Do I Have To Invite My Boss and Coworkers?

Inviting Bosses and Coworker Etiquette
Photo by Heather Saunders Photography

In short: You should never feel obligated to invite anyone to your wedding (even if they do control your paycheck).

The easiest way to avoid any drama is to not invite any coworkers to your wedding. That way if anyone asks or you suspect one of your coworkers is itching for an invite you have an easy out.

On the other hand, if there are co-workers or bosses you want to invite but are worried about an awkward exchange at work with others, there are really two ways you can go.

If you're close to one or two coworkers (like you hang out outside of the office) and everyone knows it, then there should be no problem inviting just them. Just don't hand them their invites at work or make a big deal out of it.

However if you work on a smaller team and are considering inviting a handful of co-workers (that you aren't friends with outside of work), then it gets tricker. In that case, you really should think of your invite list in circles. So either invite the entire team or skip them altogether.

As for your boss, invite him or her if you have a friendly relationship and it doesn't hurt as a nice gesture, but you're certainly not required.

Your turn! What do you think about inviting coworkers and bosses to your wedding?

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