34 Affordable Wedding Favors You Won’t Believe Are Under $1

Looking for wedding favor ideas that are inexpensive, but don’t look it? Find cheap wedding favors that barely cost a thing—and your guests will love.
by Audrey Noble

We all like to save money where we can—and one way to do that is by being creative with wedding favors. There's no need to fork over a ton of your budget when there are plenty of less expensive—but still just as adorable—options out there. We've searched everywhere for not only inexpensive wedding favors, but wedding favors that cost under one dollar. Yes, you read that correctly: We've found the best wedding favors for under a dollar. See our picks below.

Contemporary Hearts Fan

love hearts airplane fan

Not only is this cheap wedding favor incredibly cute, it's functional as well. It's perfect in case your venue is a tad bit hotter than expected.

The Knot Shop contemporary hearts fan, 98¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Custom Tea Bags

personalized wedding tea favors

Looking for something a little more unexpected? Personalized black tea bags are  a more unique wedding favor, and something guests will absolutely love.

David's Bridal exclusive personalized wedding tea favors, 80¢ each, DavidsBridal.com

Heart Photo Frames

aluminum mini heart photo frames

You can do a lot with these frames. Hand them out for guests to insert their own photos, write a personalized message for them, or use them as place card holders.

The Knot Shop mini magnet back aluminum heart photo frames, 99¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Compact Mirror

silver metal mirror

Compacts make for great wedding favors. Personalized them with an engraving or putting special sticker.

Wholesale Favors perfectly plain collection silver metal mirror, 87¢ each, WholesaleFavors.com


wedding bubbles

If you've ever dreamt of being showered with bubbles, hand this cheap wedding favor to your guests. Each bottle comes pre-filled with bubble mixture and is capped off with a heart stopper.

The Knot Shop best day ever wedding bubbles, 42¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Champagne Bottle Bubbles

champagne bottle bubbles

If you want to splurge a little bit more for bubbles, we say go for this cute champagne bottle.

The Knot Shop wedding bubbles in champagne bottle favor, 62¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Personalized Matchbox

personalized matchbox

Matches are one of those things you don't think you need until you do. Solve that problem for your guests and design personalized matchboxes for them.

The Knot Shop personalized matchbox, 89¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Personalized Coasters

personalized paper coasters

A coaster is one of those party favors that will be used again and again long after the party is over. Personalize a paper one for a great price.

The Knot Shop personalized paper coasters, 25¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com


white earbuds

This cheap wedding favor is definitely something your guests will appreciate—an extra set of headphones is always welcome.

Wholesale Favors perfectly plain collection earbud headphones, 75¢ each, WholesaleFavors.com

Antique Key Charm

antique key charm hearts

This double hearts key charm is simply adorable, and perfect for an escort card display.

The Knot Shop antique key charm double hearts, 92¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Ceramic Bird Dish

small white ceramic bird dish

We're big fans of cheap wedding favors that can be kept as cute keepsakes, like this small ceramic bird dish.

The Knot Shop small white ceramic bird dish favor, 98¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Personalized Bottle Opener

personalized wedding bottle opener

These bottle openers are small enough to fit anywhere, and you can customize them with your own design or messaging.

Kate Aspen personalized bottle opener, 95¢ each, KateAspen.com

Crown Charms

royal crown charms

You don't have to marry Prince Harry to make your wedding regal. These crown charms are just what you need to give your celebration the royal treatment.

The Knot Shop royal crown charms, 58¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Personalized Wooden Magnets

custom wooden magnets

Personalized magnets on these wooden buttons make it easy for guests to remember your wedding day for years to come.

David's Bridal personalized wooden magnets, 80¢ each, DavidsBridal.com

Card Suits Keychains

card suits keychains

A five-star rating and stellar reviews can't be wrong. These keychains are not only adorable, but fun as well.

The Knot Shop card suits keychains, 48¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Frosted Flex Cup

personalized frosted flex cup

A frosted glass is something your guests will use again and again at home—and they'll remember all the fun they had at your wedding. Don't forget to personalize it.

Kate Aspen personalized 12oz. frosted flex cup, 75¢ each, KateAspen.com

Compass Charms

compass charm

For whatever your theme may be, these compass charms are just incredibly cute.

The Knot Shop compass charms, 46¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Shot Glasses

custom shot glasses

Shot glasses make for great momentos. Add to your guests' bar carts with your own custom one.

YourDreamWeddingShop custom shot glass, 90¢ each, Etsy.com

Novelty Camera

novelty camera party favor

Maybe we're nostalgic for simpler times, but there's something about a vintage camera everyone loves. This novelty camera party favor is a unique keepsake that guests will more than appreciate.

The Knot Shop novelty camera party favor, 92¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Chocolate Kisses

wedding silver and gold chocolate kisses

You can't go wrong with anything edible, especially a sweet classic like chocolate kisses. Put your own spin on it by customizing its packaging.

David's Bridal pers I DO classic wedding silver and gold kisses, 32¢ each, DavidsBridal.com

Glass Candy Jar

small glass candy jar

Everyone loves minis, and everyone loves candy. These small glass candy jars are the perfect inexpensive wedding favor, especially if guests happen to love sweet things.

The Knot Shop small glass candy jar with lid wedding favor, 99¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Design Bookmarks

personalized bookmarks

Have guests always remember your day whenever they read a book.

Favors By Serendipity personalized expression collection damask design bookmarks, 99¢ each, FavorsBySerendipity.com

Wedding Tissues

bride and groom wedding tissues

Weddings are emotional occasions. For those really feeling the love, equip them with personalized tissues in case the tears start rolling—they'll be thankful you did.

The Knot Shop bride and groom wedding tissues favor, 65¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Mini Airplane Glider

mini airplane glider love

Having guests assemble their own paper plane is a fun and easy activity for any downtime during the reception. Also, the end result is really cute.

The Knot Shop mini airplane glider favors "Love is in the Air," 95¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Mint Candies

mint wrapped swirl candies

Gum or mints is the perfect after-dinner treat. This cheap wedding favor will be a lifesaver for a lot of people, trust us.

The Knot Shop foil wrapped mint swirl candies, 16¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Heart Note

plantable heart note

Tell your guests how much you appreciate them celebrating with you with a little love note.

My Wedding Favors plantable heart note favor, 80¢ each, MyWeddingFavors.com

Decorative Chalkboard

decorative chalkboard wedding favor

Chalkboards make for great place cards. But guests can also take these cheap wedding favors to use them at home.

My Wedding Favors decorative chalkboards, 67¢ each, MyWeddingFavors.com

Antique Bottle Opener

antique gold bottle opener

This vintage-inspired "love" bottle opener works with just about any style or theme. And reviews for it have been stellar too.

Wedding Favors Unlimited love antique gold bottle opener, 49¢ each, WeddingFavorsUnlimited.com

Playing Cards

metallic playing cards

Playing cards are the perfect favors. Drinking games and icebreakers for your guests to play at the reception will make it that much more fun.

Wholesale Favors personalized metallics collection playing cards favors, 90¢ each, WholesaleFavors.com

Chalk Heart Stickers

chalk heart stickers

These chalk heart stickers make for great DIY place cards at such a great price.

My Wedding Favors chalk heart stickers, 70¢ each, MyWeddingFavors.com

Gold Wooden Hearts

gold wooden hearts

A more creative to spin to writing a note to your guests. This is something decorative they can take home with them.

My Wedding Favors gold wood hearts, 32¢ each, MyWeddingFavors.com

White Notebook

mini white notebook

Who doesn't love an empty notebook? It's just waiting to be filled with thoughts and memories of your celebration.

Wholesale Favors perfectly plain collection notebook favors, 62¢ each, WholesaleFavors.com

Boat Anchor Charm

brass boat anchor charm

Made with a nice brass finish, this boat anchor charm is another cheap wedding favor that ties into a nautical- themed wedding quite nicely.

The Knot Shop boat anchor charm, 46¢ each, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

Personalized Sunglasses

personalized white sunglasses

Get guests party ready at the reception with personalized sunglasses. They're great for photo ops, plus they can use them long after your wedding.

Favors By Serendipity white retro personalized sunglasses, 99¢ each, FavorsBySerendipity.com

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