid-Atlantic, $363 in the Midwest, $341 in the South (South/Southeast and Southwest) and $365 in the West. This goes to show that location—as well as the size of your wedding and the favors you choose—can impact the bottom line.

Based on this info and previous data, we'd say the price of just wedding favors per person averages between $1 and $3. But in actuality, the cost of a favor for each guest can range anywhere from less than a buck to dollars in the double digits. Sure, averages give some sense of what couples spend, but they're just that—averages. That means plenty of to-be-weds pay more (or less) for their attendees' souvenirs. 

What factors go into how much to spend on wedding favors? First and foremost, your wedding budget and where favors fall on your priority list. (Remember, they're fun, but you don't have to go crazy—especially if you'd rather focus on giving guests experiences at the wedding instead of something to physically take home.) From there, think about the size of your guest list. If you're throwing an intimate celebration, you may be willing to spend more per attendee. On the flipside, more guests could drive the total price up, so you might want to pay a little less per person (pro tip: look for discounts on bulk orders). 

You won't believe how many cute options you have for favors under $1. You can find anything from matchbooks and bottle openers to keychains and even sunglasses. (Don't believe us? Head to The Knot Shop and prepare to be amazed.) You could also get your hands dirty making DIY wedding favors or semi-homemade favors. Try picking up your favorite fudge from a local sweet shop (or another delicious edible favor), then doing the tagging and packaging yourself with simple cellophane bags, clear boxes or mini jars (or step it up a notch with bright, dip-dyed pouches or colorful favor boxes from Minted). 

Really, it's all about getting creative. Adore the theme "let love grow" but don't want to spring for fully potted plants? Simpler seed packets can be just as cute! As long as you offer something actually useful, easy to carry and somehow memorable, your guests will go home happy. And don't forget, you can cover two wedding details for the price of one. Let your favors double as escort or place "cards" (or just general table decorations) and that's one less cost to worry about. 

As for wedding party gifts? Like with all presents, it's the gesture that means the most. But a good rule of thumb could be to spend around what you'd spend on their birthday or holiday present. Still feeling stumped? For reference, many of our favorite gift ideas for bridesmaids and groomsmen cost between $20 and $100. Of course, you can certainly find special symbols of gratitude at other price points. Check out all our gift guides for more inspiration—we've got them for everyone from the mother of the groom to the flower girl and the ring bearer. And just so you know, our editors constantly turn to Etsy for unique and unforgettable presents—the marketplace is an excellent place to start once you're ready to shop.

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