Everything You Need to Turn Your Bachelorette Into a Mermaid Party

Go ahead—make a splash.
by Andrea Fowler

So you have a pool party planned for your bachelorette? Or maybe you're getting the girls together for a beach bash? Whatever your plans are, we're pretty sure you could use one or two (or all) of these mer-mazing party essentials.

  1. Shell and a Silly Straw

    Mermaid seashell sipper cup for a mermaid themed bachelorette party

    Swap your stemware for shellware and add a silly straw. 

    Urban Outfitters shell sipper cup, $11, UrbanOutfitters.com

  2. Splashy Invite

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party invitations

    Make sure everyone knows to bring their best flippers with an under the sea themed invitation. 

    WillowBlueDesigns Last Splash bachelorette party invitation, from $15, Etsy.com

  3. Simple Tote Bag

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party tote bags

    Every pool party needs a sturdy tote bag. This oversized canvas tote has room for all your gadgets, gizmos, whozits and whatzits galore. 

    Dogeared Part Mermaid tote, $32, Dogeared.com

  4. Sexy Swimsuits

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party one piece swimsuits

    Take a page out of Shaunae Miller's bachelorette book and look fierce in matching swimsuits. 

    Private Party mermaid swimsuit, $99, ShopPrivateParty.com 

  5. Breezy Crop Tops

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party crop tops

    An easy throw-on, throw-off top for when you want to cover up—a little. 

    Salty Mermaid signature logo crop top, $25, SaltyMermaid.com

  6. Insta-Worthy Pool Float

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party mermaid tail pool float

    Pool floats are the new black. 

    Always Fits giant mermaid tail pool float, $25, AlwaysFits.com

  7. Another Pool Float

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party seashell pool float

    Is one really enough?

    Floaty blue seashell, $78, GetFloaty.com

  8. One Last Pool Float

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party seashell pool float

    One more for good measure.

    Urban Outfitters mermaid shell pool float, $86, UrbanOutfitters.com

  9. Crown for the Bride

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party crystal crown for the bride

    Swap the bride-to-be sash for an aqua blue quartz crown, fit for a sea queen.

    heatherfeathercrowns Copper Seas crown, $75, Etsy.com

  10. Iridescent Tumbler

    Mermaid themed bachelorette party iridescent tumbler

    For mermaids on the go. 

    New Look Iridescent Mermaid cup, $9, ASOS.com

  11. Shell Accessories

    Flask mermaid seashell purse for a mermaid themed bachelorette party

    This iridescent seashell purse comes equipped with a removable flask...you know, just in case. 

    Always Fits Round Flask Mermaid Seashell purse, $30, Alwaysfits.com

  12. Mermaid Tail Brush Handles

    Mermaid bachelorette party favors, mermaid tail makeup brushes

    Keep the vibe strong during touch ups in between happy hour and dinner.

    Mermaid Salon The Original Chubby Mermaid Brush, $16, MermaidSalon.com

  13. Pull Up Those Locks

    Beach party favor hair ties for a mermaid themed bachelorette

    Sure, mermaids are known for care-free tresses, but sometimes you just want to get them out of your face. (And what a cute party favor!)

    LuckyGirlHairTies Beach Party Favor hair ties, $2, Etsy.com

  14. Bottle Stopper

    Mermaid tail wine bottle stopper

    Treat yourself to some pink wine. If you don't finish the bottle, no worries!

    Always Fits mermaid tail wine bottle stopper, $14, AlwaysFits.com

  15. Floating Cup Holder

    Floating unicorn cup holder from Floaty

    Mermaid, meet unicorn. Unicorn, meet mermaid. (This one is just for good measure, we couldn't help ourselves.)

    Get Floaty Mini unicorn cup holder, $10, GetFloaty.com

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