Beyoncé-Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas to Go From Feyoncé to Bride-to-Bey

Jolene's not invited.
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Updated May 22, 2024
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With so many different bachelorette party ideas, planning the right theme for your bach bash should be a fun time. And if you're part of the BeyHive, then a Beyoncé-themed bachelorette party is a no-brainer. That's why we gathered this list of bachelorette party supplies that will make you feel like you're in the presence of the Queen herself. And don't forget to tell your girls to post the right hashtags for the weekend, like #BeyHiveBash or #BeyonceBachelorette. Now ladies, grab your party planning checklist, and let's get in formation for this unforgettable bach weekend.

Everything you need for a Beyoncé bach:

Shirts | Decorations | Party Games | Cake Decorations | Welcome Bag Accessories | Additional Supplies

Beyoncé Bachelorette Shirts

Grab the right gear for your Bey-bash. "I'm calling all my girls. We're gonna turn this party out…" with these perfect bachelorette party shirts. Just make sure you're captioning your bachelorette posts with the best Beyoncé lyrics while wearing these tees to capture the vibe of the weekend.

Cowboy Carter Bachelorette Shirts

Bey Haw disco ball and cowboy hat T-shirt for Beyonce themed bachelorette
Photo: Etsy

This party pack of tees lets each of your girls choose just the right Beyoncé lyric for her personality. And you'll be the wife of the party in your own special Feyoncé tee.

Assorted Lyric Bachelorette Tees

Beyonce inspired 'I slay' bachelorette party tshirts

Let the town know who's running the show. These tees are perfect for the girl squad who loves a little glitter.

"I Can See Your Halo" Tee

Custom angel wing beyonce bachelorette party shirt
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

These tour tees are just missing a halo to match the angelic wings. You can even customize it with the city hosting your bachelorette weekend.

Renaissance Bach Tees

Renaissance song lyric black T-shirts for Beyonce bach party
Photo: Etsy

It's your Renaissance, and you need some drink in your cup. These bachelorette shirts are a little more subtle, making them easy for the Beyoncé fans in your wedding party to rewear. Customize each one with your favorite title track or lyrics from Renaissance.

"Drunk in Love" Tie-Up Tee

"Drunk In Love" Personalized Bridal Party Tie-Up Bachelorette Shirt
Photo: The Knot Shop

Are you drunk in love or simply feeling a little drunk? You can personalize these tie-up tees for your Beyoncé bash.

Beyoncé-Themed Bachelorette Decorations

No matter where you are in the world, your bachelorette party can have just the right vibes in any city when you gather the best Beyoncé-themed decor. So get ready to decorate your Airbnb or home with these fabulous bachelorette party decorations that just scream Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

Cowboy Carter-Inspired Welcome Sign

Disco cowgirl themed bachelorette welcome sign
Photo: Zazzle

If the vibe is Cowboy Carter, what could be more fitting than a welcome sign with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a disco ball? It's giving "YA YA."

"He Put A Ring On It" Banner

Beyonce 'he put a ring on it' bachelorette party banner becoration
Photo: Amazon

Your S.O. liked it, and then put a ring on it. Declare you're a single lady no more with this fabulous banner.

"Bride To Bey" Balloons

'Bride to Bey' Beyonce bachelorette balloon background
Photo: PartyEight

Decorate your space with these balloons perfect for the Feyoncé. This "Bride to Bey" balloon letter banner even comes with a dazzling diamond.

"It's Solid Gold, Baby" Table Runner

Gold sparkly table runner for beyonce bachelorette
Photo: Michaels

Add sequins and sparkle to your tables that throw it back to Beyoncé's Austin Powers era. "It's solid gold, baby."

"I Love You Like XO" Balloons

'XO' Large White Round Beyonce Bachelorette Balloons
Photo: The Knot Shop

Here's a subtle nod to a classic Queen Bey song. These XO balloons are a great addition to your decor.

Beyoncé-Themed Bachelorette Party Games

Every bachelorette party could use some fun games to wind down the night. There are so many options for a Queen Bey-themed bash, like printables and lyric quizzes. And if you run out of games to play, you can always make some Beyoncé-themed bachelorette crafts that are perfect for you and your girls to take home after the bach weekend.

Cowboy Carter-Themed Drinking Game

Last Rodeo Most Likely To drinking game cards for Cowboy Carter bach party
Photo: Etsy

If your Beyoncé bachelorette party is Cowboy Carter themed, the "Last Rodeo" design on these handmade game cards will complement it perfectly. The drinking game includes 30 cards featuring a different "most likely to" response.

Naughty Girl Bachelorette Party Game

OFF TOPIC Hilarious Bachelorette Party Game for Adults
Photo: Amazon

Tonight, you'll be the naughty girl with this game pack. You and your girls will love to love this party game.

"Stuck In My Love" Game Pack

Beyonce Bachelorette Printable Games
Photo: YouRunTheWorld

These "Lemonade"-themed printables have a ton of games that keep the Beyoncé theme alive and well. And it's a fun way to see who knows the soon-to-be-newlyweds best.

"Ladies, Now Let's Get in Formation" Drinking Game

Drunken Tower Adult Party Drinking Game
Photo: The Knot Shop

This game was difficult enough before involving shots. You better get in formation with this towering drinking game that seriously tests your skills.

"Got Diamonds On My Records" Drinking Game

Rose gold 'Drink If Game' for beyonce bachelorette
Photo: Amazon

Tell your ladies to drink up with this "what if" game. See who knows the bride-to-be and everything there is to know about the upcoming wedding.

Beyoncé-Themed Bachelorette Party Cake Decorations

What's a bach party without some cake? These cake toppers have just the right vibes for your Queen Bey party. You can even ask your baker to decorate your cake with lyrics from your Beyoncé wedding song.

Cowboy Carter-Themed Cowboy Boot Topper

Birch wood cowboy boot cake topper for Cowboy Carter Beyonce bach party
Photo: Alight Custom

Complete your Beyoncé-themed bachelorette party with a Cowboy Carter snack table filled with cute country-inspired details like this cowboy boot cake topper.

Festive XO Cake Topper

Beyonce inspired Gold XOXO bachelorette Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

"I love you like XO" times two. Top your bachelorette cake with this golden beauty that fits right alongside other Bey lyrics.

Dance-All-Night Cupcake Toppers

Beyonce Disco Ball Bachelorette Cupcake Toppers
Photo: Amazon

Since Beyoncé revived dance music, how about these glimmery disco balls? You can top your cake or cupcakes with these cute toppers. Bonus: They also work for a Cowboy Carter-inspired disco cowgirl bachelorette party theme.

"Love on Top" Decorations

Future Mrs. Rose Gold Bachelorette Cake Topper
Photo: Michaels

If this topper doesn't have you singing "Love On Top", then wyd? Here's to the future Mrs., especially if you plan on hyphenating your name like Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

"Crazy in Love" Cake Toppers

Gold Love Letter Bachelorette Cake Toppers
Photo: Walmart

Beyoncé has a ton of love songs, making these toppers perfect for your bach cake. Whether you're crazy or dangerously in love.

Beyoncé-Themed Bachelorette Party Welcome Bag Accessories

Set the scene for your Queen Bey-themed weekend with the right bachelorette party favors. The category is Bey, after all, so get as glamorous and creative as you'd like.

"I'll Be Your Shotgun Rider" Tote Bags

Beyonce "II Most Wanted" lyric tote bag for bachelorette welcome bags
Photo: Etsy

The welcome bag itself can be an awesome, on-theme gift for your bach crew. This chic reusable tote features the lyrics "I'll be your shotgun rider" from Beyoncé's iconic duet with Miley Cyrus on Cowboy Carter.

"We Be All Night" Hangover Kits

Drunk in Love Beyonce Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit Bags
Photo: PoppyandErie

Here's a kit that will get you through the morning when you were partying all night. This welcome bag must-have can help cure that pesky hangover.

"Jolene" Coffee Mugs

You don't want no heat with me, Jolene coffee mug Beyonce bach party favor
Photo: Etsy

Give your bridesmaids a custom gift they'll be using long after the bachelorette weekend. They'll love these coffee mugs featuring a lyric from Beyoncé's edition of the Dolly Parton classic "Jolene" for unwinding (and surviving the morning after the bach).

"Alien Superstar"-Inspired Bum Bags

Personalized metallic fanny packs for beyonce bachelorette party
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

Your alien superstars will need this fanny pack to fit all their bachelorette essentials. And you can customize it for your wedding party.

"Drunk in Love" Trucker Hats

'Drunk In Love' Beyonce Bachelorette Party Snapback Trucker Hats
Photo: The Knot Shop

Trucker hats are back in, especially these Beyoncé-inspired caps. These are a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes the morning after.

Additional Beyoncé-Themed Bachelorette Party Supplies

Need some more inspo for your Bey bash? Here is some more decor that'll have the music knockin' 'til the morning light.

"I Need Some Drink In My Cup" Can Coolers

'Drunk in Love' pink and black koozies for beyonce bachelorette
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

Keep your cans cool while staying on theme. And you can choose from a ton of fun colors of these koozies to match your bachelorette.

Cowboy Carter-Inspired Hats

Pink rhinestone cowboy hat for Beyonce bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

Sure, any kind of cowboy hat will do for a western-themed bach, but not if it's a Beyoncé-inspired bach. This sparkly pink option is rhinestoned and ready to bring your Cowboy Carter aesthetic to life.

"I've Been Drinkin'" Napkins

'Drunk in love' Personalized Foil Printed Beyonce Bachelorette Paper Napkins
Photo: The Knot Shop

You can personalize these "Drunk in Love" napkins to fit your Bey bash. These are especially handy for any tipsy spills.

"Put a Ring On It" Drink Float

Personalized Beyonce Bachelorette Ring Drink Float
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

Planning on having a Beyoncé beach bash or pool party? Then you're going to need this ring float to keep the drinks coming.

Queen Bey Confetti

Black and gold bee themed beyonce bachelorette confetti
Photo: Amazon

You're part of the BeyHive, so throw in a little Queen Bey confetti. This glittery, shimmery option adds some color to your decor.

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