50 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your bridesmaids deserve much more than the usual keychain or strand of faux pearls. Get creative and personal with these unique ideas.
Gold monogrammed bridesmaid clutches
Photo by Allan Zepeda

Entertain her

1. Tickets to a musical or dinner theater
2. Magazine subscriptions
3. Headphones in her favorite color
4. Specialty playing cards
5. The latest best-selling book
6. A gift certificate to a movie theater or music venue
7. An e-reader like a Kindle Fire or iPad
8. A movie-themed gift basket
9. Tickets to a sporting event
10. A set of movies themed around a favorite actor, director or film era
11. A bottle of wine and a new board game

Pamper her

12. Silk pajamas
13. A Moroccan-inspired robe
14. Personalized stationery
15. A gift certificate to a local boutique
16. A monogrammed set of bath towels
17. A designer clutch
18. A gift certificate to a luxury spa
19. A designer makeup bag
20. A beauty gift package
21. A hair and beauty makeover at a local salon
22. A boudoir photo session

Make her something

23. Personalized jewelry
24. A scented candle
25. All-natural soaps
26. Holistic beauty treatments such as bath salts and scented astringents
27. A hand-painted platter or vase, designed at a local ceramics studio and personalized with her favorite colors
28. A knitted scarf, throw or other woolen delight
29. A hand-bound photo album or scrapbook
30. Assorted jars of homemade jam and scones
31. A personalized poem, framed

Play off her passion

32. A gift certificate for an introductory ballroom, salsa or flamenco dance class
33. Workout gear
34. A flight bag, camera case or classy travel kit bearing her initials
35. An introductory pottery class
36. A gift certificate for a session with a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, reflexologist or nutritionist
37. A hot new cookbook or a first-edition classic by Julia Child, dessert bowls or a state-of-the-art pepper mill
38. Gardening tools, a flowering plant or a gift certificate to her local gardening center
39. Vintage ashtrays, lace bureau scarves or Depression-era glass
40. A subscription to a niche magazine (like skiing or photography) and a matching accessory, like a hat and scarf

Wine and dine her

41. A French press with a pound of gourmet coffee
42. Sushi-making supplies
43. A fabulous bottle of bubbly, a nice ice bucket or a wine club membership
44. A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
45. Luxe table linens, napkin rings and place card holders
46. Decadent chocolates
47. Caviar, foie gras or a gift certificate to a nearby gourmet grocer
48. A deluxe picnic basket
49. A cute apron
50. A collection of your favorite recipes with a tea towel or colorful colander

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