How to Get the Viral Hailey Bieber Chrome Nails for Your Wedding

Yes, *those* Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails you're seeing all over Instagram.
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Updated Dec 13, 2023

If you've noticed a rise in chrome nails on your Instagram feed and down the aisle in 2024, you've got Hailey Bieber and her chrome wedding nails to thank. Even though her wedding was a few years ago, Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails continue to provide us with all the wedding nail inspiration ever since she debuted the look at the 2022 Met Gala, and we still can't get enough.

The luxe chrome dip nails, created by celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, feature milky white chrome nails with a shiny pearlescent finish, and they're perfect for weddings. Whether you're a bride or a guest looking for trendy, of-the-moment Pinterest wedding nail ideas, this viral sensation is certainly worth a try. If you can't stop obsessing over Hailey Bieber's wedding nails, we explain how to ask for the glazed donut chrome nails at your salon. And for those who love a DIY moment, we also explain how to recreate Hailey Bieber's chrome wedding nails at home, complete with the exact products Ganzorigt uses to create the look.

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Hailey Bieber's Chrome Nails & How to Request Them

Hailey Bieber being interviewed
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

    Just like it's essential to set up a hair and makeup trial to finalize your wedding day glam look, we also recommend doing a few test runs for your nails too. Perfecting your wedding manicure may take a few tries, especially if you want to experiment with colors and shapes you don't normally wear. Plus, with so many prewedding events on your calendar, it won't hurt to have a fabulous mani for all of them.

    By now, it's likely that most nail technicians will know what chrome nails are. But when you go to the salon for your mani appointment, we still recommend bringing photos of your preferred look to show exactly what you want. While Ganzorigt's process includes gel nail polish, you could also ask for acrylics or dip powder, depending on your preferred mani style.

    As for what to call the style when you're sitting at the salon, say you'd like a "pearlescent chrome nail." To make sure it's an authentic replica, here's exactly how to ask for Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails:

    • Manicure style: Gel, acrylic or clear gel X, if using extensions
    • Shape: Narrow oval or almond
    • Color: OPI Funny Bunny (or your preferred shade)
    • Chrome Powder: OPI Tin Man Can

    Chrome Nail Colors for Your Wedding & Beyond

    The beauty of chrome nails is that they can be worn with so many different colors, patterns and designs. The chrome effect is actually brought to life using a powder and a small brush that is applied on top of the color. Needless to say, that means the world is your iridescent oyster. Whether you want pink bridal chrome nails or trendy chocolate brown chrome nails, here are a few of my favorite nail colors to get you inspired:

    1. Pink Chrome Nails

    Pink chrome nails
    Photo: @marcia_nails

    2. White Chrome Nails

    White chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @thehotblend

    3. Silver Chrome Nails

    Silver chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @beautyspace_charlotte

    4. Gold Chrome Nails

    Gold chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @valerie_star

    5. Nude Chrome Nails

    Nude chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @nailsbyzola

    6. Chrome French Nails

    Chrome French wedding nails
    Photo: @monika__nails

    7. Lavender French Nails

    Lavender chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @vivianmariewong

    8. Pearl Chrome Nails

    Pearl chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @marica_nails

    9. Light Blue French Nails

    Light blue French nails
    Photo: @getnailedkelowna

    10. Vanilla French Nails

    Vanilla chrome nails
    Photo: @thehotblend

    11. Brown Chrome Nails

    Brown chrome wedding nails

    Chrome Nails Inspiration for Your Wedding Mani

    Now that you've got your color palette sorted, it's time to talk about the endless possibilities for your chrome wedding nails. From almond-white chrome nails to elegant chrome nail designs, there's something that will nail (pun intended) every bride's taste. If you're going for a romantic and whimsical vibe, why not try a delicate floral design or ombre chrome nails? For something more bold, opt for a pop of color like electric blue for an eye-catching effect. Keep scrolling for Pinterest-worthy chrome nails that will give all the "cool girl" energy:

    12. Ombre Chrome Nails

    Neutral chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @beautyspace_charlotte

    13. Pastel Rainbow Chrome Nails

    Rainbow pastel chrome nails
    Photo: @kkbloomboutique

    14. Red Chrome Nails

    Red chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @disseynails

    15. Mermaid Chrome Nails

    Mermaid chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @pop_polished

    16. Pastel Yellow Chrome Nails

    Pastel yellow chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @thehotblend

    17. Barbie Pink Chrome Nails

    Barbie pink chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @karin.nailedit

    18. Electric Blue Chrome Nails

    Electric blue chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @nails_by_jenna.k

    19. Heart Chrome Nails

    Heart wedding chrome nails
    Photo: @cutiecles.x

    20. Rainbow Chrome Nails

    Rainbow chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @vivianmariewong

    21. Floral Gemstone Chrome Nails

    Floral gemstone chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @pop_polished

    22. Unicorn Chrome Nails

    Unicorn chrome wedding nails
    Photo: @berettoclaws
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