9 of the Best Mic'd Up Wedding Moments on TikTok We Love

Yes, we've found another reason to stay on #WeddingTok for hours.
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Updated May 20, 2022

If you're anything like us, you've been scrolling on TikTok and are obsessed with everything "WeddingTok" has to offer. From wedding speech ideas to planning hacks, the platform is a great source of inspiration. You may have even run into some cute mic'd up wedding moments along the way. If you're considering hiring a wedding videographer to capture your special day, being mic'd up can significantly improve the quality of your wedding video—and these examples from real couples prove why. Before you make your final decision on your videographer, learn about what it means to be all mic'd up and check out our roundup of the best mic'd up wedding moments we've seen on TikTok. We guarantee they'll make you laugh, shed a couple of happy tears and leave you feeling inspired.

What Does Mic'd Up Mean?

Being mic'd up for your wedding means that you've given your wedding videographer permission to attach a small portable microphone to you. Often called a lapel or lavalier mic, the device captures clear, high-quality audio of you speaking for your wedding video.

Do I need a microphone for my wedding ceremony?

This question (among others) might be one of the first questions you ask your videographer before you book. You may be asking because you don't want unsightly microphones in your wedding photos or aren't sure if one is necessary for a small intimate wedding. No matter the reason, any videographer or wedding planner will tell you that you definitely need a professional microphone. Microphones are especially important if you're having an outdoor wedding because wind and background noise can cause your voice to travel in different directions away from your guests. Even indoor weddings can have audio issues without a mic, since venues with high ceilings can cause sound to echo and distort. Overall, it's essential to have a microphone for your ceremony and reception since it helps your guests hear your vows, the officiant, wedding speeches and much more.

What are my wedding microphone choices?

You have three microphone choices: wired, wireless or lavalier. Some professionals think that wired microphones have the lowest technical risk, since the device connects directly to the sound equipment resulting in minimal interference. Unfortunately, the wire is visible and limits how much you can walk around. Wireless microphones allow you more freedom to move around, but depending on the microphone, the transmission signal has limited range. Finally, lavalier microphones are a hands-free option that is secured discreetly to a person's clothing, but the microphone receiver has to be attached to the person's body or clothing at all times.

Should I be mic'd up for my wedding?

Getting mic'd up for your wedding can seem intimidating, but it comes with a lot of benefits. The biggest perk: You'll have clear audio for your wedding video, which means you'll be able to fully relive those public and intimate moments between you and your partner. With crisp audio, you and your partner can truly experience an encapsulation of the emotions from your wedding day. Throughout your big day, there will be plenty of beautiful (planned and candid) moments to capture, like first looks, wedding ceremony readings, wedding speeches and much more. Remember: It's perfectly acceptable for you and your partner to have some time without your wedding mics, so make sure to discuss with your videographer which times you don't want to be recorded.

Our Favorite Mic'd Up Moments from Real Weddings

Best Man Pep Talk


@realnicefilms Pre-ceremony banter at it's finest 😂 #weddingtiktok #groomreaction #micdup #hilarious #weddingvideographer ♬ original sound - Real Nice Films

The best man's role is to be the groom's right hand during the wedding day and it isn't a responsibility that should be taken lightly. That's why we love seeing this best man giving the groom emotional support and cracking jokes as he nervously waits for his bride to walk down the aisle. Take some advice from this best man and just let the tears flow while watching this sweet mic'd up wedding moment.

Forgetting the Vows

We know there are a million things on your mind leading up to the wedding, so it can be easy to forget some essentials on your wedding day. That's what happens to this bride when she realizes she forgot to print her vows—don't worry, the video has a happy ending.

First Dance Conversation

Having your first dance in front of your loved ones can be a little awkward, but this happy newlywed couple knew how to keep each other laughing to ease the tension. They're a great reminder to just be yourselves and relax during the first dance. If you're in the process of choosing your first dance song, check out our list of the best first dance songs of all time to get you inspired.

When You Forget You're Mic'd Up

With so much going on on the wedding day, couples tend to forget that they're mic'd up. Luckily, this results in some excellent candid content. This private flirty exchange between a bride and groom is one example of why flirting with your partner like you're still dating (even after you're married) is always the right choice.

Let's Start a Family

We love hearing this couple recount a hilarious story that happened when they first started dating—it involves crying in a Mexican restaurant, as all good stories do. This video is one of our favorite examples of why having parenting talks before marriage is essential to a healthy relationship.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Taking your first steps as a married couple will be one of the most special moments of the day, so it's something you'll definitely want to capture with a mic. Watching this bride and groom recess down the aisle singing and dancing to "Holy" by Justin Bieber can easily put a smile on anyone's face. Warning: You might have to reach for a box of tissues for this cute mic'd up moment.

Preceremony Excitement

Getting married is a big deal and there are a lot of eyes on you while you're doing it, so it's understandable if you don't know how to keep cool while standing at the altar. This adorable moment caught between the bride and groom shows one way you and your partner can shake off any preceremony jitters.

Speechless First Look

Doing a first look is a long-standing wedding tradition that many couples love to incorporate into their wedding day. In this precious first look moment, the groom tries his best to describe how stunning the bride looks while also being appropriate, resulting in a super sweet convo. As one commenter said: "Protect this man at all costs."

Sing Your Heart Out

This is truly one of the most wholesome mic'd up videos we've seen on #WeddingTok. Seeing this happy couple walk down the aisle singing and holding hands as "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole plays is like watching an ending to a great rom-com.

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