13 Long-Distance Sex Toys to Try When You Can't Be Together

They'll help you feel their touch despite the distance.
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Senior Editor, Sex & Relationships
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Updated Apr 27, 2023
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We're living in a golden age of technology where being in a long-distance relationship means you can still have a super-hot sex life from anywhere. Using a long-distance sex toy together is a fun way to stay connected to your partner and can make your regular FaceTime chats and sexting sessions even hotter.

From wearable vibrators to high-tech prostate massagers that can be operated from anywhere, some of the best sex toys on the market are incredibly versatile for both solo and partnered play and come equipped with remote app capabilities that allow you to experience pleasure together no matter where you are.

We've rounded up the best long-distance sex toys to help narrow your search. With so many choices available (some even on Amazon!), something is sure to tickle your fancy.

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    What is a Long-Distance Sex Toy?

    In a LDR and looking for ways to keep the heat, well, hot? Well then allow us to introduce you to the world of long-distance sex toys. These techy toys can often be connected to an app via Bluetooth, so you or your partner can control their functionality from afar. Available in a wide range of designs, they can add an interactive and intimate element to your sex life when you're physically separated, and can also be played with solo when the mood strikes.

    Types of Long-Distance Sex Toys

    Don't worry about being relegated to a single design when it comes to long-distance sex toys. The options are nearly endless: There are clitoral vibrators and suction toys, G-spot and rabbit vibrators, wearable toys, prostate massagers and more. Yes, and all these babies really boast app-controlled, long-distance-friendly capabilities!

    Benefits of Sex Toys in Long-Distance Relationships

    Besides, you know, orgasms, long-distance sex toys can bring a lot to long-distance relationships and help strengthen your connection. As AASECT-certified sex therapist and LELO resident sex expert Casey Tanner explains, "Long-distance phone sex or sexting can feel like co-masturbating without much intimacy—particularly if it's the only kind of sex you have available for long stretches of time. Long-distance sex paired with interactive toys can help partners manage isolation and loneliness, and build anticipation until you finally are reunited in person."

    "Utilizing long-distance sex toys can also help partners build communication about sex, boundaries and desires," Tanner adds. "Often, folks in long-distance relationships feel behind when as it relates to sexual exploration. But with long-distance sex toys, exploration can be accessed from a distance."

    The Best Sex Toys for Long-Distance Relationships

    Ready to have some faraway fun with your partner? Browse the best sex toys for long-distance relationships below. From remote-controlled vibrators to Bluetooth-compatible devices, these long-distance sex toys can help take your sex life to the next level despite the miles between you.

    We-Vibe Chorus

    The We-Vibe Chorus is an intuitive couples vibrator with adjustable design that allows it be worn during play, whether you're together or solo. It also features hands-free touch-sensitive receptors—meaning that the tighter you squeeze and the more your body responds, the stronger the vibrations get. And since the toy is compatible with the brand's We-Connect app, those vibes can also be controlled from anywhere (yes, all 10 settings of them).

    Standout Feature: The hands-free, wearable design that allows this toy to stay put as you play.

    Notable Review: "Honestly I didn't think I'd love this as much as I do. I bought this during COVID-19, as I'm in a long-distance relationship. Love the online controls, feels amazing and love being able to build a hands-free routine on my phone."

    Nora App Controlled Rechargeable Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

    This rabbit vibrator delivers three vibe intensities and tandem G-spot and clitoral stimulation thanks to its double arms. Once connected to the toy's Body Chat app, it can be controlled from afar and offers additional vibrational levels and patterns, as well as the ability to operate both arms separately. It can also be synced with the brand's male masturbator (The Max, see below), so you and your partner can experience pleasure and sensation together.

    Standout Feature: The rotating, angled and rippled internal arm that can stimulate the G-stop without neglecting the clitoris.

    Notable Review: "Nora is hands down one of my favourite vibes I own and by far the best rabbit style vibrator I have… It's super powerful, has fantastic internal and external vibes and feels luxurious. On top of this, it is a brilliant remote control toy. The Lovense app is really superior to other remote control toy apps and the additional vibrations it brings is great."

    Max 2 App Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator

    Lovense's male masturbator features a suction functionality that's designed to mimic 360° muscular contractions. That, plus the ribbed canal, three vibrational speeds and four vibe patterns all work together to deliver next-level sensations. The toy can be controlled through Lovense's remote app, as well synced with others by the brand, allowing you to play with long-distance partners.

    Standout Feature: The impressive runtime of this rechargeable toy is worthy of shout-out—210 minutes!

    Notable Review: "My first long-distance toy and this was a great choice. The Lovense Max 2 was really easy to use and pair. The vibrations are strong and really rumbly and provided a wide range of sensation. The contractions and suction are very interesting and powerful too."

    Domi 2 Wand Massager

    A classic wand massage gets a high-tech upgrade: This baby's vibration levels and patterns can be controlled via Bluetooth and smartphone app—and they can even be synced with music. It's also compact, features a straight-forward design and fits comfortably in your hand, making it ideal for beginners who still crave strong vibrations.

    Standout Feature: Again, we're suckers for runtime: This one can basically go all night, boasting five to six hours of use on one charge.

    Notable Review: "This vibrator will punch you in the face and steal your dog. It will commit tax fraud just for the thrill of it. It will open your third eye so you can watch as it realigns your chakras in accordance with its favorite colors. You no longer need a Ouija board to contact the dead."

    Womanizer Golden Moments Collection

    Can't decide between toys? (It's a familiar, decades-old feeling.) Then, consider this two-for-one option: The swanky set features the Womanizer premium clitorial stimulator—which boasts 12 intentensity settings, by the way—and the We-Vibe Chorus, a couple's vibrator that can be controlled from anywhere via app and set with custom vibes.

    Standout Feature: This sleek box set provides options for both solo and dual play, and both included toys offer a sleek and modern look.

    Notable Review: for the Womanizer Premium—"Once you start using this at its full strength, it'll send you into another dimension. The suction power on this toy is insane!"

    Vector+ App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Prostate Massager

    For long-distance prostate play, look to this massager that features an adjustable design, plus six vibration patterns and four intensity levels. It can be controlled via remote or with the We-Vibe app, so your partner can join in on the fun wherever they are.

    Standout Feature: Dual motors deliver pleasure to both the prostate and the perineum for ultimate stimulation.

    Notable Review: "My first prostate massager and it was an eye-opening experience. I was initially hesitant but it provided me with a lovely depth that feels uniquely stimulating and greatly pleasurable…It is a bit on the smaller side, so it's easy for any beginners to get into."

    Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator

    This vibrator's petite shape and design allow it to be tucked into your or your partner's panties for on-the-go, versatile play. The strong vibes (proof that good things come in small packages) can be controled through the brand's Connect app.

    Standout Feature: Its compact design allows for discreet play and it even features a magnet to keep it safely nestled beneath clothes.

    Notable Review: "I wasn't sure what to expect for the intensity of the motor, but have been pleasantly surprised! The magnet is strong and is great at holding the device in place. A lot of fun for some secret, public play with your partner!"

    Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 with App

    The Satisfyer is a tried-and-true sex toy mainstay: It uses air sunction to deliver oral-sex-inspired sensation directly to the clitoris. Featuring 11 suction modes and 12 vibration modes for additional play options, it can all be virtually controlled through the Satisfyer Connect app via Bluetooth. It's also waterproof as a fun bonus.

    Standout Feature: This model comes with two clitorial tips that you can switch out. (One is designed to feel like a pulsating showerhead!)

    Notable Review: "[This] was my first time with a Satisfyer and I can tell you, it's a life changer! If you have hard time coming, this is the perfect helper. Now I'm completely obsessed."

    LELO Tiana Harmony

    LELO toys just feel so chic! The brand's Tiana Harmony vibrator is designed to pleasure both partners at once, thanks to its insertable tail, external arm and dual motors. Some of its fancy features include 10 vibration settings, super-soft silicone that feels warm to the touch and Bluetooth-connectivity so it can be controlled remotely using the designated LELO app.

    Standout Feature: LELO's modern design that gives sex toys the elevation they deserve.

    Notable Review: "Took it out for dinner, and my parter had a lot of fun watching me wiggle. As far as control vibrators go, it's one of the better ones. Like all apps, it can be a little tricky—but once you get the hand of it and its all set up its super easy!"

    AVXOO App-Control Butterfly Vibrator

    This cute little vibrator packs a mighty punch due to its 10 different vibration modes and three sensation points—one of which mimics a flickering tongue. The toy can either be inserted or used externally, and its compatible app (which even includes video and voice functionality) allows you to play with your partner wherever they may be.

    Standout Feature: The oral-sex-esque design makes it a unique addition to your toy box.

    Notable Review: "The app is AMAZING. The best feature is Interactive Mode—being able to use this with someone MILES away is crazy. Not only can it be controlled miles away, but also there is a voice and video feature to go along with it. This toy outdid itself."

    Hyphy App-Controlled Dual-End High-Frequency Clitoral Vibrator

    For those who crave precision (hello to any type-A wedding planners out there), this vibrator totes a trio of precise tips for concentrated clitorial play. Plus, with motors on either end, the toy can be flipped around and inserted, too. (And those aforementioned motors? They can of course be operated virtually with Lovense's compatible app.)

    Standout Feature: The three clit-stimulating tips are the standout here. Included is a circle attachment, a U-shaped attachment, and a tongue-inspired attachment.

    Notable Review: "This is a great toy. It has precision, good vibration, an app, multiple heads… There's a lot in one package and the charging bed is great."

    We-Vibe Moxie

    Comfortably contoured and crafted from soft, body-safe silicone, this clitorial vibrator is designed to be worn in underwear and held in place with a slip-proof magnet. It has 10 vibration modes—all of which are discreetly quiet and can be switched up from anywhere using the We-Connect app.

    Standout Feature: Its super quiet vibrations allow for low-key fun.

    Notable Review: "This is 1) the most discreet toy that I've ever used and 2) the strongest that I've ever used once you ramp it up all the way. We-vibe is in a masterclass league of their own."

    App & Remote Control Anal Vibrator

    For those into anal or prostate play, look to this powerful vibrator (with a pretty cool price point to boot). It features nine different vibes for anal stimulation, and its compatible app allows you and your partner to explore all its possible patterns and modes without any distance restrictions.

    Standout Feature: Its magnetic recharging design is fast and convenient.

    Notable Review: "So my husband was going to be away for two weeks and I wanted to surprise him. In addition to leaving a romantic card in his suitcase, I left a note telling him that I'd secretly installed an app on his phone and what it was for. He thought it was a really fun and romantic way to stay connected in his absence."

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