An Expert's Tips and Tricks on How to Get the Best Ski Wedding Photos

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Updated Jan 22, 2024

Whether you met at a ski resort or have always loved taking on the fresh powder together, grabbing some ski wedding photos is a must for any adventurous couple. However, such an endeavor is not for the faint of heart. The best wedding photos demand a confident photographer and plenty of patience and spunk.

Thankfully, we have gathered wedding photographers on The Knot Vendor Marketplace ready to make your wildest photography dreams a reality. One such expert is Meghan McGovern Hamilton, the owner and lead photographer at Rodeo & Co. Photography, a bustling wedding photography business based in New England. She shared with us why she loves winter weddings and how to get the best ski shots.

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How to Take Ski Wedding Photos

If you're ready to make the most of your skiing wedding photos, it's important to research any wedding photography styles or photography trends you may want to include. However, many of the best tips to make winter wedding photos come to life is to learn from the best. Here are some suggestions from Meg Hamilton of Rodeo & Co. Photography to make your first run as a couple a reality.

Hit the Slopes in the Morning

Meg recommends heading to the slopes "early in the morning to beat crowds and get some fresh tracks, especially if you are skiing on your actual wedding day." This will give you enough time to snap some adventurous shots before the runs get filled with other people and their tracks.

Ensure Your Photographer is a Good Skier

Just because someone can ski doesn't mean they will be willing to take their camera gear onto the slopes. Meg encourages couples to find someone who "is an adequate skier and up for the terrain you have in mind." This is one of many questions you should ask your photographer before signing on the dotted line. Meg herself is an avid skier and raced in high school, but she understandably doesn't want to take on double black diamonds with her camera in hand.

Choose Vistas and Trails Ahead of Time

Grab a map of the trails before the photoshoot and scout out the best vistas and runs that will have fewer people on them. This way, you can be efficient with your shots and don't head down a steeper slope than you can comfortably ski. Additionally, if you stop to take some pictures at a vista, you may get cold when you stop moving. So, plan out spots to warm up in between if needed!

Ask Nicely and Photo Ops Might Be Granted to You

Meg has been behind the camera for quite a while, but she's also been behind the lifts. Having experience running her local mountain's chair ski lift in high school, she notes that "if you ask nicely, the attendant should let the couple have a chair to themselves." This sets you up perfectly for adorable ski lift wedding photos. Meg likes to do this twice: once where she is in front of the couple and can safely turn around and another where she is behind them.

Hire a Professional With a Drone

If you want some photos that quite literally go above and beyond, hire a wedding drone photographer or videographer. With their high-flying device, they'll get stellar shots of your first run as a couple unlike any other.

Choose a Fun & Safe Outfit

Meg is a concussion survivor and describes herself as a "huge proponent for wearing helmets." The last thing you want is to end up in the hospital instead of on a honeymoon. She acknowledges this is "tricky" and some people may think it cramps their style. But, embrace this by gluing your veil on your helmet, which Meg describes as "super duper fun."

Many brides choose to ski in a dress, just make sure it won't catch on your skis or the lift. However, skiing wedding photos are a great excuse to grab some new ski gear that fits your wedding day style.

Touchup Hair and Makeup Before Apres Photos

Every great day on the slopes comes to an end, but that doesn't mean the photos have to. Take a minute to touch up your hair and makeup before grabbing some apres ski photos. Meg loves skiing wedding photos that have a couple snuggled up by a firepit with their skis nearby. It is important to note that the longer ask your photographer to stay, the pricier the fee will be. Make sure to factor that in when you're planning your wedding photography budget.

Ski Wedding Photo Ideas

There are plenty of incredible ideas for a winter wedding, and we've collected a few ski-specific ones for you. If one of these snapshots catches your eye, work with your photographer to make it happen. They will help you capture the moment without making any major wedding photography mistakes.

Couple From Behind on the Ski Lift

This precious photo captures the couple's first ski lift snuggle after tying the knot. This shot reflects not only the love between the couple but also the beauty of the surroundings.

Couple Takes on the Powder

There's nothing quite like a couple's photo of you both showing off your moves. This bride chose a dress with plenty of clearance for her skis, allowing her to wear it to both the ceremony and the slopes.

A Skiing Send-Off

Nontraditional Snowy Recessional on Skis
Photo: Carrie Patterson Photography

What a way to leave your guests! This skiing send-off is a gorgeous candid shot that highlights your guests, the winter wedding venue and the couple themselves.

Ceremony in the Snow

Who says you can't get married in ski boots? We love this wedding ceremony photo where you can just see how much joy is present as the couple ties the knot in the snow.

Skiing Welcome Party

Your skiing wedding photos don't have to happen the day of the wedding. This couple welcomed guests the day before in their spunky ski outfits, ready to have fun with their friends without worrying about trashing their dressier fits.

Kiss in the Snow

We love a good action shot, but remember that it's okay to pause for a second and kiss in the snow, especially when you find a peaceful mountain spot like this one.

Couple From Front on Ski Lift

Couple From Front on Ski Lift
Photo: Wild Connections Photography

A snapshot from the chair in front of the couple showcases this pair's first lift as a married couple. It also shows off the breathtaking mountains in the background.

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