All the People You Need to Get Thank-You Gifts For

Plus, some thoughtful gift ideas to get you started.
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Updated Nov 27, 2018
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The question of who gets a gift isn't going to be the same for every couple. Either way—even in the flurry of wedding planning—you should never forget to thank the people closest to you.

Our advice? Start by making a list of your wedding party and the family members who've been instrumental in the planning of your wedding or offered support. Next, start adding gift ideas when you think of them next to each name. (You can even mark when you've purchased them to make sure everyone's been accounted for.) If you aren't sure where to start, browse sites with lots of present options, like The Knot Wedding Shop or Amazon. Check out the tips and inspiration below too.

The Maid of Honor Gift

She's shopped for gowns, organized the bridesmaids, volunteered to make wedding favors and—best of all—she's been such a great friend (or family member!) that you decided to bestow her with the highest honor in your wedding party. The gift you give your maid of honor should reflect the starring role she's played in your life. If you decide on a wedding classic like jewelry or a silver compact, personalize the gift with her name or perhaps a phrase or joke meaningful to your relationship.

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The Best Man Gift

From the bachelor party to the toast, the best man will likely put in a lot of work by the time your wedding rolls around, so don't forget to thank him for all his efforts with a gift that shows how much he means to both of you. Dream up something creative like a day at the golf course, or consider a tried-and-true gift, like a personalized pocket watch or pen.

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Gifts for the Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are your best friends, so finding something they'll love might feel like a lot of pressure. Don't stress—they'll love whatever you give them. When in doubt, go for something utilitarian you know they'll be able to use, like a ring holder or beer mug. You can get them an accessory or jewelry you want them to wear for your wedding, but if you do go that route, write them each a sincere note to make your gift feel truly meaningful.

Some engaged couples like to go ultra personal and give each person on their wedding party list an entirely different gift, but you can also choose a gift you know everyone will like (and simply add customization, like nicknames, astrological signs and monograms).

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Gifts for Your Families

Your parents and grandparents have been your biggest fans from the very beginning. No matter who's paying for your wedding, it's essential (and customary) to present both sets of parents and grandparents with a gift. You can add siblings to the list, and feel free to add stepsiblings, stepparents and anyone else you consider immediate family. A night out at their favorite restaurant, a monthly service or a sweet framed favorite photo are all great options.

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Gifts for Your Close Friends and Wedding Helpers

Candlelighters, readers and guest book attendants tend to either be close friends (that aren't in your wedding party) or younger cousins, nieces or nephews. If you're close to your officiant, or you have a friend playing guitar for the ceremony, get something for them as well. A book, nice bottle of wine or a small piece of jewelry are all viable choices for anyone who's playing a special part in your day.

Gifts for Children in the Wedding Party

This might be your ring bearer's very first wedding! Either way, it's always a good idea to choose something they can use or play with (preferably something quiet) during the rehearsal dinner (or reception, if they're attending your wedding) to keep them entertained. Think: sticker books or crafts (like bracelet makers or coloring kits). You could even make a cute tote bag of goodies for them, including parent-approved snacks and a small toy or stuffed animal.

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Gifts for Each Other

With all of the surprises you're planning for your friends and family (and the gifts you're most likely receiving from others), don't forget the most important person of all: your partner. You don't need to be extravagant—you can always decide to give sweet tokens that simply represent your commitment to one another. Whatever your budget or gift, including a secret engraved message is a meaningful, thoughtful and beautiful choice.

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