18 Quiet Vibrators and Sex Toys So You Can Get Busy in Peace

Unless you can’t help getting loud yourself, OFC.
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Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
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Updated Jul 14, 2023
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Even if the days of sharing walls with roommates are behind you, the sometimes-absurdly loud buzzzz from a vibrator can be an understandable turn-off. Don't get us wrong: There's something to be said for can't-hold-the-moan sex and solo sessions—but, if you find noisy sex toys more distracting than pleasurable, quiet vibrators are the way to go.

Far less—let's just say it—obnoxious than their buzzier counterparts, quiet vibrators are thoughtfully designed with details like near-silent motors and noise-canceling materials. But that doesn't mean that these babies skimp on power: Despite their quiet nature, they still get the job done. Think of them as the extroverted-introverts of the sex toy world.

If your old vibe can rival a chainsaw in decibels, scroll on to see the best quiet vibrators with options that include dildos, suction vibrators, penis toys and more.

Our Sex Editor's Top Picks:

    The Best Quiet Vibrators

    Pep Vibrator

    Compact egg-shaped vibrator from Unbound Babes
    Photo: Unbound Babes

    While quiet vibrators are often compact (such a plus for travel!), few are as adorable as this colorful cutie from Unbound Babes, a queer-operated and female-founded sex toy shop. But it's just not aesthetics that this vibe has going for it: Pep's powerful motor produces deliciously rumbly vibrations, with five speeds and three patterns. Plus, its egg-like shape allows for plenty of versatility, whether you're after stimulation across a wider area or more targeted sensations.

    Standout Feature: Its squishy silicone exterior is waterproof in case you want to heat up your next shower. (And we're not talking about the water temperature…)

    Notable Review: "Quiet! Quieter than a fan or an electric toothbrush—you barely know it's on. But you know it's on. I am so grateful for the FIVE intensity settings. Hail to my sisters using it at three and up, but thank the goddess for levels one and two. Some of us are sensitive souls, all right?"

    Womanizer Premium 2 Smart Silence Clitoral Suction Stimulator

    Clitoral suction vibrator from Womanizer
    Photo: Lovehoney

    This quiet vibrator relies on some pretty cool technology to keep things discreet: It's equipped with a "Smart Silence" function that automatically turns the vibe off when it's no longer in contact with your body—so the only noises heard should come from you! It also boasts 14 intensity settings, so everyone is bound to find one that works for them. (The brand even notes that, compared to a previous model, the lowest setting is less intense and the higher setting more so.)

    Standout Feature: Womanizer's famous Pleasure Air Technology targets the clitoris with targeted suction stimulation.

    Notable Review: "I love this toy! It's my go-to toy when I want to play. It produces body-shaking orgasms in a matter of minutes…The silent mode is ingenious. It's quiet and I don't have to worry about my kids hearing anything. But I do have to use it at night because it will cause some unavoidable moans!"

    LELO Gigi 2

    Slim vibrator from LELO
    Photo: Babeland

    For all of its versatility, don't be surprised if the LELO Gigi 2 quickly becomes your new fave. This high-end vibe was crafted to target the G-spot with eight hush-hush vibrational patterns and a comfortable arc design. However, it can also be used externally to deliver those tantalizing vibes wherever you desire. As a bonus, it's also fully waterproof and can operate for up to two hours on a single charge.

    Standout Feature: Its slim profile makes it an ideal G-spot vibrator for beginners.

    Notable Review: "I love this toy! It's a very versatile vibe that covers all the basics for someone with a vulva…It's also the quietest toy I've ever owned. I recommend this as a first-time vibe, since it's a high-quality toy that gives you lots of options to experiment with."

    plusOne Bullet Vibrator

    Bullet vibrator from plusOne
    Photo: Amazon

    Bullet vibrators are like granola bars: It's always great to have one on hand—and they can fit in your purse. Due to their small size and motors to match, most bullet vibrators are naturally on the quieter side, though this find is a category standout thanks to its 10 impressive vibrational settings, body-safe and ultra-soft silicone and waterproof capabilities.

    Standout Feature: As far as discreet vibrators go, it doesn't get much more low-key than this quiet bullet vibrator's three-inch design.

    Notable Review: "I really love how quiet it actually is! My first toy was super loud even on the lowest setting, which made it really awkward when you have roommates and the walls are super thin. Being able to put it away for privacy is also a big plus because it's so small. It is as the reviews say: It has amazingly strong vibrations settings that are not very noisy, which is awesome."

    The Demi Wand

    Compact wand vibrator from Bellesa
    Photo: Bellesa

    Wand vibrators are known for their power—and we're talking the see-stars kind of power. What they aren't typically known for however are their quiet motors. (Those powerful vibes have to come from somewhere, right?) Thankfully, Bellesa and the Demi Wand exist. This one-of-a-kind wand toy is shockingly compact for a wand vibrator and similarly quiet. And with eight degrees of intensity, its vibrations are steady and strong. What more could you ask for?

    Standout Feature: The Demi Wand charges right in its cute and compact carrying case.

    Notable Review: "This vibe is amazing, loads of speeds for whatever intensity vibrations you want. Very comfortable to hold as well, so hand cramp is never an issue. The one thing I wish reviews had told me is that this thing is SO DAMN QUIET! If you live with family or flatmates like me, this vibe is ideal."

    Angel Flexible Intelligent Warming Vibrator

    Pink flexible warming vibrator from Svakom
    Photo: Babeland

    Dual stimulating vibrators are equipped with two motors to deliver feel-good vibes to both the G-spot and the clitoris—but double the motors often means double the noise. That's not the case though with this innovative toy: Its ergonomic shape is ideal for both internal and external stimulation, and its seven vibrating modes (with five levels of intensity) are surprisingly quiet. The brand even reports that it operates under 50 decibels!

    Standout Feature: A unique heating core can heat up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit for realistic, sensual warmth.

    Diskreet Vibe

    Compact vibrator in clamshell case from Bellesa
    Photo: Bellesa

    With the Diskreet Vibe, Bellesa set out to create an ultra-powerful-meets-ultra-quiet vibrator, and—spoiler alert—they did the thing. The Diskreet Vibe boasts intense vibrations and an unconventional shape that allows you to experiment and find what feels just right. Plus, it comes in a pocket-sized clamshell carrying case that doubles as its charger.

    Standout Feature: The unique multihead provides options for both broader and more targeted stimulation.

    Notable Review: "When I bought this, I was new to the whole process of doing it myself and I had a general idea of where my clit was, but I wasn't 100% sure. Now, after playing with this toy, I know exactly where it is. I love how quiet this is while still being very effective. It's loud when it's not in contact with anything, but as soon as it has something to vibrate against, it is much quieter."

    Snail Dual Stimulation Vibrator

    Snail-shaped vibrator from Adam & Eve
    Photo: Adam & Eve

    Okay, okay… So we know this thing looks wacky—but hear us out! The vibrator's just-plain weird design actually makes it wholly innovative: A motor inside the spiral-shaped head targets the clitoris, while another sits in the longer insertable end that's designed for simultaneous internal G-spot stimulation. Each vibrating spiral provides a unique, back-arching massage and constant contact with pleasure zones.

    Standout Feature: The admittedly silly-looking shape is the obvious standout here that combines thrustable insertion with rumbly clitoral vibrations.

    Notable Review: "More comfortable and a lot quieter than expected!"

    Iroha Plus

    Bird-shaped vibrator from Good Vibes
    Photo: Good Vibes

    Scoring a fairly quiet two out of five on Good Vibes' volume scale, this bird-shaped vibrator is oh-so soft and ergonomically designed. Use it for all-over external stimulation, or utilize the tapered tip for shallow insertion. Five strong speeds and two vibrational patterns offer plenty of options for play.

    Standout Feature: The control buttons are blessedly intuitive, with plus and minus signs marking those that allow you to scroll through vibrational strengths.

    Notable Review: "I love, love this toy. This is my third time buying it and it does not disappoint. (The only downside is that it seems to have a two-year life span, so I need to keep replacing it.)"

    Clitoral Stimulator Mini Vibrator

    Mini vibrator from Puolern
    Photo: Amazon

    Those who prefer boarder stimulation should consider this ergonomic vibrator. The mushroom shape will mold to the vulva and spotlight the clitoris for a grasp-the-sheets experience. Its 10 vibrational modes go from mild to intense—but none will disturb, as it operates at less than 50 decibels.

    Standout Feature: Its nestle-able design and touchably soft silicone make this a comfy, cushy vibe worthy of a 'buy now' click.

    Notable Review: "I got this toy to try something new. It is super quiet and compact. Easy to use and easy to charge. Definitely finished fast with this one."

    Crave Vesper Necklace Vibe

    Vibrator necklace from Crave
    Photo: Babeland

    While most discreet vibrators are compact in size, this one is fully disguised and fuctional as a chic statement necklace. Available in 24K gold, rose gold and stainless silver, the vibrator-cum-pendant can be switched on via a hidden button on its side and it toutes surprisingly strong vibrations for its three-inch profile.

    Standout Feature: While it's worth noting that silicone toys are often quieter than ones made of harder materials, this vibrator is discreet in sound as well as design.

    Notable Review: "I thought this might be fun for a tease while I'm out, especially with my partner and others. It definitely is that—but, funny enough, it's become a mainstay in my toy collection. I really like the pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The vibration intensity is very nice and I don't think any more settings are needed. The first go with Vesper got me to orgasm almost too quickly! I'm on SSRIs, so that is a feat in itself."

    Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator

    Purple vibrator from Lovehoney
    Photo: Lovehoney

    Currently on sale for less than $20, this vibe proves that quality toys don't have to be a splurge. With seven inches of insertable length, it features three speeds and four patterns, and the rounded tip and rippled shaft provide additional sensation. As a plus, this battery-powered vibrator is also 100% waterproof.

    Standout Feature: The standout feature is in the name! This vibe truly is whisper-quiet.

    Notable Review: "I've always struggled with orgasming, but this has become a game changer. The perfect amount of vibration and it hits the spot internally for a super intense O. I definitely would recommend to anyone."

    Shimmy Vibrating Plug

    Vibrating plug from Unbound Babes
    Photo: Unbound Babes

    If anal stimulation is what you're after, consider the Shimmy vibe from Unbound Babes. With five low-volume vibrational speeds and five patterns, this medium-size plug is covered in smooth body-safe silicone, is fully waterproof and comes equipped with an easy-to-grip circular handle. It's ideal to use as a lead-up to penetrative anal sex, as well as a way to take oral sex, vaginal sex and masturbation to the next level.

    Standout Feature: The USB-rechargeable battery runs for an impressive two hours after charging.

    Notable Review: "I love using this toy on my own as just a vibrator, or with my partner as a vibrator or plug. It's super soft and easy to use, really strong and very quiet. Bonus points that it is waterproof! It's definitely a larger plug, so it might take some working up to for folks who are new to anal."

    High-Frequency Clitoris Vibrator

    Clitoris vibrator from Amazon
    Photo: Amazon

    Targeted stimulation is the name of the game when it comes to this Amazon find: With spiral oscillation vibrations and a narrow tip, it's designed to precisly pinpoint the clitoris. It also comes with two additional detachable silicone heads, each offering a different shape and feel.

    Standout Feature: The USB-rechargeable battery runs for an impressive two hours after charging.

    Notable Review: "I love love love it! The pinpoint head is my favorite, but it also comes with a second tip to keep things exciting... It's nice and quiet, so nobody else can hear me having my fun time, [and] the material is top quality and easy to clean. I can't recommend this enough if you like hard vibes with pinpoint accuracy!"

    OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh

    Vibrating panties from OhMiBod
    Photo: Adam & Eve

    Whether worn in public or just around the house, these quiet vibrating panties deliver rumbly, teasing vibes that will go virtually unnoticed. The petite-sized vibrator slides right inside the included underwear and it totes five pre-programmed vibration modes, all controlled by a handy remote control.

    Standout Feature: In addition to the pre-programmed vibes, the toy also responds to sound and music for a uniquely sensual experience.

    Notable Review: "This was an amazing surprise for my wife. We had some fun while walking around the city and they were comfortable enough that my wife never felt uncomfortable. It was powerful enough for my wife to enjoy it, but remained silent enough that no one could hear it. Awesome purchase!"

    Happy Rabbit Vibrating Strap-On Harness Set

    Vibrating strap-on harness set from Happy Rabbit
    Photo: Lovehoney

    This harness set comes complete with everything you need for partnered strap-on play. Though it can be used with other dildos as well, the harness is made to fit the included rabbit vibrator which features 15 vibration functions and a five-inch insertable shaft. A major plus here? Reviewers are sure to note this toy's surprisingly low volume when raving.

    Standout Feature: Due to the power and location of the rabbit vibrator's motor, the wearer can also experience those leg-shaking vibes.

    Notable Review: "The silicone is so soft and the sleek (non-realistic) design was a real draw for me. The harness is comfortable and firm enough to hold the strap where it needs to be (as is the base of the strap itself), even during vigorous activity… It's also fairly quiet for a toy that isn't marketed as a silent toy, and we always feel comfortable using it, even when housemates are in."

    We-Vibe Bond Remote Vibrating Penis Ring

    Vibrating penis ring from We-Vibe
    Photo: Babeland

    People with penises should conside this vibrating penis ring that scores a whisper-quiet two out of five on Babeland's volume scale. Besides keeping your pleasure sessions on the down low, it also possesses 10 intensity levels, an easy-on quick-release design and a custom fit among its many pros.

    Standout Feature: The vibrating penis ring can be controlled via the brand's We-Connect app for intuitive operation, as well as the option for long-distance control.

    NIYA N5 Silicone Dual Purpose Grinding Massager

    Silicone grinding massager from Spectrum Boutique
    Photo: Spectrum Boutique

    There are no limits on the ways you can have fun with this multi-use quiet vibrator. The body-safe silicone toy can be used for humping and grinding, as an external clitoral vibrator, a wraparound penis stroker— or whatever else floats your boat! Oh, and speaking of boats: This vibe is also fully waterproof.

    Standout Feature: Rechargeable for endless use, this unique toy boasts 10 dreamy vibrational modes.

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