Wedding Stacks Are on the Rise: Here's How to Build Your Own

It's time to give your jewelry a fresh upgrade.
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Updated Mar 31, 2021
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When it comes to your wedding budget, jewelry is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. Not only do engagement rings and wedding bands come with valuable price tags, they're pieces you'll wear nearly every day for the rest of your life—so the purchase shouldn't be made lightly. But that's not to say your wedding jewelry doesn't deserve a refresh. In fact, more couples are now opting for stacked engagement ring and band styles to upgrade their jewels.

Stacked wedding rings are perfect for those who like to experiment with jewelry. Buying an engagement ring or wedding band can feel overwhelming at first, especially because they're significant pieces that'll get worn often. But here's the good news: You can easily transform the look of your wedding jewelry with a few additional bands. Mismatched wedding band stacks are easy to curate based on your preferences, and they're a great way to express your personal style without changing your original jewelry.

"Wedding band stacks tend to be more common for those who have been married a little longer," explains Lorraine Brantner, Gemologist and Sales Manager at James Allen. "Traditionally, new rings can be added for special anniversaries and life events—but you certainly don't need to wait to add different stacking rings to your set."

Adds Jillian Sassone, founder of Marrow Fine: "Having more than one wedding band allows people to mix and match depending on what they're feeling at any given moment. It allows for more options and creativity."

So, how do you create a stacked engagement ring and wedding band set? And where are the best places to shop for additional pieces? We've rounded up everything you need to know here. Consider this your go-to guide for creating a stacked wedding ring set you'll never want to take off.

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Build Around Your Existing Pieces

If you want to create a stacked wedding ring set, you don't need to start from scratch. While you can upgrade your original wedding jewelry if you want, your existing pieces will serve as a base for additional bands and gems. To get started, first consider what kind of look you want to achieve. "The goal of stacked rings is to have a harmonious appearance while being able to tell each ring apart from the other," advises Brantner.

There are a variety of ring styles to add to your wedding stack. To add texture, pair your wedding jewelry with plain or pavé bands. Or, you can add ring "jackets" around the top or bottom of your engagement ring. These styles are designed to fit around your engagement ring shape, creating a larger appearance. "Most of our stacking bands have varying curve ratios and depths, so there are several options that will work with all engagement rings," Sassone explains.

A minimalistic approach might be right for you if you're looking for a subtle upgrade. "If you have an engagement ring with diamonds already, many customers find that an all-metal band in between the engagement ring and another diamond band offers a balanced look," Brantner says.

Sizing is an important factor to consider when building your wedding ring stack. As you add bands to sit above your engagement or wedding ring, size up slightly so that each piece fits your finger appropriately. "Rings shouldn't be sliding around your finger," warns Sassone. "We recommend sizing up one-fourth size on additional bands as you're getting closer to the tip of your finger."

Experiment With Colors and Styles

The beauty of a stacked wedding ring set lies in its versatility. Swapping in additional bands will allow you to experiment with different colors and styles not included in your engagement ring or wedding band. "Don't be afraid to try on something that's out of your comfort zone, because you'd be surprised what may compliment your look," says Jennie Yoon, founder of Kinn Studio. "You can mix a vintage engagement ring setting with a modern band to create more of a unique look. Or, mix metal colors in your stack, especially if you wear gold, silver or platinum daily."

While most jewelry styling depends on your personal preference, there are some guidelines to follow for a mismatched wedding band stack. "If you have an engagement ring shape with rounded corners, a band with a similar rounded edge would work well," says Brantner. "For example, if you have an oval center stone, consider pairing it with a band that has small round, oval, pear or marquise stones. If you have a princess- or emerald-cut center stone, look for stackables that feature kite-set princess cuts or baguette diamonds."

You can also try pairing different metal colors together for a chic mismatched look. "There is no wrong or right way to stack," Sassone says. "Consider mixed metals—it feels intentional when adding different metals on the top and bottom of an engagement ring." Adds Brantner: "Creating your stack could be as simple as adding a contrasting ring in the middle of your wedding set. The smallest pop can really make a difference."

Add Elements of Personalization

Experts also recommend including personal touches to your stacked wedding bands for added sentimental value. "While you don't want additional pieces to overshadow your engagement ring, a wedding stack is a great way to add a modern touch and mark significant milestones," says Yoon. Consider adding additional rings that represent milestone anniversaries, or bands that include birthstones for your partner or your children. If you're planning an anniversary reception due to the coronavirus pandemic, you and your S.O. might want to swap new bands to commemorate the day.

You can also work with a jeweler to recast family heirloom pieces to add to your stacked engagement ring. "We love to incorporate gemstones from a loved one's heirloom piece," says Sassone. "It creates a design that's special."

When it comes to personalizing a stacked engagement ring and wedding band set, it's most important to trust your instincts and invest in pieces that you love. "The best way to figure out your style is to try on different bands with your engagement ring," advises Sassone. "It's hard to have a definitive formula, but go with styles that light you up."

Where to Shop for Your Wedding Ring Stack

Now you know how to create a stacked wedding band and engagement ring look—so where's the best place to shop for your set? We've got you covered. If you're looking for wedding ring stack ideas, we've rounded up the best retailers to help you create a wedding stack that highlights your engagement ring and shows off your personal style too.


If you're all about celestial jewelry, you might prefer Catbird's selection of eclectic gems and diamonds. This woman-owned company offers custom pieces and styles created by independent designers, giving you a wide selection of bands to stack with your engagement ring. For styling help, you can set up a virtual appointment with the team to curate a stacked look that fits the aesthetic you're hoping to achieve.

James Allen

James Allen's robust online shopping platform makes it easy to visualize what your ring will look like in real life thanks to high-resolution imagery and 360-degree photography. Browse the brand's fine jewelry line for anniversary and gemstone bands that'll seamlessly fit into your stack.


You'll find plenty of sleek stacking options at Kinn, from heart signet rings to ribbed gemstone bands. Add a few thin bands in between your engagement ring and wedding band to expand your stack size, or pair your rings with a bold piece featuring your favorite gemstone for a pop of color. "If you're more of a minimalist, you can stack a few skinny bands with different stones, or simple round bands," suggests Yoon. "Or, if you're going for more of an antique look, you can find some great options with our thinner Victorian bands. The options are endless."

Marrow Fine

Go for a bold stacked engagement ring look with Marrow Fine's collection of statement bands and ring jackets. Sassone's pieces are designed to accentuate engagement ring center stones, and you can add fitted bands above and below your engagement ring for a custom look that's uniquely your own. "We offer Art Deco styles that are a nod to the ballerina rings of the 1920s, but I'm also drawn towards the clean lines of mid-century design masters," Sassone explains. "We have a little something for most tastes."


You've probably seen this trendy brand all over your Instagram feed. If you love Mejuri's sleek, minimal styles, you'll be thrilled to know they have a wedding collection too. Add texture to your wedding ring stack with the brand's selection of simple, hammered, twisted and bubble eternity bands. Prices fall on the more affordable side for fine jewelry, meaning you can invest in multiple pieces to frequently change the look of your set.

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