The 25 Best Wedding Ring Boxes

Keep your bling safe on your wedding day and beyond.
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Updated Dec 04, 2023
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There are a lot of things to purchase for your wedding day, and a wedding ring box is one that you won't want to skip. A wedding ring box gives you a dedicated spot to stow your rings whenever they're not being worn, giving you (and your partner) some peace of mind and keeping them safe up until the wedding ceremony, when you'll be putting the bands on your finger. They can also come in handy if you don't want to wear your engagement ring until after the ceremony.

Plus, a wedding ring box can also be used beyond your wedding day. They're an aesthetically pleasing way to stash your rings whenever they're not being worn. Whether you choose a jewel-toned velvet box, a personalized wooden one, or something more unique, you can proudly display them in your bedroom. They're also great for traveling or using on-the-go (like the moments you might remove your rings to get your nails done and don't want to just stick them in the pocket of your bag). Below, we've put together an assortment of wedding ring boxes that include something for everybody.

25 Wedding Ring Boxes to Shop

When shopping for the perfect wedding ring box, start by looking for something that can accommodate what you want it to hold – some ring boxes only have room for one ring, others have two slots, and others have three or more. Since these are meant to be nice-looking as well as convenient, you should look for a style that works for the overall vibe you want, whether that's feminine and colorful or more minimalist. Lastly, take note of the price. Wedding ring boxes can be really inexpensive or more pricey depending on materials and the brand.

A Classic Velvet Box

Classic velvet ring box with initial
Photo: The Mrs. Box

Small velvet boxes are easily the most popular choice for a wedding ring box, and this one is a classic option. You can choose between a velvet or metal top and you can also personalize it with your initial. Two slots with a wide pillow and a taller top make this ring able to accommodate larger and taller rings and ring sets. With different metal options and the ability to add an engraving, this one is really easy to personalize to your liking.

A Wooden Ring Box

Wooden ring box
Photo: Minted

For a more minimalist and simple design, opt for a wooden ring box like this one. It has a sleek look to it and the inside is lined in soft suede. This is a more gender-neutral design that would also be great for husbands who want to stow their wedding rings away as well.

A Linen Ring Box

Colorful linen ring boxes
Photo: StylingArchives

This Georgian vintage ring box is so pretty and feminine, with some beautiful details that really make it stand out. The linen exterior looks cool and unique, and the velvet interior is soft enough to protect your ring. Gold clasps are a nice touch and it's available in several different colors. Note that this is a smaller box and only fits up to a size 8.

A Glass Ring Box

Glass ring box
Photo: Loren Hope

If you're looking to splurge on a ring box that looks and feels opulent, this is it. This is a rare antique opaline glass box. Opaline is a rare glass made in France between 1810 and 1890, so this is a collector's item – the perfect space to hold one of your most valuable items. This isn't something you'll want to tote around, but it will look beautiful displayed in your bedroom.

A Personalized Velvet Ring Box

Personalized green velvet ring box
Photo: TheHeirloomRingBox

Another classic, this velvet ring box is easy to make completely your own. You can choose between a range of colors and you have a choice between one, two, or three-ring slots. You can also have it monogrammed with your choice of font and color. It comes in a really cute oval shape and would make a great gift.

DesignSter Velvet Ring Box

Pink velvet ring box
Photo: Amazon

This Amazon pick is proof that you don't have to spend a lot to get a gorgeous ring box. A velvet hexagon-shaped box, this one has two slots for two rings, comes in a wide variety of colors, and is soft and so pretty to photograph. If you want something simple and pretty that gets the job done without a high price tag, this is perfect.

Heart-Shaped Ring Box

White leather heart shaped ring box
Photo: Aspinal of London

Your wedding rings are a symbol of love, so why not use a romantic, heart-shaped box to keep them safe? This one is so cute and is made to last: durable leather covers the exterior, while soft suede inside keeps your rings safe. It has two slots and a zipper to keep it closed, so it's ideal for use on the go. You can also pay extra to have it personalized with your initials if you want.

An Acrylic Ring Box

Acrylic ring box with initials
Photo: CamelliaAndLove

While this ring box might give you the best sense of security, it is definitely very pretty to look at. It's made of acrylic, so it won't keep your rings hidden, although it will keep them in a safe spot. You can personalize it with your name, your wedding date, and a little image if you want. This is another one that will look great on display.

A Light-Up Ring Box

Light-up proposal ring box
Photo: Soulmatebox

This is actually considered a proposal box, meant to really make your engagement ring pop when your partner is down on one knee presenting it to you. That said, it's also a perfect wedding ring box for display or even for your ring-bearer to use on your wedding day. It has a simple wooden exterior and soft suede interior, with a tiny LED light that will make your ring look just as good as the day you got it.

3-Slot Ring Box

Pastel 3-slot ring box
Photo: MadeInRose

Many ring boxes are a hexagon or oval shape, which is what makes this rectangle-shaped ring box stand out. It's available in several different pastel colors and you can personalize it with anything you want, whether that's your wedding date, your name, or your initials. The longer slot can hold up to three rings, which is great for you and your partner to use.

Mountain-Shaped Ring Box

Mountain-shaped wooden ring box
Photo: Minted

It doesn't get much more unique than this mountain-inspired wooden ring box. This is a perfect option if you have a rustic wedding or both love the outdoors. Made of strong walnut wood for durability and little magnets on each side to keep it secured when closed, this one has soft padding and space for up to two rings.

Keychain Ring Box

Keychain ring box
Photo: Dherese

While we don't necessarily recommend taking your rings off and putting them somewhere while you're out, it happens. And if you think it will happen often, then this keychain ring box is a great pick. Its zippers are securely closed, with two little pockets to hold two rings. It's made of leather and it's small enough to go on your key ring for convenience.

Pop-Up Ring Box

Pop-up ring box
Photo: Point No Point Studio

A pop-up ring box like this one is typically used for proposals, meant to make your ring really stand out in the moment. That said, you can still use it as a wedding ring box even after a proposal. These designs are really gorgeous, with a slim profile and enough space for one ring.

Diamond-Shaped Ring Box

Diamond shaped ring box
Photo: FlowersForLola

For a more unique shape, opt for this geometric diamond ring box. It comes in a variety of different colors that you won't see in a lot of other boxes, like bright yellow, burnt orange, and bright teal. You can choose between one or two slots and you can also opt to personalize it with your initials if you'd like.

Travel Case Ring Box

Blue ring travel case
Photo: Amazon

If you have a stack of rings, you may need more than three slots. This little case has room for four rings, and can also double as a travel ring case when you need to store other jewelry on vacation. It's made of faux leather with a button closure and a soft interior lining, and it's small and compact enough to toss in your bag.

An Oval Single Ring Box

Wine velvet oval ring box
Photo: Sarah O Jewelry

If you're just looking for a traditional and classic ring box, this is it. Made of super soft velvet, this is available in rich hues of rust or rose or more minimalist champagne. This is small and dainty and would photograph beautifully. Note that it only holds one ring.

Pearl-Encrusted Ring Box

Pearl-encrusted ring box
Photo: LilyandRue

For an ultra-feminine option, go for this pearl-encrusted ring box. You can choose one or two slots to hold one or two rings, and it's available in several different colors. The little pearls all over it make it look so pretty and different, and is especially nice if you have any pearl accents in your wedding rings.

Double Ring Box

Pink velvet double ring box
Photo: Minted

Many ring boxes that hold two rings do so with two slots next to each other, but this one is a little different. It almost looks like two ring boxes side by side, giving each ring the room it deserves. Luxuriously soft velvet on the inside and outside protects your precious jewelry and looks really nice.

Leather Ring Box

Leather ring box
Photo: Anya Hindmarch

This bespoke leather ring box feels really special, made with grain leather in a bone color. It's even more special if you choose to personalize it – you can write a little note and have it engraved in your handwriting. It securely closes and holds one ring.

Glass Ring Box

Glass ring box
Photo: Leosklo

Another unique option that is great for making your ring pop, especially for your wedding day, is a glass ring box. This one is made of white glass that isn't fully transparent, with black or copper finishing details that make it look even nicer. The small loop makes your ring appear as if it's suspended in midair in the box.

Multifunctional Ring Box

Multifunctional orange ring box
Photo: Amazon

You might want a ring box for the occasions your wedding rings will be off, even if that's not going to be very often. If that's the case, a multifunctional box is a great option so that you can get more for your money, and use it for more than just your rings. This one has a removable insert that can easily store a necklace or a bracelet when your ring isn't in the box. It's available in a few different colors with nice details.

Classic 3-Slot Ring Box

Classic 3-slot gray velvet ring box
Photo: Liron Trésor

Opt for a classic ring box with this octagon-shaped velvet option. Instead of the typical one or two slots, it has room for three rings, so you and your partner can use it together (or you can just use it if you have a stack). It comes in a bunch of different colors and you can choose to monogram it if you want to.

Thin Ring Box

Thin ring box
Photo: The Box Sock

Discreet and easy to stow in a pocket or a handbag, this ring box is slim and very compact. Because of this, it makes it a great choice for your ring bearer or best man on your wedding day, or even for someone trying to really surprise their partner with a proposal. It's actually designed to fit in the company's proposal socks, which have a built-in pocket for hiding a ring box. That said, it will also look beautiful on display at any time.

Mushroom Ring Box

Mushroom ring box
Photo: LuiDesignHouse

A whimsical design like this mushroom ring box is perfect for the bride who wants something different. This cute ring box is both functional and adorable to look at, with a little red mushroom top and enough space for one ring to be stowed.

A Wooden Pop-Up Ring Box

Wooden pop-up ring box
Photo: Woodsbury

This thin wooden ring box is another option that is perfect for a partner proposing and trying to hide a ring or a ring bearer on your wedding day. It's slim and compact, and it pops out to really emphasize your beautiful ring. You can also personalize it with your initials or your wedding date to make it feel more special.

Wedding Ring Box FAQs

Wedding ring boxes can have a few different uses and can be really functional, as long as you buy the right kind. You might also be wondering if you actually need one, or if this is one of those things you can skip spending money on. We've answered some common questions below.

Do you need a ring box for your wedding?

While some may disagree, we would argue that a ring box is essential for your wedding day. Someone, whether it's the ring bearer, best man, or a bridesmaid, is going to be in charge of the wedding bands up until the ceremony, and a ring box with two or more slots is a great way to keep them safe. You don't really want anyone just sticking your precious jewelry in their pocket and hoping for the best. A ring box is also great if you plan on taking off your engagement ring until after the ceremony. It's a safer spot to stow the ring when it's off your finger.

How many ring boxes do you need for your wedding?

This really depends on how many rings you need to keep safe during your wedding and your preferences overall. If you just want to store the two wedding bands, then you can either buy one box with two slots to hold both rings, or you can buy a box with a single slot for each ring. If you are also planning on storing your engagement ring in a box, you can either buy a wedding ring box with three slots, or you can buy another ring box for your engagement ring. So, the answer could be either one ring box or up to three – it really depends on how you want them stored.

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