The 2023 Wedding Stationery Trends You Need to Know About

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Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Associate Commerce Editor
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Updated Dec 08, 2022

The wedding world is ever-evolving, with new trends popping up all the time that allow couples to better express their unique personalities. And often, the first place you get to show off your love story is on your wedding stationery. We've rounded up the coolest 2023 wedding invitation trends to help you put your own stamp on things (pun intended). Just like the bold wedding dress designs and decor ideas we're expecting to see more of this year, these hot wedding invitation trends aren't something you want to miss. We've got the lowdown on up-and-coming color palettes, trending designs, evolving etiquette practices and beyond. (And once you're ready to create your dream stationery suite, head to The Knot Invitations to bring your favorite trends to life.)

Stationery With a Sense of Humor

One of the most playful 2023 wedding invitation trends all comes down to the wording (meaning it's super easy to incorporate into your stationery). Casual and fun wedding invitation wording was first spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic as celebrations became more intimate and less formal. Now, it's starting to stand the test of time. Fast forward two years, and more and more couples are adopting this trend regardless of the scale of their celebrations.

There's one standout reason why humorous invitation wording is here to stay in 2023. "Couples want to tell their unique love story and aren't afraid to break traditions by infusing humor and/or pop culture into their invitations and decor," says Leah Conroy, Associate Director of Merchandising at The Knot Invitations. What was once a reflection of scaled-down pandemic weddings is now a way for couples to give guests a glimpse of their everyday, playful selves. After all, your wedding should look, feel and sound like you.

Taking Maximalism to the Max

You definitely don't have to say goodbye to minimalism if that's your style, but recent wedding stationery trends are very much steeped in the world of bright, bold maximalism. "Each couple's love story is a unique tapestry and maximalism allows them to weave in many of their unique details all together," says Conroy. Maximalist design is your opportunity to throw compromise out the window and incorporate a little bit of everything.

So, how exactly can you play up this wedding invitation trend in 2023? We asked our resident design expert for her take on the maximalist aesthetic. "For wedding stationery, we are seeing this take shape in the form of mixed patterns, numerous accent colors and intricate foil details," Conroy shares. Your stationery will definitely stand out in the mail stack, that's for sure.

Challenging Traditional Etiquette

This year, couples are switching up wedding invitation etiquette in the best possible way. While there are plenty of helpful guidelines in place to make sending out your stationery an easy process, you're certainly not obliged to follow all of them—especially any wedding stationery traditions that feel outdated. Nowadays, more soon-to-be-married couples are intentionally shaking things up to reflect their values.

This means different things to different people. Some ideas include listing the woman's name first when addressing heterosexual couples or ditching last names in return addresses for a friendlier, less formal feel. Some other increasingly popular etiquette practices (that are simply common courtesy rather than a passing trend) are using gender-neutral titles (e.g. Mx.) where appropriate and not assuming a couple shares a last name. The best way to practice this is by requesting your guests' full names and preferred titles when collecting addresses.

Celebrating Cultural Backgrounds

Like we said, your wedding stationery is the first opportunity to showcase your love story to your nearest and dearest. In 2023, invitations are evolving to accommodate diversity so you can really highlight your unique personalities. Conroy shares how soonlyweds are utilizing The Knot Invitations to do just that.

"To share their individual and shared cultures and ensure their diverse guest list feels included, couples are designing bilingual invitations and incorporating motifs and icons to honor their familial heritage," she says. At The Knot Invitations, we have a selection of trending wedding invitation cards that can be printed in one language on the front and another on the back. That way, guests with different cultural backgrounds will feel seen and welcomed to the wedding.

Regency Era Romance

It's official: Cottagecore is out and regencycore is taking the crown. "We're seeing a rising interest in vintage and romantic styles this upcoming year as couples seek to travel back in time to create their dream fairytale wedding," says Conroy. Invitations inspired by the regency era perfectly fit the bill. This early 19th-century aesthetic is known for its soft pastel hues, opulent patterns and luxurious accents. Regencycore wedding stationery has an elegant-meets-whimsical vibe that feels fit for a fairytale celebration. This current wedding invitation trend is perfect for fans of Bridgerton or classic romance novels.

Putting Pets Front and Center

The latest trends in wedding invitations are even more delightful than you could imagine. Pet parents are using save-the-dates, day-of stationery (think: menus) and beyond to shine a light on their beloved fur babies. According to Conroy, there are lots of unique ways to embrace this trend, such as in photos, custom illustrations or clever wording like, "My humans are getting married."

And stationery is just one of many ways couples are including their pets in their weddings in 2023. Pet-related items are also trending in the wedding registry space, and some couples even name signature cocktails at the celebration after their four-legged friends.

Pretty in Pastel

Not keen on the bold, contrasting hues that are a hallmark of maximalist design? Here's another up-and-coming color trend that might be more your cup of tea. Conroy denotes a rise in the popularity of joyful pastels, especially for celebrations in the earlier half of 2023. "Soft lavenders, pale yellows, sky blues and powder pinks create an airy and dreamy mood for a feel-good wedding," she shares. To explain this trend in another way: You'll be embracing your Taylor Swift Lover era (and what guest wouldn't appreciate that?).

Ornate Art Nouveau

Design trends are often influenced by a revival of certain eras and artistic movements. When it comes to 2023's trending invitation designs, Conroy shares that Art Nouveau is a big inspiration. "Couples are incorporating ornate flourishes and intricate detailing in their wedding stationery to help set the tone for opulent and fantastical celebrations," she explains.

The comeback of this artistic movement from the turn of the 20th century is a big step away from the sleek, minimalist aesthetic that's been everywhere in recent years. Couples are looking for a breath of fresh air in their invitations, and the abstract-meets-organic visuals of the Art Nouveau movement offer just that. Plus, it looks pretty darn romantic.

Outdoor-Inspired Designs

Over the past few years, more and more weddings took place in the great outdoors. What was initially a product of pandemic health and safety has become a preferred setting for many couples exchanging "I do"s. And now, as people all over the world embrace a pent-up demand for travel and adventure, outdoor weddings remain incredibly popular.

But how does that factor into invitation trends? We're seeing a rustic revival that plays up couples' wedding venues and newfound thirst for outdoor adventure. In addition to invites with an overall rustic vibe, mountain motifs are proving especially popular. The best part of all? You don't have to have an outdoor wedding venue to choose rustic wedding invitations. Adventurous duos can use nature-inspired stationery to show off their wild side, no matter where they plan on tying the knot.

Embracing '70s Style

What's old is new again—at least when it comes to wedding invitation designs. The '70s are back with a bang, and we couldn't be happier about it. Trending wedding invitations that channel the '70s vibe feature maximalist patterns inspired by florals and interiors from the decade. Play up another 2023 wedding trend by adding in some playful '70s-inspired wording. Finally, throw in a retro color palette in avocado green or warm rust and you've got yourself some groovy wedding stationery.

Designs for the Digital Era

Wedding stationery isn't just about aesthetics. First and foremost, it's a way of sharing the details of your big day with guests. With that in mind, it makes sense that modern wedding invitation trends make communicating with loved ones easier than ever. "We are definitely seeing growing demand from both couples and guests for collecting RSVPs digitally," says Conroy. "To ensure a cohesive look, many couples opt for including a printed enclosure card with their invitation that directs guests to their wedding website to RSVP," she continues.

With digital RSVPs, guests are able to submit their responses ASAP on their phone or laptop, and you'll save time (and money) since stamped, addressed RSVP envelopes aren't required. Want one last top tip for digitizing your RSVPs? "On The Knot, couples can match their wedding invites to their website and take advantage of our easy guest list tool to track RSVPs," says Conroy.

Value-Driven Stationery Shopping

More couples are taking extra time to personalize their nuptials (think: extra-creative signage, menus that spotlight local produce and more). But another big way they're making their wedding day their own is by thoughtfully spending on everything—including stationery. Supporting small, minority-owned businesses is a powerful way to live out your values as a couple.

Embrace this wedding invite trend at The Knot Invitations by checking out our Black Artist Collective and Women's Artist Collective. We've partnered with eight talented designers to create one-of-a-kind stationery suites that'll seriously wow your guests. Environmentally conscious couples are also incorporating their values into their wedding stationery. Many designers and stationery sites (The Knot included) offer eco-friendly paper options.

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