Everything You Need to Know Before Writing Wedding Shower Thank-You Notes

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Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
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Updated Jun 10, 2021

While your wedding is all about celebrating you and your partner, it's important to remember to share the love—and not just after the big day. You should also give thanks to shower attendees for their time, well-wishes and gifts. Wondering what to write in a bridal shower thank-you card that'll get the message across? The key is to write a personal note for each guest. That way, it's clear you put just as much care and thought into sending your shower thank-you messages as they did into writing cards, choosing gifts and even deciding what to wear.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Not to worry—we're sharing everything you need to know about wedding shower thank-yous, including when to send them, wording examples and who should sign them (spoiler: it's both of you). And when you're ready to start writing, The Knot Invitations has lots of gorgeous thank-you cards to choose from.

Who Gets a Wedding Shower Thank-You Note?

Whether or not they brought a gift, you should write a short thank-you note to everyone who attended your shower. While it's customary to bring a bridal shower present, it's important to remember that giving a gift is never mandatory. You should still thank your guests for taking the time to share in the celebration and let them know how much you look forward to seeing them again at the wedding.

Of course, if any of your invited guests weren't able to attend the shower, that's not to say they don't deserve a thank-you note too. It's good bridal shower etiquette to send a short and sweet card letting them know they were missed. (And if they sent a card or a gift, don't forget to thank them for that too!)

When to Send Wedding Shower Thank-You Notes

You should pen your thank-you notes and send them out no later than two weeks after your party. (The same goes for any gifts you receive prewedding.) As you're opening presents, you might want to have an attendant write down who each gift is from. That way, you won't lose track and it shouldn't take too long to check everyone off your list.

What to Write in a Wedding Shower Thank-You Card

Not sure what to say in a wedding shower thank-you card? For starters, you should express your gratitude for the gift they gave you. It's nice to include a line or two about what you like about it or how you plan on using it. Next, sincerely thank them for taking the time to come to your shower. Finally, you can close with how much you look forward to seeing them at the wedding. If they're unable to attend the nuptials, a sweet line about how much their friendship means to you will do the trick.

Wedding Shower Thank-You Note Wording Examples

If you're really not sure where to start, let these bridal shower thank-you card wording ideas be your guide. We're sharing examples for a variety of scenarios, whether you're writing to a close friend or you're thanking an acquaintance (think: your S.O.'s aunt) for a gift from your wedding registry. Whatever the case, you can use one of these wedding shower thank-you wording samples to get started—just make sure to add your own personal touch before sending them out.

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card Wording for a Registry Gift

Your wedding registry isn't just for the big day—some guests will use it to pick up a winning bridal shower gift too. Here's exactly what to write to say thank you:

Dear [guest name],

Thank you so much for the beautiful cake stand. Now we have somewhere to show off our signature bakes! We can't wait for your next visit, so we can all enjoy a slice together. Thank you again for helping us celebrate this special time.

All the best,
[Your names]

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card Wording for an Off-Registry Gift

It's not unusual for guests to shop off registry when it comes to bridal shower presents. No matter where they got their gift inspiration, you should still thank them for the lovely gesture. This wedding shower thank-you template is the perfect place to start:

Dear [guest name],

We are so grateful for the crystal serving bowl you got us as a wedding shower gift. Every time we look at it, we'll be reminded of you. Thank you so much for your generosity!

[Your names]

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card Wording for a Guest Who Didn't Give a Gift

Like we said before, giving a present is never mandatory. This wedding shower thank-you note template is for the guest who didn't give a gift (but still gave you their time and attention).

Dear [guest name],

Thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate this special moment in our lives. We really look forward to having you by our side again soon at the wedding.

[Your names]

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card Wording for a Guest Unable to Attend

Not everyone can make it to every single prewedding event. Use this bridal shower thank-you note template for guests who did not attend the shower but did send a gift.

Dear [guest name],

Thank you very much for the gorgeous wine glasses—we can't wait to raise a toast with them on our first anniversary. We're sorry you weren't able to celebrate with us this time, but we look forward to seeing you at the wedding!

[Your names]

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card Wording for the Host

Don't forget to thank the person who put it all together! Follow this thank-you note wording for the host of your wedding shower.

Dear [guest name],

We can't even begin to thank you for planning the perfect shower in our honor. We loved every detail, especially the personalized photo backdrop—it was a big hit on Instagram! Thank you so much for supporting us during our wedding-planning journey—we couldn't do it without you. We look forward to having you by our side on the wedding day and in married life!

Much love,
[Your names]

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card Wording for a Close Friend or Relative

Want to express your gratitude to a loved one you're super close with? Check out this wedding shower wording example:

Dear [guest name],

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift. We can already tell the espresso machine will make our mornings so much easier (and you know how much we love our coffee). You've been a truly great friend over the years and we can't wait to share our special day with you. See you on the dance floor!

All the best,
[Your names]

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card Wording for an Acquaintance

At a traditional bridal shower, it's not unusual to invite your S.O.'s female family members as well as your own. Or, if a parent is hosting, they may want to invite a close friend to join in the festivities. Here's how to word a thank-you note to someone you're still getting to know:

Dear [guest name],

It was a pleasure seeing you at the shower and we really appreciate your generous gift. We can't wait to use the cheese board—it'll make date nights at home feel especially fancy. [Spouse's name] has said so many great things about you over the years and it was great finally getting to meet you. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

[Your names]

How to Write Wedding Shower Thank-You Cards

Similar to wedding thank-you notes, it's considered good etiquette to write your bridal shower thank-yous by hand. Taking the time to send personal, handwritten notes immediately shows the thoughtfulness and appreciation you're trying to express before they even read the message. Another thing to pay attention to when writing your notes is the length. There's no need to write an essay explaining to your guests why you loved their gifts, especially since handwriting notes is already going to take a bit longer than typing them up. Instead, keep things short and sweet with a few simple but meaningful details.

How to Sign Wedding Shower Thank-You Notes

Whether you have a wedding shower sans partner or a joint couple's shower, the gift is generally meant for both of you. With that in mind, it makes sense that both of you should sign the card (unless it's a lingerie shower, in which case the guest of honor takes the lead). Yes, one person can sign for the other—just make sure to include both of your names. Again, this should be done by hand as a courtesy to guests who gave their time (and lots of wonderful gifts) in honor of this special occasion.

How to Address Wedding Shower Thank-You Cards

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide how formal you want your thank-you notes to feel, but there are some guidelines you can follow if you're unsure. Typically, both wedding and bridal shower thank-you notes are informal inside the card. In most cases, you should address guests by their first name, but that's not to say there aren't times when a little more formality is required. If you're writing to a formal acquaintance you don't know very well, you might choose to address them by their title and last name instead.

When it comes to the outer envelope, you should aim to address guests the way they were addressed on your bridal shower invitations (and similar to how you addressed your wedding invitations). Finally, if you're not sure who to address in your thank-you notes, a good rule of thumb is to include everyone who signed the card. Even if they didn't attend the shower, they're still sending their well-wishes and may have contributed to a gift.

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