33 Impressive Gifts for Your Father-in-Law

If you're wondering what to get the man who has everything, consult this handy list.
Collage of four gift ideas for father-in-law
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Associate Commerce Editor
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Updated Jun 03, 2021
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Dads can be some of the trickiest people to shop for, and that only gets more challenging when you're shopping for someone else's dad. If you're not sure where to start on your search for the right gift for your father-in-law, you're certainly not the only one—that's why we've created this handy guide. Whether you've just joined the family or he basically sees you as one of his own by now, one of these thoughtful presents is the perfect way to show your appreciation. We've got gifts for every occasion, from Father's Day to his birthday, the holidays and, well, pretty much any other milestone.

If you're close with your S.O.'s father, surprise him with something sweet and sentimental that shows just how much you care. Still getting to know your in-laws? Play it safe and buy something that reflects his interests instead. Golf accessories are good gifts for the father-in-law who spends his Sundays on the fairways. (But if he's not much of a golfer, we've got plenty of other hobby-related ideas on our list too.) Last but not least, if your FIL is hard to read, go with something practical you know he'll use.

1. A Gourmet Coffee Subscription

Selection of gourmet coffee from Atlas Coffee Club

For the dad-in-law who starts his day with a hot cup of joe, a coffee subscription is a great gift idea. He'll get to sample delicious roasts from around the world (and better yet, he won't run out of coffee unexpectedly).

2. A Watch Made From Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed guitar wood and gunmetal stainless steel watch

Whether he considers himself a bit of a watch collector or he's just in need of a new one, this special accessory is 100% gift-worthy. This handcrafted timekeeper is made with reclaimed wood from a guitar, making it truly one of a kind. The contrasting urban ash and gunmetal stainless steel strike a unique balance of classic and modern.

3. A Candle That Smells Like His Favorite Things

Bacon and bourbon scented candle

When it comes to gift ideas for your father-in-law, don't overthink it. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple nod to some of his favorite things. In this case: a bacon and bourbon-scented candle. What's not to love?

4. Sentimental Wall Art

Custom home portrait sentimental gift for father-in-law

Here's an incredibly special gift for the guy who's so proud of his home. Submit a photo of his abode and Minted will turn it into a piece of art. You choose the color, size and frame. Just imagine the look on his face when he unwraps it—talk about an impressive birthday or holiday gift for your father-in-law!

5. A Perfectly Nerdy Mug

The Best Father-in-Law in the Galaxy Star Wars-themed mug

Brighten up his mornings (or midday slumps at work) with a mug that nods to his favorite movie or show. Trust us, there are tons of pop culture-inspired mugs out there. We like this Star Wars-themed "the best father-in-law in the galaxy" cup.

6. A Well-Dressed (and Delicious) Cake

Father's Day cake from We Take the Cake

What better way to celebrate than with cake? We Take the Cake ships treats for every kind of occasion nationwide. This fun buttoned-up chocolate and golden butter cake is a memorable Father's Day gift for your S.O.'s dad.

7. A Baseball Board Game

Baseball board game gift for father-in-law

Show your thoughtful side with a gift honoring his favorite baseball team. This unique board game is fun to play, and it's handcrafted to last for years to come.

8. The Best Spices for a Barbecue

The Spice House barbecue rub and marinade collection

Still wondering what to get your father-in-law for an upcoming holiday? Any self-proclaimed king of the grill will appreciate gourmet spice blends made just for barbecuing. The set includes all the basics to blow his taste buds away, from Bronzeville rib rub to Jamaican jerk seasoning.

9. An Elevated Yard Game

bocce ball wooden carry case and resin balls

This one's for the guy who can always be found in his backyard: a bocce ball set. This stylish take on the classic lawn game will bring tons of fun to the next family gathering. Each polished resin ball fits neatly inside a chic, wooden case for on-the-go gameplay.

10. A Family Photo for His Desk

Brass easel frame with family photos father-in-law gift

Is your (second) favorite dad the sentimental type? A photo gift of his grandkids in a stylish brass frame might just be the perfect present. The frame even has a handy easel for propping it up on his desk, nightstand or wherever.

11. A Craft Beer Subscription

Beer tasting flight craft beer subscription gift idea for father-in-law

How about a gift that keeps on giving? Subscriptions make for some of the best gifts for a father-in-law—just pick one that really suits him. This one goes out to brew aficionados who want to taste lesser-known (but not lesser-than!) brands from around the country.

12. An Initial Golf Ball Marker

Golf ball marker tin cup father-in-law gift

This nifty little tin cup makes personalizing golf balls quick and easy. He'll be thankful for this one the next time he's on the green. That goes double if his putting buddies are known to "borrow" (read: steal) his balls. He can bring it to the golf course, along with a pen, and mark his playthings on the spot.

13. A Monogrammed Wallet

Monogram slim leather wallet gift idea for father-in-law

You could buy your dad-in-law a regular old wallet, or you could get him this stylishly slim pocket wallet stamped with his initials. It's classy, convenient and personal to boot.

14. Fun Socks

Set of two beer-themed printed socks

If your FIL likes to show his personality loud and proud, these fun beer-themed socks are a practical and funny gift idea. Each unique pair will let him wear his personality on his feet wherever he goes—they'll brighten up his office wear for sure.

15. A Cool Indoor Garden

White smart indoor garden on kitchen shelf

This cool gadget will be his new favorite toy. The innovative indoor garden provides automated care so plants can thrive (regardless of how green his thumbs are). He can use it to grow fresh herbs and other produce for use in the kitchen. It's one of our favorite gifts to give the father-in-law who loves to cook.

16. Ballpark Pint Glasses

Four baseball stadium map pint glasses

Moving back to beer for a second, these unique pint glasses pay tribute to his favorite baseball team with a map of their home stadium in the team's main colors. If that's not cool enough, the last sip of each delicious pint reveals the team's logo. This set of two glasses is a great Father's day gift from a son- or daughter-in-law who's bonded with their FIL over a cold beer.

17. A Personal Fire Pit

Mini concrete fire pit with plate of s'mores ingredients
Rocky Luten

Got an adventurer on your hands? With this mini fire pit, he'll have his own personal campfire wherever he goes. It can be used indoors or outdoors to create seriously cozy vibes (and some pretty darn good s'mores).

18. An Artisanal S'mores Kit

Gourmet s'mores kit father-in-law gift

Speaking of s'mores, we've found the perfect accompaniment to that mini fire pit. This classic s'mores kit includes delicious couverture chocolate, vanilla-bean marshmallows and handmade honey graham crackers for the best s'mores he's ever tasted. They're the perfect excuse for a celebratory barbecue.

19. Football-Themed Serveware

Custom wooden football-shaped serving board

When it comes to gift ideas for the father-in-law who has everything, personalized items are your best bet. Any football-loving FIL will appreciate this on-theme serving board engraved with his first name, family name or a sweet phrase.

20. A Leather Gadget Case

Quality leather technology case

Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical, especially when it comes to shopping for dads (in-laws included). Consider this handy gadget case for the man who loves technology. It's nice and thoughtful without being too over the top, and he'll definitely appreciate being able to keep his earphones, chargers and other accessories neat and tidy. Plus, it's made from premium Italian leather—fancy!

21. A Brain Teaser Puzzle Set

Brainteaser games father-in-law gift idea

This one's for the FIL with a sharp mind. He can stay on top of his game with the help of these challenging toys. Show you care by presenting him with a gift that evokes a touch of nostalgia and a lot of fun.

22. A Watch Lover's Cuff Links

Watch gear cuff links father-in-law gift

If timepieces make him tick, he'll obsess over these gear cuff links. They're crafted using real watch parts—talk about a cool gift idea. Give him the collector's items and we have a hunch you'll spot them on his wrists at the next formal wedding you attend.

23. A Keepsake Fish Hook

Thank You for Raising My Best Catch fishing lure

Want to impress a fisherman? Tell him how lucky you feel that you've reeled in a good one with this sweet "thank you for raising my best catch" lure. Leave it to Etsy to have such a sentimental father-in-law gift.

24. A Super-Fast Phone Sanitizer

White PhoneSoap sanitizer with phone charging inside

The third edition of the PhoneSoap has all the power of the original device with a few added features that make it even cooler. This sleek gadget will disinfect a mobile phone using UV-C light in just 10 short minutes. There's also a charging port so he can charge his device while it's inside. Plus, an acoustic audio amplifier means he won't miss any important calls or notifications in the process.

25. An Incredibly Satisfying Desk Accessory

Speks magnetic silicone building set in blue

Stretch his creative limits with this silicone desk toy that can be used to make over a million different shapes. The unusual building set is made from magnetic silicone that's soft to the touch and satisfyingly bendy. It comes in four trendy colorways that give a chic finishing touch to every sculpture.

26. A Customized Subscription Box

Bespoke Post subscription box contents

Really can't decide what to buy for the father-in-law who has everything? Get him a subscription to Bespoke Post. Each month, he'll be treated to a box filled with curated gifts, whether he loves brunch or barrel-aging his own whiskey. (You can also buy him a one-off box or gift, if a subscription box isn't your FIL's style.) The cherry on top? Bespoke Post is committed to supporting small businesses, giving you something else to feel good about.

27. Stylish Slippers

Cozy moccasin slippers with fleece interior and leather exterior

A comfy pair of slippers is a pretty safe bet, making this a fitting gift for a future father-in-law. All you need to know is his shoe size (just ask your S.O.) and you're good to go. These moccasins are handsewn by artisans at Quoddy. With a super-snug wool fleece interior and long-lasting leather exterior, they're the perfect balance of cozy and durable.

28. The Perfect Plants for His Home Office

Succulent plant gift set for father-in-law

If his home office is his safe space, help him create the perfect atmosphere with a few vibrant succulents. These easy-going plants are a great gift for the father-in-law who appreciates greenery but doesn't always have time to water the plants.

29. A Hot Sauce Trio

TRUFF hot sauce gift set for father-in-law

If you're stuck on what to get your father-in-law for any occasion, from the holidays to his birthday, add a little spice to his meals with a variety pack of TRUFF's hot sauce. Inside the elegant black and gold gift box, he'll find three bottles with unique flavors. Each sauce is made from a blend of truffles and chili peppers, making it way fancier than his usual stuff.

30. Personalized Guitar Picks

Guitar-shaped wooden box with three personalized guitar picks inside

Whether he plays guitar or just loves music, any sentimental in-law will appreciate this personalized gift. Inside the wooden guitar (which you can have etched with his name) he'll find three wooden guitar picks, which can also be customized however you want. You can add his monogram, a simple image or even a short message to show your appreciation.

31. Tasty Dessert Cocktails

Gift box of three dessert cocktails

Alcohol is an excellent last-minute gift for your father-in-law, especially if he has a favorite scotch or bourbon you can easily pick up. But, if you have a little more time on your hands before the special occasion, why not up the ante a bit? This delicious set of dessert cocktails includes three one-of-a-kind drinks: The Artisan, Huntington Peach and King Kong.

32. A Golf Ball With His Face on It

Golf balls customized with photos father-in-law gift idea

Wondering what to get the father-in-law who really, truly seems to have everything? We bet he doesn't have a golf ball with his face on it. Who said funny gifts for your dad-in-law can't be practical too?

33. A DIY Craft Beer Kit

Craft beer kit DIY gift for father-in-law

Need a gift for the father-in-law who loves to DIY? He'll have lots of fun making his very own craft beer with this home brew set. All the trimmings are included, from the ingredients and equipment to the instructions on how to use them. There are even cute bottle labels with space to fill in the batch, date, brewer and more.

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