14 Sex Positions to Try When You Can't Get Close Enough to Your Partner

Deepen that connection in more ways than one.
Sex Positions to Try
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Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Senior Editor, Sex & Relationships
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Updated May 06, 2024

Can't get enough? Ahem. As your resident Senior Sex & Relationships Editor, I've more or less taken a sacred vow (joking) to bring you a plethora of sex positions to try if and when the mood strikes—a task that I don't take frivolously (not joking). Case in point: these particularly passionate moves that aim to bring you closer than ever to your partner. And I'm talking in every sense of the word.

First thing is first: A couple may not necessarily need sex to share or deepen intimacy. In fact, you can find cuddle positions for couples right here. But if it's lusty, electric romps that you're after, these new sex positions to try all incorporate romantic, intimate elements. Think: full-body touches, prolonged eye contact and cuddly caresses. They'll hopefully intensify encounters and heighten romantic feelings, deepening your connection in more ways than one. (Hot, right?)

Bring on the serotonin. Here are 14 friction-fueled sex positions to try when you're in those lovey-dovey feels.

The Position: The Lotus

What it is: While one partner is seated, the other should sit on top of them with their legs wrapped around their torso. Deep kisses, cuddles and penetration (either with a penis, strap-on, or double-sided dildo) are all options here.

Why you'll love it: You'll be face-to-face with your partner, so this one is great if you're big on eye contact. Moreover, you'll be able to fully embrace one another and maximize touch in this position.

The Position: Spooning+

What it is: Not just for post-coital cuddles, spooning can be part of the main event too. Face the same direction as your partner, lying on your sides. With the arms of the partner in back wrapped around the other's body, you can engage in penetration from behind and/or use your hands to stimulate one another's genitals.

Why you'll love it: Back-of-neck kisses, full-body contact and a tight embrace? Sign us up. Hot tip: This position also offers the perfect opportunity to whisper sweet nothings in your love's ear.

The Position: Mutual Masturbation

What it is: Yes, it counts! A mutual masturbation sesh allows for both vulnerability and the chance to learn more about what the other feels pleasurable. Using your hand or a toy, get yourself off while watching your partner masturbate simultaneously. Try to hold eye contact—or watch your partner's genitals—throughout the experience.

Why you'll love it: You can be lying side-by-side and facing each other, or on video chat if you're in a long-distance relationship. It's hot—and requires a ton of trust.

The Position: Legs-Up Missionary

What it is: We love a self-descriptive name! This move takes the missionary position and levels up both the penetration and intimacy by having the partner on the bottom lift up their legs once the penis or strap-on is inserted.

Why you'll love it: Deep penetration, plus room to incorporate a toy if desired.

The Position: Sideways 69

What it is: Another modification on a classic, this sex position has both partners performing oral sex on one another simultaneously. Instead of ye olde 69 though, where you and your partner lay on top of one another, try lying on your sides with your faces at each other's genitals.

Why you'll love it: Unlike traditional 69, you'll be able to steal more lusty glances at your partner throughout the position. Bonus: Without the weight of your partner on top of you (or vice versa), you'll be able to enjoy this position for longer.

The Position: Make-Out Moves

What it is: Remember how hot just kissing used to be? Well, it still is! Devote an entire sex sesh to kissing. Go from a hot and heavy make-out to kissing down their neck, chest and torso before giving and receiving prolonged oral sex with eye contact. Leave hidden hickies if you desire and have consent.

Why you'll love it: Going back to the basics and slowing things down can amplify sensation and emotion.

The Position: The Sexed-Up Snuggle

What it is: Lying face-to-face, wrap your arms and legs around one another as if you're snuggling or giving a bear hug. Just when you think you can't get any closer, add penetration or genital stimulation by grinding on one another.

Why you'll love it: You'll be able to kiss deeply, share intense eye contact and whisper to one another in this intimate position.

The Position: The Tabletop

What it is: Here, one partner will lie on their back while the other lies on top of them (also face up). The partner on the bottom will be able to explore their love's genitals intimately and penetrate them if desired while maintaining full body contact.

Why you'll love it: All that skin-to-skin contact is electrifying in its own right, but this sex position to try also allows for intense clitoral stimulation too.

The Position: X-Rated

What it is: In this sex position, one partner will lie down and lift their right leg over their partner's left. The other will bring their pelvises together by putting their right leg over their partner's left. Together, your legs will form an X (or "scissors"). Grind together or add penetration.

Why you'll love it: Slow, deep thrusts can intensify intimacy and prolong the experience.

The Position: Play It Again

What it is: Did you know that some sex toys can be synced with music and vibe in rhythm with the beat? Utilize this tech in the most romantic of ways by queuing up "your" song while using the vibrator. Extend your sex sesh (and show effort) by putting together a sexy playlist—or build anticipation by editing one together side-by-side.

Why you'll love it: You and your partner will be able to enjoy the additional stimulation of a sex toy in a new way while reflecting on your relationship and shared connection.

The Position: Clear the Table

What it is: You probably remember this one from your favorite smutty romance novel: In this sex position to try, the partner being penetrated will sit on the edge of a table or countertop, using their legs to draw their love closer, while the penetrating partner will enter them while standing.

Why you'll love it: The ability to full-arm embrace each other and share long, deep kisses are the main draws here.

The Position: The Ballet Dancer

What it is: With both lovers standing and facing each other, the partner being penetrated should lift and wrap one of their legs around the hips of the other, guiding their partner's penis, strap-on or a dildo inside.

Why you'll love it: This intimate, face-to-face position only works if you trust one another in both a physical and emotional sense.

The Position: The Butterfly

What it is: One partner should lie down on their back with their legs and feet in the butterfly position (if you've ever had a bikini wax, you'll be familiar). Their partner should penetrate by laying on top of them, holding eye contact.

Why you'll love it: Situated face to face, you'll be able to stare deeply into your partner's eyes and kiss them to your heart's content. This position may be particularly comfortable if the partner on the bottom has lower back pain as it'll open up their hips, allowing them to relax into the position and sensations.

The Position: Tantric Massage

What it is: While giving your partner a massage without sex as a part of the experience is great, tantric massages can involve massaging the yoni (the labia and clitoris) and/or lingam (the penis). Plus, the practice encourages a spiritual and energetic connection with your partner. You can learn more about this technique here.

Why you'll love it: Long, lustful touches, a body-relaxing massage and an intensified emotional connection—need we go on?

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