All the People You Need to Get Wedding Thank-You Gifts For

Psst, it's pretty much everyone.
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Updated Jun 29, 2023

There's already so much on your wedding to-do list, we hate to add more, but this is an important one: wedding thank-you gifts for all your helpers. Who exactly are all those helpers, though? Typically, every member of your wedding party should receive a token of thanks as well as your close family members, ushers and officiant. We recommend making a list (and checking it twice) of all the family members and friends who get a gift on the wedding day or shortly before or after—when to give wedding party gifts is mostly up to you. Don't worry if the list is getting a little long. The thank-you gifts don't need to be extravagant. It really is the thought that counts and no matter who you're shopping for or what you're gifting, a handwritten card explicitly expressing your gratitude always seals the deal.

Gifts for Honor Attendants

Your maid of honor and best man (or man/person of honor and best woman/person) absolutely deserve a thank-you gift—especially if you texted them at all hours of the day for their opinions on everything wedding-related. Plus, it's likely they helped plan your dream bach parties—and that kind of effort shouldn't go unnoticed. When it comes to wedding thank-you gifts for your honor attendants, we highly recommend something personal. They're likely some of your closest confidants, so you'll want to get them a special gift to honor your relationship. We love photo gifts—specifically, custom illustrations—for both your maid of honor and best man as well as personalized jewelry, like an engraved necklace or cuff links. Boozy gifts like pretty glassware and a nice bottle of wine will always go over well, too. Click below for more ideas!

Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

It's no secret that being part of a wedding party takes a lot of time and money. While your bridesmaids and groomsmen are happy to do it, a little gift (and card) thanking them for all their love and support is still appreciated. Depending on the size of your wedding party, we recommend giving everyone the same thing. This will make shopping easier for you and ensures no one is left out. For instance, you could give every bridesmaid a travel jewelry case personalized with their name, while each groomsman gets a customized drink tumbler. Notice: We also suggest giving something utilitarian. Practical gifts are sure to be enjoyed even after all the wedding festivities have passed. Don't worry, we've got over 100 other ideas for you to shop in the guides below.

Gifts for Family Members

No matter who's paying for your wedding, it's essential (and customary) to present both sets of parents with a gift. Whether their contribution was big or small, you sincerely appreciate their help planning the wedding—oh, and raising you! But what do you get as a thank-you gift for the people that have been your biggest fans since the very, very beginning? We like sentimental keepsakes, such as a photo album or a custom embroidered handkerchief, as well as experience gifts like a restaurant gift card, so they know you'll always make time for them. Check off this to-do by shopping the link below.

Gifts for Children With Special Roles

Your youngest helpers deserve a wedding thank-you gift and—just like them—it can be small and cute. Think: sticker books, a stuffed animal or costumes to play dress up with. Anything to keep them entertained at the rehearsal dinner or reception is a win in our mind. Depending on their ages, it's also fun to give them similar items to the rest of the wedding party that'll really make them feel grown up and part of the team. For instance, your flower girl could get a necklace and getting-ready robe, while your ring bearer gets fun dress socks and a watch. Shop our ideas below!

Gifts for Other Wedding Helpers

Wondering who else there possibly is to get a wedding thank-you gift for? Well, you'll also need thank-you gifts for wedding helpers like your ushers and officiant. Additionally, if you have a friend playing guitar as guests file in or you're having readers during the ceremony, these individuals should get a little gift of appreciation, too. Edible gifts, especially sugary treats like a box of chocolates, are an easy and loveable way to say "thanks." Of course, we have more wedding thank-you gift ideas for these helpers below.

Gifts for Each Other

Don't forget the most important person of all: your spouse-to-be. A couple's gift exchange around or on the wedding day is a nice way to celebrate your union privately and thank each other for your commitment—especially after a stressful few months of wedding planning. Personally, we're fans of anything with a secret message your partner can wear down the aisle.

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