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Updated Dec 14, 2023

Diamonds and roses get all the glory when it comes to symbols of love, but—hear me out—paper is truly what represents an everlasting bond. It's the stuff of love letters, romance novels, one-year anniversary gifts and, of course, of wedding invitations. Our wedding invitation trends and wedding paper trends for 2024 feel just as bespoke as your love story, with some cool niche aesthetics that'll help you nail your wedding vibe from the moment guests open their envelopes clocking in at the top of our list. There are also major material moments to be seen with one special fabric showing up in suites, and a few former-favorite design elements rising to the top again like golden champagne bubbles—not to mention some serious shifts in how stationery plays into your holistic wedding look.

To get the skinny on the trending motifs, up-and-coming colorways and evolution of the category as a whole, we've tapped a slew of experts in the stationery space plus our Senior Weddings Editor who's seen it all when it comes to the best in wedding paper this year. And once you're ready to curate the stationery suite of your dreams, check out The Knot Invitations. Then take a gander at the cool wedding dress trends and wedding decor trends we're expecting to see more of this year.

1. Quirky Squiggles and Scribbles

This is my favorite wedding stationery trend on the rise for next year: We've typically seen swoopy script and slick modern type dominate, but this coming year features a font that's much less restrained. Quirky "scribble" style invitations feel ultra unique and relaxed in a cool kind of way, thanks to their hallmark handwritten text. "The quirky style is all about showcasing the couple's personality through illustration and handwritten wording," says Emily Buford, Senior Art Director of Paper at The Knot Invitations..

This style also can feature doodle-like line drawings—typically of romantic icons like champagne bottles, loose hearts and even goodies such as baguettes and oysters (if this style is being carried through to wedding dinner menus). The energy is giving European dinner party—summoning guests to a chicly thrown together at the last second affair complete, with melty taper candles, satiny bows tied on flatware, wine-stained lace tablecloths and laughter that rings well into the night. Aka wedding goals.

2. Wildflower Whimsy

Big "look at me" petals are being pushed away in favor of delicate spindly wildflower blooms in 2024. "Wildflowers appear to be an even stronger trend through 2024," says Buford. The expert explains that searches for wildflower weddings have blown up on Pinterest as of late and the motif is starting to adorn some trending wedding invitation designs. "Imagery includes a wide range of floral hues, from vibrant colorful presentations to dried muted arrangements."

Whether it's a border of blossoms to frame your day-of details, incorporating hues that evoke petals out in nature or showcasing a few sprigs that appear like they just blew in on a breeze and landed on your paper, this cottagecore look and feel reflects the softened edges we've been seeing in wedding floral arrangements recently.

3. Fairytale and Dark Fantasy

This pair of trends will make your guests feel like they stepped into a storybook, whether it's a candy-colored fairytale with a happy ending or a tale set in an opulent abandoned castle where secrets await around every turn—that part is up to you. "Fairytale is the strongest growing trend identified," says Buford, who notes dreamy pale pinks, lavenders and greens as well as images of delicate greenery and forests bedecked in fairy lights as parts of the style.

Fantasy, however, is giving a more mysterious twist on those ethereal motifs. "Dark fantasy is similar to the fairytale trend, but with a twist of witchery and magic, a bit more drama—gilded accents as well as metals and jewels in shapes inspired by nature."

4. Funky Invitation Formats

We anticipate couples really thinking outside of the box (the box shape, that is) when it comes to wedding stationery in 2024, eschewing the classic square or rectangular wedding invites for shapes and design treatments like arches and scalloped borders, and even more unconventional formats. "Gone are the days of couples wanting to only stick to rectangles and squares for their main invitation and insert cards," says Le'Trice Penn, owner of and designer behind LePenn Studios. "Incorporating unique shapes is a great way to give a nod to distinctive features in their venue, using geometric shapes that play well with coordinating patterns."

Hannah Nowack, our Real Weddings Editor, seconds this sentiment—she sifts through all of the photos of real-deal nuptials submitted to The Knot and she's seen so many creative invitation alternatives, like video invitations and the viewfinder bids pictured above.

5. Old Money Vibes

From "Succession" to Sofia Richie's wedding forever living rent free in our minds, it's no surprise that the old money and quiet luxury aesthetics have seeped into the wedding stationery realm. And we're here for it. According to Buford: "Old money is about reinventing old Hollywood glam with a classic wedding aesthetic and a twist of extreme fun. The vibe is classy, but super playful—think champagne towers and candid flash photography. Black, white and gold are the colors that define this trend."

We've seen this look go in two different directions. The first is a simpler, more modern take, with clean lines that feel classic, but with a twist (whether it be cheekier phrasing or a fresh-feeling font) that makes it feel timely. The second is evocative of estates passed down through families for generations and secrets exchanged in back gardens by the sea: simple color palettes, elegant scripts and subtle details that don't feel too fussy—you're old money, you have nothing to prove after all.

6. Lush Velvet Details

If you've been admiring the velvet bows that are popping up all over Pinterest, you'll be pumped to know they're finding a home on wedding stationery in 2024. They add a luxe touch to programs and menus, and can create a luxurious belly band for your invite and details cards. According to Penn, the va va voom factor of velvet goes well beyond just bows, with full velvet flock overlays and envelope liners coming into popularity for those couples who want an extra-luxurious look and feel.

"This material greatly enhances an invitation suite if you're looking for a way to really impress your guests," says the expert. "This material can be used to create the main invitation or insert cards and features foil stamping as the print method."

7. Western Motifs

Giddy up, partners. The Western look is IN for 2024. Now don't get it twisted: We're not talking rustic barn weddings or mason jars here. Instead, think mountain or ranch nuptials in cowboy country. On the invitation front, you'll see design elements like antlers, dried-looking flowers and bandana patterns come to light.

Colorway-wise, it's all about canyon colors: "We're seeing a lot of brown and rust attire paired with white, and we're seeing beige and orange floral colors with greenery and dried wildflowers with pampas, eucalyptus and cattails," says Buford. P.S. Western gothic is an even smaller niche in this aesthetic on our radar, where these style aspects get a spooky and sexy makeover.

8. Die-Cut Details

According to Nowack, die-cutting in wedding stationery is having a serious moment right now. It's been in vogue before, but the 2024 iteration of the trend plays on couples' desire to incorporate fun shapes, custom elements and cohesive nods to other aspects of their big day. For example, the invite above for a Palm Springs affair features a die-cut overlay piece that mimics the popular mid-century breezeblocks that are an essential part of the area's architecture.

Penn notes that there's one part of a stationery suite where this technique is particularly popular: "Specialty die-cut envelopes with creative flaps that give guests a beautiful sneak peek at the unique invitation waiting for them inside."

9. Vintage Goth

"Goth has been trending hard ever since Kourtney Kardashian's wedding—and there's been a steady increase in interest," says Buford. "This trend is rich with lots of black, silver and dark ruby red or maroon." As a reformed goth girl myself, I am totally here for this trend. Buford also mentioned that theme-heavy elements are making their way into stationery suites—think: bats, coffins and roses.

"The overall aesthetic vibe is super detailed and ornate with a very subtle touch of vintage retro," she says. We can't decide which style we love more, the rocker goth with retro elements of the classic Adams Family-esque aesthetic.

10. Stationery As a Catalyst for the Wedding Look

You thought you were just addressing your wedding invitations, but you're actually giving guests their first taste of your big-day magic. "The incorporation of custom patterns that begin with their invitations and carry over to their specialty decor rentals will also trend forward in a major way," says Penn. "An example would be a custom floral pattern created as an envelope liner for a garden-inspired wedding would then be printed as custom tablecloths and napkins to be used on tables during their cocktail hour and/or dinner reception. This intentional design element merges the connection between custom stationery and event day design and decor."

Cohesion is key, says the expert. And she anticipates more coordinated paper suites that stretch beyond just mailers to encompass menus, escort cards, signage, programs and more (all of which work in tandem with day-of graphics and design elements to push the "wedding brand" forward. The pièce de résistance that'll trend in 2024: a couples monogram the graces the wedding stationery and is threaded throughout the ceremony and reception.

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