How to Finish Your Thank-You Notes in 10 Days or Less

Yes, it's possible.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Dec 17, 2018

If you recently tied the knot, it's likely that your handwritten thank-you notes are still hanging over your head. It's okay, of course, to not start them the moment you exit your reception—you're still basking in that newlywed bliss or jetting off for your honeymoon after your morning-after brunch. We get it.

But eventually, it becomes time to buckle down so it doesn't seem like you're slighting your guests who traveled near and far to be there for you. And yes, you should send a thank-you card to every guest, regardless of whether or not they gave you a gift. It's also poor etiquette to take more than a few weeks to send a thank-you note for any gifts received before the wedding.
Here's how to get them done in 10 days or less so you can finally relax—and your guests can truly know how much you appreciate them.

1. Start with a template.

In a perfect world, you would personalize each and every note—complete with inside jokes and memories from the wedding night. But it's okay for a thank-you note to be short, simple and sweet.

An easy way to get through them faster is to stick with a fill-in-the-blank method—all you need to do is, well, fill in the blanks regarding their name and the gift they gave you (and how you plan to use said gift). You can simply conclude it by telling them you look forward to seeing them or celebrating another occasion with them soon.


2. Split the list in half.

A 150-name guest list can seem tremendously overwhelming at face value. But, hey, you and your partner are a team now—split the list in half instead.

By dividing and conquering and having a productive few hours buckling down with your partner, the time spent writing your thank-you notes will fly by.

3. Consider your options.

Cute postcards (rather than special stationery) could save you a ton of time (you won't have to stuff envelopes, after all). Also, you have a smaller amount of space to work with, which makes it easier to fill up the card with a short, sweet note.

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