The 35 Most Ideal Gifts For Your Mother-in-Law Regardless of Your Relationship

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Updated Apr 30, 2024
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Shopping for your in-laws can seem a little (okay, extremely) intimidating—and gifts for your mother-in-law (whether she's your best friend or Jane Fonda in "Monster In Law") can feel particularly tricky. How do you show your gratitude for the woman who raised your true love? Well, don't stress—we're here to make finding the perfect gift for your MIL easy. Whether you're shopping for something special to hand over on Mother's Day or a birthday gift that'll wow, these gift ideas for your mother-in-law are sure to put a smile on her face.

When it comes to deciding what to gift your mother-in-law, there are three ways to source inspiration. To start, begin by reflecting on your relationship. If you two are close, you may want to choose a personalized gift for your mother-in-law that represents how well you know her or harkens back to a favorite memory you share. If you're still getting to know your in-laws, opt for an activity you can both do together, like a cooking or art class. You can also take your MIL's interests into account. Is she an avid reader? Is she often tending to her garden? A gift for your MIL that reflects her hobbies will show that you're paying attention and that you've taken the time to choose something she'll truly enjoy. Finally, consider the occasion you're shopping for. For instance, Mother's Day is a great time to shower her with self-care essentials, like a luxe blanket, an assortment of teas or a spa gift card to help her indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation after all the care and support she has continuously given her family.

Don't forget, you can lean on your partner for help too! They can (hopefully) help select an ideal gift, or at least steer you in the right direction of something their mom will appreciate. If nothing comes to mind for either of you, keep scrolling for the best gifts for mother-in-laws suitable for any occasion, from her birthday to Mother's Day to Christmas and Hanukkah and beyond.

Last-Minute Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law

Want to know what our editors are gifting? Start your shopping with some of our favorite mother-in-law gift ideas below that you can snag at the eleventh hour!

      Your Complete Mother-in-Law Gift Guide

      Still not sure what to get your mother-in-law for Mother's Day, her birthday, Christmas or "just because"? Keep scrolling for more inspiration!

      1. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

      Murder mystery jigsaw puzzle mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      This gift will transform your mother-in-law into Sherlock Holmes, while you take on the role of Dr. John Watson. Instead of relying on visuals, this jigsaw puzzle is guided by a narrative, gradually unveiling clues to a murder mystery. She'll piece it together until she uncovers the culprit and completes the puzzle. If you already know she's a skilled detective and puzzler, gift her both crime games to solve.

      2. Global Tea Subscription

      Global tea subscription mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Atlas Tea Club

      Tell your mother-in-law she's tea-rific with a subscription to Atlas Tea Club. They'll send her two exclusive blends of loose-leaf tea from around the world every month for the duration of your choosing. With each delivery, she'll also receive a beautiful postcard from the featured country of the month and tasting notes to enhance her tea experience. You can even schedule a special email to surprise her with the gift, ensuring she feels celebrated right on time, even if you're shopping at the last minute. (Psst, does your mother-in-law prefer coffee? Choose an Atlas Coffee Club subscription instead!)

      3. Wooden Reading Valet

      Wooden reading valet mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      If your MIL is always talking about her latest page-turner, this wooden valet will show her you're invested in her hobbies. The unique holder will save her spot (without breaking the book spine) as well as hold her reading glasses, beverage and phone. She can carry it around the house to all her favorite cozy nooks or leave it on the bedside table to organize all her reading essentials. You can even make it an even more perfect gift for your mother-in-law who moonlights as a librarian by adding a steel bookplate.

      4. Personalized Leather Glasses Case

      Custom leather glasses case mother-in-law gift
      Photo: SbriStudio

      Whether it's sunglasses clattering around in her car or reading glasses disappearing into the depths of her purse, your MIL always seems to misplace her spectacles. Help her keep them safe and easily accessible with this stylish leather case. Adorned with a charming floral pattern that matches her sunny personality, and personalized with gold embossing of her name, it's the perfect solution. Available in white or purple, and with a variety of other vibrant designs offered by the Etsy seller, there's something to suit every taste!

      5. Birth Month Flower Pendant

      Birth month flower necklace mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Made by Mary

      When it comes to good gifts for your mother-in-law, jewelry is a classic option—especially when it has a symbolic meaning. Each of these pendant necklaces is stamped with a birth flower for each month of the year. They come in sterling silver or a gold-filled or rose gold-filled finish and two chain-length options. You can even choose a smaller charm size, so you really get a piece that suits her style. We love this as a birthday gift for your mother-in-law, given the personalization.

      6. Symbolic Glass Keepsake

      Glass globe keepsake mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Uncommon Gifts

      We've officially found the most thoughtful gift for your mother-in-law. This handmade recycled glass globe features a vibrant tree meant to symbolize family ties. The pink and yellow ornament represents motherhood to show her how much you value her support and guidance. You can also shop for a rainbow globe to represent family or a white, yellow and purple one for grandparents. Just make sure to pair whichever you choose with the iron display stand so she can show it off right away.

      7. Spa and Salon Gift Card

      Spa and salon gift card mother-in-law gift

      Treat your mother-in-law to the ultimate relaxation and self-care experience with a SpaFinder gift card. Redeemable at thousands of spas and salons worldwide, she'll have the freedom to indulge in whatever treatment she desires, whether it's a soothing massage, a lavish facial, or a pampering mani-pedi. Plus, with its convenient e-card format, it offers instant delivery, making it the ideal last-minute mother-in-law gift, regardless of the occasion you may have forgotten.

      8. Snug Wool Slippers

      Snug wool slippers from Nordstrom mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Nordstrom

      No matter who you're shopping for, a quality pair of slippers is a good gift idea—after all, everyone loves some extra coziness. The soft wool lining and durable rubber soles of these water-resistant UGGs mean your MIL can sport them at home and on the go. Gift them for Mother's Day to encourage her to kick up her feet and relax. And don't forget a thoughtfully written Mother's Day card for your MIL to complete the present!

      9. Cable Knit Throw Blanket

      Cable knit throw blanket mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Boll & Branch

      A quality blanket—like this cable knit throw—is another household staple for anyone who loves their downtown cuddling up with a good book or lounging in front of the TV. This cozy design is made from 100% organic cotton for a feather-soft and breathable blanket. We totally understand if you want to get one for yourself, too!

      10. Decorative Measuring Cups

      Decorative measuring cups mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Anthropologie

      Does your mother-in-law love baking? Allow us to introduce you to these extra-beautiful measuring cups. With a colorful Persian-inspired design, these hand-painted ceramic tools look too good to hide away in a cupboard. The set includes four separate measures for 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup, each complete with a soaring butterfly and gold details. She'll put them to work right away for a batch of "thank you" cookies!

      11. Smart Indoor Planter

      Click & Grow smart planter mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Click & Grow

      The Click and Grow smart garden is one of the most popular gift ideas for in-laws—and for a good reason. It makes growing veggies, herbs or flowers a supremely simple task by automating light, water and nutrient levels all on its own. (So convenient!) Each device includes three basil pods, so your MIL can start her indoor garden right away, but you can also shop over 75 different plant varieties to add on in case you know she's been dreaming of her own mint plant or loves to cook with chives.

      12. Personalized Herb Stripper

      Personalized herb stripper mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Karthage

      Did you gift your mom-in-law a Click and Grow smart garden last year? Add to her kitchen convenience with a pretty and practical herb trimmer instead. This handmade herb stripper (with an extra-large hole for leafy greens) will help her easily prep fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme for cooking. Best of all, the natural olive wood can be engraved with her name at no additional cost—feel free to add "chef" in front of it.

      13. Wine Pairing Towel Set

      dish towel gift for mother-in-law
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      Does your MIL love a good glass of vino? Then she'll love these cotton dish towels. They're not only absorbent, but they also feature notes on pairing red and white wines with different foods. She'll simply select her main ingredient, like fish, and then follow the grid to find the best bottle. It's a clever mother-in-law gift whether she's an amateur or professional chef. Just make sure to gift it ahead of Christmas dinner so she can start putting the recipe suggestions to the test.

      14. Monogrammed Stationery

      Monogrammed stationery from Papier
      Photo: Papier

      Still getting handwritten notes from your mother-in-law? (So sweet!) Gift her some personalized stationery to really take her letter writing to the next level. This paper set features wildflowers with her initials and return address, though Papier has dozens of other pretty designs to shop as well. Pair it with a luxe rollerball pen, then prepare to get a thank-you note using it all!

      15. Sentimental Mother-in-Law Candle

      Mother-in-law candle gift
      Photo: WisdomHouseCo

      We can't imagine anyone turning down a sweet-smelling candle, but if you're aiming to make this nice gift for your mother-in-law even more special, consider a personalized one. This Etsy seller provides labels that say "For My Other Mother," with space for your personal note, adding an extra touch of thoughtfulness. It doesn't get any more adorable than that!

      16. Fresh Flower Delivery

      Colorful bouquet for mother-in-law
      Photo: BloomsyBox

      If you're wondering what to get your mother-in-law for her birthday or Mother's Day, a bouquet of brightly colored blooms is sure to put a smile on her face. She'll be overjoyed when she opens the door to receive this thoughtful surprise from BloomsyBox. The bouquet includes cheerful flowers in all shades like yellow gerberas, peach roses and lavender stocks. Pro tip: Select the gift button before adding it to your cart so you can include a personal message.

      Make sure to use the code KNOT20 for 20% off!

      17. Fun Learning Experience

      Uncommon Goods learning experience mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      Looking for a gift for your mother-in-law who has everything? Sign her up for an "Uncommon Experience" by Uncommon Goods. There are lots of unique online activities to choose from, including flower arranging, painting and astrology chart reading. Our favorite: Decorative Focaccia Art Class. Not only will she learn how to make classic Italian flatbread and marinara dipping sauce, but she'll also use vegetables and cheese to decorate the top into edible art. If you're close, she may even let you sit in on a class with her—hello, bonding!

      18. Infused Olive Oils

      Infused olive oil set mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Brightland

      Here's a flavorful gift idea: Brightland's extra virgin olive oils will effortlessly heighten any dish your mother-in-law is preparing. This set of minis will let her sample their chili-, garlic-, lemon- and basil-infused olive oils to find the one she likes the best—then you can get her a full bottle next gifting occasion. As a bonus, each bottle label is uniquely designed by indie artists for a beautiful addition to her pantry.

      19. Pearl Bracelet

      Pearl bracelet mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Gorjana

      Help your mother-in-law accessorize with a trendy but timeless pearl bracelet. This beaded strand comes with an 18K gold-plated clasp and is compatible with charms for a thoughtful extra touch (think: her initials, her family monogram or a heart). This sweet and luxurious gift for your mother-in-law will be just the finishing touch her birthday 'fit needs.

      20. Floral Keepsake Box

      jewelry box mother-in-law-gifts
      Photo: Kate Spade

      No gift wrapping is necessary for this cute lil' box! Everyone can use a keepsake box, especially your MIL who has lots of gorgeous jewelry and treasured trinkets to store. Made from enamelware and stainless steel, this colorful floral box from Kate Spade will be a welcome gift, whether you're shopping for a holiday or her birthday.

      21. Herringbone Shawl

      Herringbone shawl mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Chappywrap

      Shawls are a great addition to anyone's wardrobe, especially if your mother-in-law enjoys comfort and style. This lightweight wrap is made from a soft cotton blend and features a timeless herringbone design to go with her whole closet. Best of all, it's machine-washable (and dryable), as well as pilling and fuzzing-resistant.

      22. Ancestry DNA Kit

      AncestryDNA kit mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Ancestry

      If she has unanswered questions about her heritage, an AncestryDNA kit will help her better understand her roots. This great gift for your mother-in-law can help her trace her lineage so she can learn more about—and even see pictures of—her great, great, great grandparents. We bet she'll have a family tree prepared by the next gathering.

      23. Custom Pet Phone Case

      Custom pet phone case mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Purr & Mutt

      If she considers the family pup or kitty another one of her children, this funny mother-in-law gift is a fun and quirky way to honor just that. Just upload a picture of her pet to turn it into a custom portrait printed on a colorful phone case. Warning: She's going to show off her furry friend even more now.

      24. Customized Stanley Cup

      Customized Stanley cup mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Stanley

      Earn yourself "In-Law of the Year" with this mother-in-law gift idea. While others may not think she needs another water bottle, you know that every HydroFlask, CamelBak and Nalgeen in her cabinets has a specific use. And she definitely needs to add a Stanley Cup to her collection—particularly a personalized one. This 40-ounce Quencher tumbler will keep her hydrated all day. Plus, with a special color and engraved design like her monogram, hers will stand out from the rest of her friends.

      25. Monthly Puzzle Subscription

      Monthly puzzle subscription mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Jiggy

      Surprise your mother-in-law with a gift that keeps on giving from Jiggy Puzzles. With their subscription service, she'll receive a new, beautifully crafted puzzle delivered straight to her doorstep each month. Each puzzle is a work of art designed by female artists and promises hours of entertainment and relaxation. Whether she's a puzzle enthusiast or simply loves a good challenge, this subscription is sure to bring joy and excitement into her life month after month.

      26. Hand Care Gift Set

      Sustainable hand soap set for mother-in-law
      Photo Aēsop

      While hand soap might not initially strike you as a luxury gift for your mother-in-law, this set from Aēsop will certainly change that perception. This thoughtful gift combines the sustainable brand's top-selling hand soap and hand balm, creating a nourishing duo that she'll absolutely adore. The amazing citrus, woodsy and herbaceous scent are just the bubbles on top.

      27. Lavender Pampering Set

      Lavender pampering spa kit mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Uncommon Goods

      Give your MIL the gift of some R&R. This at-home spa kit includes a shower steamer, body oil and soap bar—all infused with lavender essential oils—as well as a soy candle and lip balm. She'll especially love using this rejuvenating gift set to treat herself on a special occasion—like successfully hosting another summer block party.

      28. Weighted Eye Mask

      Weighted eye mask mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Lunya

      There's nothing like the gift of a better night's sleep. This restorative eye mask by Lunya is made from the brand's signature washable silk for a lavish feel and it boasts added weight for extra relaxation and, thus, deeper sleep. Plus, it's filled with sustainable glass beads, so she can store the mask in the freezer for a cooling and depuffing treatment. Now that's a top gift idea for your mother-in-law that you're going to want to get one for yourself too.

      Psst, if you're a new Lunya customer, you can use the code FOR-TK to receive 15% off your first purchase.

      29. Radiant Skincare Gift Set

      Origins brightening skincare routine for mother-in-law
      Photo: Origins

      We love this Origins bundle—and your mother-in-law will too. The included three-step skincare regimen will give her noticeably radiant skin, making her the star of every family photo. It's complete with a brightening serum, a refreshing eye cream and an energizing gel cream, which she'll apply in that order for glowing skin.

      30. Vibrant Floral Coasters

      Vibrant floral coasters mother in law gift
      Photo: Anthropologie

      Bring the beauty of the natural world to her coffee table, kitchen counter or dining table with these decaled travertine coasters from Anthropologie. The bright floral and fruity graphics will be a colorful addition to your mom-in-law's home. (And destined to be loved by anyone who appreciates biophilic or maximalist design elements).

      31. Wine Tasting Experience

      Wine tasting experience mother-in-law gift
      Photo: In Good Taste

      What's the next best thing to taking your MIL on a wine-tasting trip? Bringing wine country to her! In Good Taste offers curated gift boxes of reds, whites and rosés to choose from, including a selection of California favorites that'll transport her to the Golden State with every sip. Each set includes four to 16 different wines bottled in convenient 187-milliliter quantities that allow her to enjoy one glass at a time. Fingers crossed she shares!

      32. Aesthetic Wine Chiller

      Wine chiller and tumblers for mother-in-law
      Photo: Vinglace

      Here's to more wine nights with your bonus mom! This stainless steel accessory refrigerates a bottle of white or rosé (or red, no judgment), keeping it at the perfect temp for around four hours without any slippery condensation. And, thanks to the chic design, it won't take away from her carefully planned tablescape—we're sold. It even comes with two matching tumblers, one for each of you, so the vino in your glasses also stays cold as you chat the evening away.

      33. Premade Charcuterie Board

      Premade charcuterie board mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Boarderie

      Impress your mother-in-law with a delicious (and stunning) gift from Boarderie. Complete with 17 hand-selected artisan cheeses (shaped into a heart and letters to spell "Mom"), meats, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates and olives as well as rosemary and olive oil crackers, it offers a delectable tasting experience that she'll truly appreciate. And they have free overnight shipping!

      34. Tinggly Experience Voucher

      Tinggly experience voucher mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Tinggly

      Surprise your super mother-in-law with an extraordinary gift from Tinggly. Their experience vouchers offer an array of thrilling adventures from around the world, allowing her to choose the bucket list item of her dreams. Whether she's longing for a serene spa day, a thrilling outdoor excursion or a cultural immersion, the Superwoman collection has something to suit her every whim and fancy.

      35. Amazon Echo Show

      Amazon Echo Show mother-in-law gift
      Photo: Amazon

      The best mother-in-law gift is more time together—even if it's virtual. An Amazon Echo Show can do nearly everything, from playing music and streaming shows to giving daily reminders, searching for recipes and, best of all, making video calls. Here's to more face time with her grandkids! The best part? Once the call is over, she can use the Echo Show as a digital frame to rotate through all her favorite family photos. It's a gift that can do it all—just like her!

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