34 Hot Dining and Entertaining Pieces

These new serving pieces, dinnerware, and baking essentials will inspire you to entertain at home.
by Sarah Newell
  1. The Ultimate Cupcake Pan

    Bake cupcakes with surprise fillings -- guests will love biting into them.

    Surprise cupcake pan, $20, ChicagoMetallicBakeware.com

  2. Cooking Utensils

    The Iron Chef America star has a new line of useful wooden kitchen utensils.

    Cat Cora by Starfrit Acacia wooden utensils, $11 each, CatCora.com

  3. Graphic Fine China

    Kate Spade’s newest design, Block Party, has an urban and sophisticated style.

    Kate Spade Block Party, $80 for 5-piece place setting, available in August at Lennox.com

  4. The Craft Brew Must-Have

    Match the beer to the glass -- it actually affects the flavor -- so you can enjoy a craft brew the way it was intended. Each type (from left: craft pub glass, porter, Belgian ale, classic pilsner, wheat beer, and lager) is sold in a set of four.

    Craft Brew Collection, $15 for set of 4, Libbey.com

  5. A BBQ Tray

    A melamine tray is great for outdoor entertaining.

    Emeril by Zak Designs BBQ serve tray, available August 1 at Zak.com

  6. A Mojito Maker

    Why make one glass at a time, when you can make a pitcher of mojitos?!

    Mojito glassware, $23 for 9-piece set, Libbey.com

  7. Kitchen Storage Canisters

    This ceramic container mimics the look of real marble -- but without the weight.

    Nature’s Canvas storage jar, available in mid-July at Wedgwood.com

  8. Rich Glassware

    The stems of these glasses feature architectural elements that make them special.

    Modern Grace glass, available in August at Villeroy-Boch.com

  9. Best Frying Pan

    The leader in stainless steel has launched a line of affordable pieces like this 10-inch fry pan.

    Stainless 10-inch fry pan, available in July at All-Clad.com

  10. Small, Simple Glassware

    The perfect size for juice or merlot, this glassware line coordinates with any of Vera Wang’s tabletop items.

    Vera Wang Varick glasses, available in mid-July at Wedgwood.com

  11. Modern Serveware

    Plain white gets an edgy update with asymmetrical curves.

    New Wave chip and dip bowl, available in August at Villeroy-Boch.com

  12. 2-Toned Dinnerware

    A pop of lime green updates this collection’s classic shape.

    Denby Duets, DenbyUSA.com

  13. Innovative Baking Paper

    Baked goods slide off thanks to the built-in silicone in this parchment paper.

    Hangzhou Fulton Industry silicone-sided parchment paper, $6, Amazon.com

  14. Colorful Serving Bowls

    Royal Doulton’s newest pattern is called 1815 (the year it all began!). We love the painterly touches of color.

    Tapas bowls, RoyalDoulton.com

  15. Floral Dinnerware

    Large-scale black daisies and zinnias dance around the edge of this new modern dinnerware pattern.

    Christina 5-piece place setting, Portmerion.com

  16. Fashionable Dinnerware

    Known for its colorful scarves, Echo Design has branched out into everyday dinnerware. We’re loving the gray and lime-green combo here.

    Fan Floral, available in September at EchoDesign.com

  17. Fashionable Glassware

    Frosted edges make this affordable glassware chic.

    Glassware, available in September at EchoDesign.com

  18. Striped Dinnerware

    Echo’s signature colorful stripes look dynamic on dinnerware.

    Marble pattern, $6, available in September at EchoDesign.com

  19. Melamine Side Dishes

    Also from Emeril’s new melamine line, these bold dishes are the perfect size for chips and pretzels.

    Emeril by Zak Designs Table Art Flames, available August 1 at Zak.com

  20. A Beer Glass Set

    This set comes with a wood tray that will keep the glasses in line.

    Libbey Beer Flight, set of 5

  21. Cool Bronze Accessories

    This warm-colored collection has a unique patina.

    Heritage by Nambe Collection, available in October at Nambe.com

  22. A Beverage Bag

    Freeze this bag before putting a six-pack of beer in it, and then take it to go! You’ll arrive at the party with perfectly chilled bottles.

    ChillBags, $10, Amazon.com

  23. Timeless Flatware

    Oneida’s new pattern features a combo of matte and shiny finishes in a classic shape.

    Presidio pattern, $50 for 5-piece place setting, Oneida.com

  24. Drink Markers

    Guests can write their names on their glasses at your next party so there are no mix-ups (then simply rub off the names with cooking oil, and get ready for your next party!).

    Quiver Tree International The Drink Marker, $6 for pack of 2, Amazon.com

  25. Ergonomic Cookware

    This new range of cookware has “thermospot” technology that shows when the pan is perfectly heated.

    Signature Total Nonstick, $80 for 12-piece set, T-falUSA.com

  26. Black-and-White Dinnerware

    This graphic pattern is now going to be available in square shapes.

    SK 848 pattern, Noritake.com

  27. Fun Coffee Mugs

    A set of eight mugs with colorful polka dots will brighten your morning routine.

    Tin of mugs, SaltandPepper.com.au

  28. A Dessert Bar Pan

    Bake individual dessert bars that pop right out of the pan.

    Dessert bar pan, $15, ChicagoMetallicBakeware.com

  29. Sleek Flatware

    Expanding on Vera Wang’s popular patterns, this new streamlined flatware collection is uber-minimalist and totally Vera.

    Vera Wang Polished flatware, available in mid-July at Wedgwood.com

  30. Soccer Baking Pan

    Whether or not you’re a sports enthusiast, these cakes are sure to be a hit.

    Frieling Zenker Nonstick Soccer Ball cookie sheet, $23, Amazon.com

  31. Ombre Mugs

    Reactive glazes get dipped and fired several times to create this colorful effect.

    Fluted mugs, DenbyUSA.com

  32. Eclectic Dinnerware

    Poppy batik patterns pair well with simple dinnerware, so you can mix and match for a unique look.

    Latika pattern, available in September at EchoDesign.com

  33. Bottle Stoppers

    Save unfinished bottles of wine with these wine bottle stoppers that feature mini wine buckets.

    Mini Wine Bucket bottle stoppers, $20 for set of 3, 800-822-4776 for store locations

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  35. A Melamine Pitcher

    Perfect for outdoor entertaining, this melamine pitcher is a vibrant magenta color.

    Q Squared Siena Grenadine pitcher, GraciousHome.com

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