These Affordable Wedding Favors Are All Under $1 Each

Shop cheap and cheerful gifts for your guests.
Four affordable wedding favors
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Updated Mar 07, 2024
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We know what you're thinking: Is it really possible to buy wedding party favors for under $1 each? Yes, it is! While managing the cost of wedding favors can be challenging, we're here to show you there's no need to adjust your budget—or *gasp* cut out gifts for guests completely. After searching high and low, we're sharing the best inexpensive wedding favors you can buy online that don't look cheap.

Giving party favors to your wedding guests is a lovely way to show family and friends how thankful you are that they could celebrate with you. There are plenty of budget-friendly wedding favors that express this sentiment, like edible confections, practical bar accessories and personalized keepsakes—you just need to know where to look. The Knot Vendor Marketplace is a great resource for finding party favors in your locality, but there are other sites to check out, which we'll share below.

Where Can You Buy Wedding Favors in Bulk?

Buying wedding favors in bulk can help you score a discount amd keep your budget in check. If you're wondering where to find inexpensive wedding favors online, Etsy, Zazzle and Amazon are worth visiting. They regularly offer bulk discounts and are all great places to score quality gifts at wallet-friendly prices. The Knot Shop is also stocked with cool (and cheap) wedding souvenirs that already have slashed pricing.

The Best Budget-Friendly Wedding Favors

Get ready to score some big savings because we've found great party favors for less than a dollar each. Of course, we know that price isn't the only factor when picking out wedding favors—finding something fun, personal and in-line with your wedding theme is important too. Ready to grab yourself a bargain? Here are the best wedding favors to buy if you're shopping on a budget.

1. Personalized Bottle Openers

Custom bottle opener wedding favors
Photo: The Knot Shop

Yes, we are a little biased for starting our list of inexpensive wedding party favors with our own retailer—but these bottle openers are simply too good to miss. For one, their credit card-like design makes them easy for guests to carry around in their wallets. Additionally, they can be personalized with a trendy saying, clip art and your wedding details. They're an affordable yet useful wedding favor that won't be left behind.

2. Thematic Matchboxes

Personalized match box wedding favor
Photo: Zazzle

Whether you're hosting a rustic mountain wedding or tropical beach nuptials, Zazzle will have a matchbox design that fits your aesthetic. And if you don't see one amongst the dozens of pages, you can create your own. This elegant option reads "the perfect match" in a cursive font with your names and wedding date underneath. They're sold in packs of 50, making each matchbox under one dollar.

3. Heart-Shaped Coasters

Heart-shaped cork coaster wedding favors
Photo: Kate Aspen

Not only are these inexpensive wedding gifts for guests incredibly cute, but they're also functional. Place these cork coasters on guests' tables to double as rustic (and romantic) decor. After the big day, your guests can each take their heart-shaped coaster home to protect their precious furniture or brighten up their desks. Cute, right?

4. Plantable Seed Papers

Wildflower seed wedding favors embedded in paper hearts
Photo: ADayToRememberStudio

Gift your loved ones something they can appreciate for years to come with these plantable Etsy wedding favors. The cute paper heart is embedded with wildflower seeds your guests can grow in their backyard. Once the flowers bloom, they'll be reminded of your wedding day all over again. Have the cards personalized with your names and a short phrase like "Let love grow," for a cute touch.

5. Wedding Playing Cards

Box of playing cards wedding favor
Photo: Oriental Trading

You found your perfect pair, now help your guests find theirs—assuming they play Go Fish, that is! These sets of playing cards will keep both kids and adults entertained throughout the reception and beyond. Each card is decorated with silver hearts and the word "Love" for a thoughtful tribute to your romance. Best of all, they're sold in bundles of 48, so you can easily nab a pack for everyone on your guest list.

6. "Best Day Ever" Bubbles

Bottles of bubble mixture
Photo: The Knot Shop

If you've always dreamt of being showered with bubbles during your send-off, treat your guests to these cheap (and cheerful) wedding favors. Each bottle in the set of 24 comes prefilled with a bubble mixture and is capped with a heart-shaped stopper. The icing on the cake? They read "Best day ever," in shimmering gold. We don't think any of your guests will disagree with that.

7. Photo Guitar Picks

Personalized guitar pick wedding favors
Photo: Personalization Mall

Think you can't nab personalized wedding favors for under a buck? Think again. These customized guitar picks are a cool (and affordable) idea that guests won't expect but will definitely love. They're especially fitting if you or your spouse play an instrument or are into all things music-related. Personalize them with your wedding details and a cute photo for a creative party favor that hits all the right notes.

8. Assorted Savory Snacks

assorted snack box for the best cheap wedding favors
Photo: Amazon

If you're shopping for affordable wedding favors your guests can eat, it's hard to beat a savory snack. This tasty assortment includes 40 individual bags of popular treats like Doritos, Cheetos and Lays, so you can easily stock your snack station on a budget. Order plenty because guests will snap these up in seconds to keep their late-night cravings at bay.

9. Mini Bookmarks

mini bookmarks for the best cheap wedding favors
Photo: Zazzle

Whoever said that searching for wedding favors on a budget limits your options? This under-$1 option is for the self-proclaimed bookworms. Share your love of literature with friends and family by handing out these clever (and incredibly useful) bookmark favors. Have them personalized with your names or favorite literary quotes for a thoughtful touch.

10. Customized Hershey Kisses

Hershey's kisses personalized with couples' names and wedding dates
Photo: Amazon

PSA: Three pounds of chocolate is probably not enough to satisfy all your wedding guests. Luckily, at about 13 cents a pop, it won't cost an arm and a leg to get a few extra bags in. These milk chocolate Hershey's Kisses are outfitted with "I do" wrappers and custom stickers with your wedding details and cute clip art. Just note: Assembly is required, so you'll need to set aside time to put the stickers on.

11. Punny Breath Mints

breath mints with puns from MomsOddballQuirks on Etsy
Photo: MomsOddballQuirks

Everyone will appreciate a little refresher after hors d'oeuvres are passed or dinner is served. Personalized with your names and wedding date, these individually wrapped mints are another edible wedding favor idea you can buy in bulk. Complete your giveaways with clever phrases like "Mint to be," or "Thank you for celebrating our commit-mint."

12. Shot Glasses

Take A Shot We Tied The Knot shot glasses cheap wedding favor
Photo by: Amazon

This one is for all the over-21 guests who like to party. Each of these shot glasses is printed with a playful message that reads, "Take a shot, we tied the knot." Just make sure you have your favorite alcohol (and chaser) on hand so everyone can put them to use right away. Don't forget to include a couple of these inexpensive wedding giveaways for you and your new spouse too so you can join in the festivities.

13. Personalized Hand Fans

personalized hand fans for the best cheap wedding favors
Photo: The Knot Shop

Whether you're having a summer wedding or tying the knot in a humid climate, these affordable wedding favors will help guests stay cool and calm. Each hand fan features your names and wedding date on the front, with room for a thank-you message or an event outline on the back. We love the tropical vibes of this leafy design, but there are dozens of other themes available to fit your aesthetic.

14. Scented Soap Bars

Heart-shaped soap wedding favors
Photo: ButtercupGoods

If you're searching for cheap wedding guest favors to put in welcome bags, start with luxe toiletries. These heart-shaped soaps look fancy, but they're actually really affordable. Each is infused with lavender essential oil for a calming scent with the option to add poppy seeds or oatmeal for exfoliation. They can be wrapped in bags with a thank-you sticker for an extra charge, which—amazingly—still works out at under $1 each. (Note: This listing is for 75 soaps, but the seller offers other quantities on their shop page.)

15. Glass Candy Jars

glass sweets jars for the best wedding favors
Photo: The Knot Shop

When it comes to sourcing economical wedding favors, a little bit of DIY can go a long way. If you've got the time (and the patience), fill these glass candy jars with small treats for your guests. Sweets, snacks or even bath salts—whatever you decide to put in them is up to you, so be creative! Guests can reuse them to stash candies or trinkets once they've emptied them.

16. Cute Keychains

personalized keychains for the best wedding favors
Photo: Amazon

These wooden keychains are so cute it's hard to believe they cost less than a quarter—never mind a dollar—each. The adorable keepsakes are shaped like jigsaw pieces and etched with the message, "Thank you for celebrating with us." Best of all, you can bulk buy them in sets of 100 or 200 and they come with organza bags for a thoughtful presentation.

17. "The Perfect Blend" Tea Bags

Personalized tea bag wedding favors
Photo: BestDayEverSpot

Give your guests a warm beverage to close out the night or jump-start their morning with this tea wedding favor. If you assemble these yourself (by putting the sticker on the bag), they'll stay just under budget. The custom sticker is oh-so-cute, featuring your names and wedding date under a punny phrase and surrounded by roses.

18. Travel-Sized Hand Lotions

Mini hand lotion wedding favors
Photo: Amazon

Here's another cheap wedding favor for your guests' welcome bags: hand lotion! It's an especially great gift if you're having a fall or winter wedding when the air is extra-dry. This bulk set has an assortment of 10 natural scents, including soothing rose, shea butter, lavender, chamomile and green tea. Guests will be grateful to slather this on after a day of shaking hands, hugging or being out in the elements.

19. Mini Wedding Bells

cute mini wedding bells for the best wedding favors
Photo: The Knot Shop

Still searching for unique wedding favors on a budget? These mini wedding bells are an inexpensive option that'll add a fun touch to your celebration. Leave one on every place setting, then when guests ring them, you and your spouse have to kiss. If you're willing to stretch your budget a little more, you can add a personalized thank-you tag and a ribbon for an extra charge.

20. "Happy Tears" Tissues

Happy Tears wedding tissues
Photo: TheThoughtfulBride

Here's a practical wedding favor guests will be grateful to have for all those emotional moments throughout the day. These packs of tissues come in sleek, translucent packaging with a sentimental message on the front. We recommend giving these out early so your loved ones can dry their eyes when you and your spouse exchange vows or gush about each other in your speeches.

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