Leslie Knope-Approved Galentine's Day Ideas for You and Your Squad

Treat yourself and your best girls this February.
Galentine's day party ideas including printable games and banner
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Updated Jan 03, 2024
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Whether you're throwing a bachelorette party, bridal shower or just want to gather your girls before Valentine's Day, these Galentine's Day ideas are a fun theme for celebrating the favorite ladies in your life. We have the popular TV show Parks and Recreation to thank for this fun holiday. And now, you can throw your own Galentine's party by using some of our inspo to get your planning started. Let's dive into all the decor, snacks and so much more that'll make this year's Galentine's Day one for the books.

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Cute Galentine's Day Ideas

These cute Galentine's ideas are the perfect way to celebrate with your squad. Spend this day exchanging gifts and enjoying tasty food that's Leslie Knope-approved.

Ovaries Before Brovaries Brunch

Leslie Knope loved a good breakfast, so how about celebrating with your gals the same way? We're talking mimosas, waffles and enough bacon to please even Ron Swanson.

Classic Candy Bar

Candy Bar galentines party idea
Photo: Justin & Mary

Nothing beats classic Valentine's candies, but give it a Galentine's twist with some cute conversation hearts that are all about friendship and sisterhood. Plus, these sweets are the perfect treat for enjoying your Galentine's games and activities.

Treat Yourself Gift Bags

Like Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec say, "It's the best day of the year!" Treat yourself, and your girls, to some of their favorite goodies when you set out some custom gift bags.

"Will You Be My Galentine?" Treats

Galentines gift bag ideas
Photo: Josh Lee Photography

Looks like you've got a secret admirer with these favors. Make it like Secret Santa, but with a Galentine's twist, and have everyone pair off to gift some thoughtful treats to their BFF.

Fun Galentine's Day Ideas

Let loose and have some fun with this Galentine's inspo. Just press play on your favorite girl-power movie and treat yourself to these goodies.

Tiny To-Go Treats

Send your friends home with a sweet treat they can share or keep to themselves. You can even paint the macarons with a fun Galentine's design or your besties' names.

Pink Place Settings

If red is the color of Valentine's Day, then Galentine's Day claims pink. These lovely place settings are perfect for the "poetic, noble land-mermaids" in your life.

A Friendship Sweet as Cake

These cute cake toppers are a fun way to serve up a sweet treat during your Galentine's festivities. What's better than enjoying your friends' company and indulging in a delicious cake?

Pick a Seat

Direct your squad to their seats with these adorable heart cards. These are perfect for that giant Galentine's bash with your group of friends, plus their friends and even new friends.

Galentine's Day Craft Ideas

It's time to get crafty with your gals. These Galentine's arts and crafts ideas are a great way to take home a souvenir that reminds you of a fun time with your faves.

Macram-azing Time

Macrame making kit, galentine's day activities
Photo: Heart Crafted VN

Time to get crafty with this macrame kit. You and your gals can create some homemade decor for your homes, all while having a fun time.

Paint and Wine

Get a little bit tipsy during your art lesson. A classic paint and wine class is a great Galentine's craft, and you get to take home a souvenir to hang up in your house.

Bags for Your Besties

Embroidery making kit, galentine's day activities
Photo: Amazon

Embroider your very own cute tote with this crafts kit. Choose from a variety of adorable designs so everyone at the party can make their own custom bag.

"The Bomb" Craft Kit

Bath bomb making kit, galentine's day activities
Photo: Michaels

Create your own luxurious bath bombs with this fun set. These relaxing fizzies might just make you feel like the "most beautiful, glowing, sun goddess."

Galentine's Day Food & Drink Ideas

Just like Ron and Leslie bonded over food, there's no doubt your Galentine's Day party can benefit from some tasty treats and bites. You can even lean into the Parks and Rec inspiration, if you'd like, or keep it specific to your girls.

Pretty in Pink Drinks

Pink galentine's day drinks
Photo: Divya Pande

Make it pretty, make it pink. This drinks station is the perfect way to celebrate with your squad, and you can include cocktails or mocktails that are pink-tastic.

Mini Milkshakes

Mini milkshake bar for galentine's
Photo: Si! Quiero

Add some whimsy to your Galentine's Day bash with these pint-sized milkshakes. Include your favorite "pink" flavors, like strawberry or even cotton candy.

I Love You a Waffle Lot

"We need to remember what's important in life. Friends, waffles and work." Make Leslie Knope proud with a waffle bar, complete with your favorite toppings.

Pizza Party for My Pals

Keep it classic with some delicious pizza pies. You can even serve personal pizzas for everyone so that no one is judged for their must-have toppings. (Pineapple is totally acceptable, okay?)

How About Cupcakes

Because you can't go wrong with a cupcake for each of your party guests. These sweet bites add a touch of pink, to perfectly match your Galentine's decor.

Galentine's Day Decorating Ideas

Decorate your space with some fab Galentine's-themed decor. And as a bonus, many of these decorations are great to repurpose for your Galentine's Day bachelorette or bridal shower to keep those girl-power vibes going.

Happy Galentine's, Gals Balloons

Happy galentine's day red balloons
Photo: Amazon

"It's only the best day of the year!" according to Leslie Knope. So, how about decorating your space with this set of balloons and banners to celebrate?

Sparkle and Shine Garland

Pink galentine's day garland
Photo: The Knot Shop

Keep the pink theme going with this fabulous garland. It also works perfectly as a backdrop for your squad photos.

Be My Galentine Banner

Be My Galentine Banner
Photo: Cut And Create Co

Will you be my Galentine? This fun banner is a wonderful accessory to your Galentine's decor, no matter where you host the party.

Heart Eyes Foil Balloon

Rose gold heart galentine's day balloons
Photo: The Knot Shop

You'll have hearts in your eyes with this adorable balloon. Buy a few of these and attach one to each chair for a fun table setup.

Galentine's Day Games Ideas

Keep the party going with some fun games for your whole squad. And as a bonus, you can even reuse some of these games for a Galentine's bridal shower.

Cones of Dunshire

"It's all about the cones." Play this game, created by Ben Wyatt, for a bit of Parks and Rec fun during your Galentine's. This might just become your new favorite game.

Bundle of Galentine's Games

Bundle of Galentine's Games
Photo: Little Sizzle Studio

This bundle of games has everything you need for a fun Galentine's Day. It has classics like Scattergories and This or That, so there's something for everyone.

A Leslie Knope Celebration Game

Parks and rec trivia game, galentine's day activities
Photo: Amazon

Test your knowledge of the show that started it all with this Parks and Recreation trivia game. Because without Leslie Knope, Galentine's wouldn't even be a thing.

Galentine's Feud Game

Galentine's Feud Game
Photo: Print Joy Studio

Go head-to-head with this Galentine's Day version of Family Feud. A bit of friendly competition is the perfect way to celebrate this fun day.

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