Wedding Music & Dancing: Finding Wedding Ceremony Musicians?


I would like a wedding violinist to perform at my outdoor wedding ceremony, but I haven't the slightest idea how to go about finding one. Any ideas?


There are several options for finding musicians for your wedding day. First, check your local phone directory for booking companies that specialize in providing musicians for such occasions. You can also call a local orchestra, which may have members who are willing to work independently. Also check into contacting a school of music and ask about hiring one of their best students (who would probably welcome the opportunity to perform and earn a little extra cash). Many times, churches often have the names of good musicians too. Of course the most foolproof way to find one is to go by recommendations of satisfied brides and wedding professionals, or local resources page . Put the word out with friends and family that you are looking for a great violinist for your ceremony and see what opportunities arise.

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