20 Things You Might Forget to Add to Your Registry—But We Won't Let You

Here are a few key things you don't want to leave off your wish list.
White and gray lounge chairs with gray acacia outdoor table
Kaitlin Stanford
by Kaitlin Stanford
Updated Sep 29, 2021
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There's a lot to keep straight while planning a wedding, from booking your vendors to picking out favors. However, you shouldn't let that keep you from creating a well-planned wishlist before the big day arrives. After all, things you forget to put on your wedding registry now will only become things you'll have to buy later, so do yourself a favor and set aside time to select wedding registry items that reflect what you and your partner really need, as opposed to what you think you need. (That way, you'll be unwrapping gifts at your wedding shower that will actually come in handy, rather than gathering dust in your closet.)

If building a wedding registry seems daunting right now, don't sweat it; we've got plenty of easy-to-use planning tools to help you get started. Our registry checklist will fill you in on all the must-haves so you don't forget something basic, like measuring cups, a bottle opener or even a new cutting board. It's also clearly organized by category and item type, so you can easily navigate between things like kitchen appliances and home decor to scope out all your options.

If you're looking for more inspo to create the best wedding registry possible, you can also browse our curated collections or scroll through our Registry Advice section, which has tons of wedding registry ideas you may not have thought about yet.

Then, when you're finally ready to get started, you can head over to The Knot Wedding Registry, create your wish list and start building! We designed it to be super versatile and user friendly, so you can add items right from The Knot Registry Store, as well as from other retail sites you love. You can even sync it with existing registries, create a cash fund and support charities that are near and dear to your heart.

Before you do any of that though, read on to make sure you don't forget some important items that may make your life easier. (Or at least a whole lot comfier.)

1. New Bedding

White linen bedding

A new bedding set may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're sitting down to register, but take a moment to consider what you're working with. Chances are, you've got some pieces in your linen closet that get the job done, but if you've ever slept on silky-soft sheets with a high thread count, then you know that there's a serious difference between good enough sheets and good sheets. Your wedding is the perfect time to level up your bedding game by adding a new set of sheets to your registry wish list that will have you and your partner sleeping like royalty.

2. A Tool Set and Organizer

Black toolbox

If you've just bought a new home or plan on trying some DIY projects, a proper tool set is a must—as is a handy toolbox to keep it all contained. Most people tend to acquire bits and pieces over the years (a screwdriver here, a wrench there) but keeping it organized in its own box will make all the difference. Consider registering for items you're still missing in your home tool set, then add in a roomy toolbox that's durable, rust free and easy to carry from room to room.

3. A Hands-Free Vacuum

Black Roomba robot vacuum

Between work, kids and everyday life, cleaning the house is only going to become a bigger job as the years go by. Consider registering for a robot vacuum that will do the work for you, even when you're not home. With the push of a button, you can have yours scooping up crumbs and vacuuming up pet hair well before company arrives. Another bonus? Robotic vacuums are perfect for couples who are short on space since they're way easier to store than larger, upright vacuums.

4. A High-Quality Stand Mixer

White KitchenAid stand mixer with silver mixing bowl

Most couples have a standard handheld mixer in their cupboards, but every home chef deserves a quality stand mixer. Not only will it help you whip up delicious cookies and fluffy pizza dough within minutes, but you'll literally be able to flip a switch and walk away while the mixer does the work for you. Plus, going for a do-it-all appliance like the KitchenAid, will also expand your cooking options—it can spiralize veggies, make sheets of pasta and even churn ice cream.

5. An All-Purpose, Non-Stick Pan

Black nonstick pan with glass lid

If registering for a complete cookware set feels like overkill, consider an all-in-one solution. A high-quality, all-purpose pan will be your go-to item, night after night. Getting a non-stick one will also save you time and energy in the long run, since food is less likely to burn on its surface and the pan itself is way easier to clean. A glass lid will allow you to keep an eye on what's happening in your pan, so you can perfect all those one-pan dinners that are in your future.

6. Microwave-Safe Food Storage Containers

Plastic food containers

It's time to toss your old, slightly warped and definitely not BPA-safe plastic food containers once and for all. (You know, the ones you got for free every time you ordered takeout and just... never got rid of? Yeah, those.) The truth is, they take up way more space in your kitchen than they should, are constantly tumbling out at you whenever you open the cabinet door and it's nearly impossible to find a lid that fits. Start over with a more complete set that's easy to stack, made with microwave-safe glass and comes with airtight lids to prevent leaks and lock in freshness.

7. A Grill Tool Set

Stainless steel grilling toolset

How else will you become Master of the BBQ if you don't own a solid set of stainless steel grilling tools? A complete collection will include all the utensils you need to flip and skewer to your heart's content as you begin to host backyard dinner parties with friends, neighbors and both sides of the fam.

8. New Bathroom Towels

Set of light gray bath towel set

When people think of a wedding registry, they tend to think about fine china and baking pans. But a home needs more than just pretty flatware and kitchen tools to function effectively. Don't ignore other rooms of the house that could use some TLC too, like your bathroom. Chances are you've got a ton of old and mismatched bath towels that are hanging on by a (literal) thread, but now's your chance to upgrade! Complete your collection with a set of super-soft, 100% organic cotton towels that will feel spa-like when you step out of the shower.

9. A Quality Ceramic Dutch Oven

White ceramic Dutch oven

Aside from being pretty to look at, ceramic cookware has a lot of benefits. In addition to being non-stick, ceramic pieces also maintain high temperatures while baking and are typically free from toxins. If you only add one ceramic piece to your wedding registry, make it a Dutch oven. This versatile pot has been used for centuries and can bake, roast, brown, sear, broil and even deep-fry practically anything you can imagine. It's also great for making soups, stews and sauces that need a long time to simmer.

10. Picture Frames & Wall Decor

White circle picture collage frame

When you've just moved into a new place, it's natural to focus on furniture and kitchen items first. But once the essentials are out of the way, don't forget about the walls! Adding paintings, digital prints or framed family photos to a blank wall can give a space personality and make a home truly feel like yours. Our advice? Think carefully through what you'd like to hang—and where—then break out the measuring tape before adding it to your registry.

11. Area Rugs and Accent Pieces

Blue and white vintage Turkish rug

Don't be afraid to have a little fun while you're building your registry wish list. No rule says you can't ask for unique decor pieces as wedding gifts. Adding a vintage-style area rug to the living room can change the look and feel of the space, as can a colorful new accent chair or even a statement mirror. Think about any other decor items you've been lusting after lately and don't be afraid to add wedding registry gifts that are about style, not just function.

12. Stylish Outdoor Furniture

White and gray lounge chairs with gray acacia outdoor table

Registering for what you need inside the home is pretty important, but so is registering for what you'll need outside. If you've got some green space to utilize, think about registering for a comfy pair of lounge chairs you and your partner can sip your morning coffee on. Or, if space allows, go for a multi-piece patio set that will let friends and family linger for as long as they'd like. Add in an outdoor rug, a pretty string of bistro lights and voila! You've got the backyard oasis you've always dreamed of.

13. A Food Processor & Blender

Food processor and blender

The best kitchen items are the ones that pull double duty, especially if you're tight on space. One gadget that achieves that seamlessly is a high-speed food processor that also works as an everyday blender. These bad boys can whip up everything from breakfast smoothies to guacamole with just the push of a button. (*Chef's kiss*) Plus, if you choose one with a compact design, you can leave it right out on your countertop without sacrificing too much space.

14. Water Resistant Placemats

Blue and white faded mosaic design placemat

You've probably already registered for fancy wine glasses, a chic table runner and coordinating dinnerware for special occasions. But don't forget about items that are made for everyday living, too. Consider a set of durable, water-resistant placemats in a neutral style that can work year-round. That way, they'll be pretty enough to use with your holiday place settings but also hold up to stains, spills and daily wear and tear.

15. Smart Storage Solutions

Black hammock supplies organizer

You don't have to be Marie Kondo to appreciate a clean and organized home. Plus, when you're combining a lifetime of stuff with someone else's lifetime of stuff, things can get messy fast. Think about problem areas throughout your home (you know, the ones you always say you'll get around to organizing, but never really do) and look for storage solutions that will help streamline things. Think: Over-the-door hooks for hanging jackets and hats, a linen closet organizer for bath towels and stackable storage containers for the bathroom.

16. A Versatile Set of Mixing Bowls

Stainless steel mixing bowls

A good set of mixing bowls is a must-have for any kitchen, so if you don't have a complete set (or yours has seen better days), consider registering for a new one that'll do more for you in the long run. Look for a multi-piece set that's designed for each bowl to "nest" inside the other for compact storage and comes with snug-fitting lids so it can pull double-duty.

17. A Dual Garbage Can

Black and silver stainless steel trashcan

You know you're finally a "real" adult when the sight of a sleek new garbage can makes you weak in the knees. Stainless steel garbage cans are surprisingly pricey and can get filled up pretty quickly, which is why a roomy model with dual compartments is probably your best bet. It will allow you to separate your regular garbage from your recyclables and will still look stylish.

18. Practical Pet Accessories

Stainless steel pet food storage

The average pet owner spends hundreds of dollars per year on food for their four-legged friend, according to Statista.com (and that doesn't even count vet trips, toys or any weird little outfits we try and shove them into). If you're the proud parents of a beloved fur baby, think about adding some pet-friendly items to your wedding registry that could help keep their stuff clean and organized, too.

19. Gift Cards to Your Favorite Places

HomeGoods gift card

If you're still scratching your head over what else to register for—and are trying not to clutter up your home—give some thought to what you and your partner enjoy doing in your spare time. Your wedding registry list doesn't have to be all about material things; it can also be about experiences like date nights to your favorite restaurants or weekend trips to a cool Airbnb. You can even add gift cards to a few of your go-to stores, like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, HomeGoods or Macy's. They'll always come in handy.

20. Cash Funds

Speaking of non-material gift ideas, don't forget about the benefits of starting a cash fund for something you need. Luckily, The Knot Wedding Registry makes it super simple to start a cash fund for virtually anything you can think of. Saving up for a house? Create a home fund so wedding guests can help contribute to your downpayment. Got big plans for your honeymoon? A honeymoon fund will allow friends and family to gift you everything from fun excursions to relaxing couples massages. (Kind of amazing, huh?)

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