The 2022 Wedding Stationery Trends You Need to Know About

Paper predictions straight from the pros.
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Updated Oct 22, 2021
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Everything at your wedding—from your venue to your attire—should reflect your love story, including your wedding stationery. To help you personalize your invitations, here are 11 editor-approved 2022 wedding invitation trends that cover everything from types of trending materials to up-and-coming color palettes. The latest stationery trends also feature inclusive etiquette and creative wording, which can help showcase your personality and values to your guests before your big day. (Psst: The Knot Invitations offers complete customization so you can create stationery that's authentic to you.) Check out the 11 of the hottest wedding invitation trends you're going to see everywhere in 2022 (and maybe steal a few for your own suite), below.

Say Goodbye to Formality

Wedding invitation trends casual language
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At The Knot, we believe in one wedding tradition: make it your own. Forget the rules or expectations you feel you have to live up to. Your wedding is all about celebrating your love story and sharing it with the people you care about. As such, many couples are shifting away from ultra-formal events in lieu of festive, casual celebrations, which is reflected on their stationery. Instead of sticking to flowery, formal language (though you certainly can if you want to), many prefer casual verbiage, light-hearted phrases and cheeky jokes to invite their guests to their nuptials. After all, your wedding should look, feel and sound like you. And after the pandemic, couple will be focusing on joy now more than ever.

Etiquette Around Addresses is Becoming More Inclusive

There are several traditions around wedding stationery that are outdated, but a major one is the etiquette around addressing envelopes. Traditional rules dictate that married couples use the same last name and that your only title options for guests are "Mr." or "Mrs." However, that's untrue. Rather than assuming information, more couples are asking guests for their preferred titles and last names as they collect addresses. That way, a couple who uses different last names or someone who identifies with the gender-neutral title "Mx.," will feel seen, respected and welcomed at the wedding.

Custom Videos Are the New Save-the-Dates

While save-the-dates normally include an actual picture of the happy couple, there's a new trend on the rise. More to-be-weds are requesting custom videos instead of traditional paper save-the-dates. "It is a great way to work with your wedding videographer before the wedding and the video can be played at your rehearsal dinner," says Alyse Balderrama, wedding planner at Event Shoppe Chicago in Chicago. "It's also the perfect way to share your love story with the people you are inviting to join you for your celebration." Pro tip: Shoot it at your wedding venue to get your guests excited about the event.

Eco-Friendly Stationery Options Are Rising

While weddings are a joyful event, they do have a substantial impact on the environment. Given all of the waste they can potentially generate, planning an eco-friendly celebration will be a top priority for to-be-weds next year—especially when it comes to stationery. While paper materials have typically been used for save-the-dates and invitations, a new wave of options are gaining popularity. Couples are focusing on sustainability by using materials, like post-consumer recycled paper (which is available on The Knot Invitations.) Other materials on the rise include seed-infused paper and hemp paper (all available on Etsy).

Script Fonts Are on Their Way Out

wedding invitation trends typeface

Script fonts (like calligraphy) have been a staple on wedding invitations for years. But in 2022, Balderrama predicts guests will see less of them—not just on invitations but also on stationery throughout the event (think: wedding menu, signs and name cards). Instead, minimalist, printed fonts will be all over invitation suites next year. Not only is it a trending aesthetic, it's also practical. "I always encourage this because it is easier for your guests and event staff to read," Balderrama says. "This readability will make the day run smoother and speed up guests finding their seats and dinner service." Psst: This is a great choice for any couples hosting a modern wedding.

Bold, Bright Suites Are Becoming Mainstream

Gone are the days of only seeing simple white wedding invitations. While those are certainly still an option for couples, experts are predicting a rise in colorful wedding stationery. "Color is making a comeback as we move forward into this next decade," says Lisa Zachery, CEO and creative director of Papered Wonders, Inc. "Designers love to keep it classic and tasteful, but adding in color that is bold and makes a statement also adds personality to the [couple's] wedding day."

Acrylic Wedding Stationery Is Having a Major Moment

Speaking of maximalism in stationery, another luxe trend is gaining popularity. According to Balderrama, more couples are using acrylic wedding stationery instead of paper. The laser cut or engraved details make your invites or date cards feel extra-special. "This is not only beautiful but it can also match any color scheme," she says. "It looks more elegant than paper, and it photographs beautifully." Plus, acrylic wedding invitations pair with any wedding theme, wedding color or wedding style.

Warm, Vintage Colors Are About to be Everywhere

What's old is new again—at least when it comes to wedding invitation colors. Warm, vintage hues like cream, dusty rose and burnt orange are taking over the stationery scene, according to Brett Galley, director of special events and owner of Hollywood Pop Gallery. The celebrity event planner and designer says the retro-inspired color palettes will evoke a sense of comfort and tranquility (which everyone could benefit from right now). Throw it back to the '70s for your wedding stationery by using this boho, on-trend color palette.

Statement Envelopes Are Becoming More Popular

wedding invitation trends envelope liners

Stationery is the first touchpoint guests have when it comes to your wedding. To get guests excited for the event, more couples are invested in envelopes that make a statement. "More couples are investing in beautiful envelopes, envelope sleeves, and wax seals as opposed to the invitation itself," Balderamma says. "These details make all the difference when your guests are opening your invitation- and as a result, they will be even more excited about your wedding." And if you're too nervous to go all-out on statement envelopes? Try a bold-colored or patterned envelope liner.

Minimalist Designs Will be Everywhere

In light of COVID-19, there's been a shift towards simplicity—specifically when it comes to stationery. While some gravitate towards bold, bright designs, others will keep their designs clean and minimal. Given the complexity of planning or postponing a wedding right now, simple designs will rise again in popularity to help deliver essential information clearly. While minimalist stationery designs have been around for some time, neutral colors and simple typography will continue to gain popularity in 2022.

To-Be-Weds Are Thoughtfully Purchasing Stationery

More couples are taking extra time to personalize their nuptials (think: custom wedding favors, date-night inspired menus and more), but one big way they're putting their stamp on their day is by thoughtfully spending on everything--including stationery suites.

Supporting small, minority-owned businesses is a powerful way to live out your values as a couple—especially when it comes to invitations. If you're hoping to embrace this trend for your own wedding day, The Knot's Black Artist Collective is a starting point. We've partnered with four select artists to design one-of-a-kind stationery suites that'll stand out in your guests' mailpile, all at a competitive price too. Not only will you feel satisfied crossing invites off your checklist, you'll feel good about giving your business to people you believe in.

Couples Are Using Stationery as a Way to Tell Their Love Story

Wedding stationery is no longer simply a way to communicate logistics of your event. According to Jove Meyer, owner and creative director of Jove Meyer Events, more couples are using their invitations and save-the-dates as a way to tell their love story. "I'm seeing personal touches in fun and creative ways on the rise," he explains. For example, he explains one of his couples included a bride who loved pizza, so they worked to include custom pizza artwork into her stationery. "It's something that's cute between [the couple], but has been painted beautifully to match the style of the design and not stand out."

By taking the time to communicate details about your love story to your guests, you'll establish a stronger personal connection with them. Write up a blurb about the proposal, include a map of your favorite travel destinations or incorporate your favorite songs. Your guests will feel instantly closer to you and even more excited to celebrate your union.

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