Wedding Rings: Can I Wear My Engagement Ring on a Different Finger?


My fiance gave me his grandmother's wedding ring when we got engaged. It's a beautiful heirloom piece and very special to me, but it doesn't really work with the wedding bands we chose. Is it okay to wear my engagement ring and wedding band on different fingers?


Absolutely. Although many people seek out engagement and wedding ring sets —or buy an engagement ring that has his-and-her wedding band counterparts—it's not the norm. Your fiance may buy an engagement ring that catches his eye or present you with a family heirloom ring that may or may not resemble the wedding bands you end up buying. It's perfectly acceptable to wear your engagement ring on your right hand (you may have to get it resized), or not at all! Some women, especially those with active lifestyles, find that the traditional prong-set solitaire can wreak havoc in their everyday lives, catching on clothes and getting scuffed. To avoid losing or damaging their ring, they opt to wear only the wedding band every day, saving the engagement ring for special occasions. When and how you wear your heirloom ring is entirely up to you.

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